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  1. Might explain the lack of activity among other things.
  2. Numbers were never his forte.
  3. This will be ready in 2 months? For more dhows I guess! Rise of the Dhow Economy.
  4. No wonder they call Somaliland Jamhuriyada barakaysan.
  5. Oodweyne What a corker, yet another lyrical masterpiece. Much appreciated.
  6. All the above were mostly, if not all, reported this year and we are only in July. Go audit some of these ghost projects, rather than fixating as always, on a project which actually completed and doing its thang.
  7. Thats the nature of their disingenuous Unity vanity project. As for corruption on infra-structure projects, you really wanna go there? Somalia's Govt under pressure over missing $2.6 million donation for flood victims WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM Somalia: Puntland minister resigns, cites high-level corruption WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM Somalia: Attorney General probes missing millions in dramatic crackdown targeting FGS officials WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM
  8. Lol did he just say me and Amigo are the same person. Like you were accused of being Odwayne the other day. All for one and one for all!
  9. Somaliland Achievements, Part 1 - Geeska Afrika Online WWW.GEESKAAFRIKA.COM Hargeisa (HAN) January 7th, 2019. Regional Security and Stability Iniatiatives. Achievement against all the odds in the Horn of Africa, since 2010. The Geeska Africa Online review and reported by HAN... Top 10 Economic Achievements in Somaliland Since 1991 | SomalilandBiz WWW.SOMALILANDBIZ.COM This year (2018) marks the 27th anniversay of Somaliland as an independent country and the team at SomalilandBiz have compiled and put together a list of the 'Top 10 Economic Achievements in... Infra-structure Hargeisa -Gabiley - Dila -Boorama Roads Borama Bridge Xumbo-Wayne Dam Berbera Corridor Berbera Airport Burco Ceerigaabo Road Las Caanod Regenerated beyond recognition Berbera PORT Naval Base To be continued....
  10. The Fuundi of Federalism 1, 2, 3, 3,4, 3 song, our very own Brian Mcknight Somaliland The Kuwaiti government pledged in 2011 to donate $10 million to renovate and modernise Hargeisa Egal International Airport and Berbera Airport. Puntland me too 07/10/2013 A Grant Agreement was signed today in Kuwait between the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, whereby the Fund extend a Grant of US Dollars ten million US Dollars (US$ 10,000,000), of which US$ six million will be allocated to finance the Garowe Airport Project in the Puntland State of Somalia. Somaliland In May 2016 the Government of Somaliland signed a 30-year agreement with DP World to develop and manage Berbera Port at a cost of $442 million. Puntland me too Apr 2017 P&O Ports has won a 30-year concession for the management and development of a multi-purpose port project at Bosasso in the Puntland State of Somalia. The approximate investment for the modern multi-purpose facility will be USD $336-million. Somaliland 7 MW Solar Plant about to be commissioned in Berbera Puntland Me too Commencement to build Solar Plant 7MW in Bosaso Djibouti A week later in Mars Somaliland Puntland a week later The reality of the politics of this project Sida Somaliland from the chislers of Federalism, To Amigo's point If you're expecting wealth, resources, power and development to be shared / distributed equally in Somalia think again. These ports in Somalia show how much business is directed at the capitals port compared to regional ports. Resources flowing from the periphery (regions) to the core (capital) enriching the latter at the expense of the former as happened in 70s, 80s and at work again.
  11. Forget piracy they might need those boats for Dinkirk 2
  12. Masha Allah. I agree Somaliland's coastal communities (most underutilised resource) have been neglected far too long especially by way of infra structure development. Travelling from Ceerigaabo to Maydh or Xiis is an undertaking to say the least. Investing in roads/tunnels like Tabca, leading to these communities, should be a priority. The tourism potential should also not be under estimated.
  13. Seems the Iranians, Pakistanis and god knows who else, aren't abiding by said dastuur either.
  14. It is always good to be prepared. Here I was thinking you lacked the proactive gene. Always letting Somaliland set the agenda. Being tossed and turned, so to speak, by the tides of Somaliland. Each new wave catching you by surprise. Huffing and puffing, as you scramble to react in order to just stay afloat. I hear Zambia is welcoming.
  15. Food for thought Taiwan has been a significant importer of sheepmeat for the past several decades, reaching a total import volume of 16,371 tonnes shipped weight in the 12 months ending May 2019. The vast majority of the market’s imports are supplied by New Zealand and then Australia.
  16. Desensitize your triggers, you seem bewildered by it all !
  17. Somaliland should absolutely prioritise implementing postal address system, especially with the technology now available.
  18. Suicide car bomber hits checkpoint at Somalia's Mogadishu port - Reuters WWW.REUTERS.COM An explosion shook parts of the Somali capital of Mogadishu early on Saturday as a suicide car bomber drove into a checkpoint just outside the port, witnesses said, but police made no immediate comment on...