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  1. I remember in the 90s when Hargeysa was transit hub for all flight from Somali to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Djibuti etc. Daallo was the larges airline and so was Dahabshiil. Back then people in the north where down to the earth, they where all using somali pass and even somali shiling was in use in many places, it was an self independent enclave like many other areas in that time, there was not much fuse about Independence. But then the propaganda started to the degree that Feysal Warabe was saying in hargeysa "a boy in Addis Abab is dearer to us than a boy in Mogadishu", the infused hate was visible every where from somalilanders towards Somalia and somalis. Rer Mogadisho started slowly divert from Hargeysa and Daallo as they no longer felt the brotherhood they hade for centuries. Daalo is now bankrupt and soon wiil also Dahabshiil who lost its image amongst the somalis , all this because of political isolationism while knowing that somalilands and the rest of somalias economy is/was intertwined. Imagen Kurdistan with an economy 50times larger than Somaliland had to retract its referendum just after a month, when they realized all doors where closed(politically, economically) to the degree that tens of thousand kurds from Europe and America who probably voted for independence could not get out of Kurdistan. But the poor and the unimportant somaliland things it can navigate internationally without being a recognized state? with its fake pas, embassies, animal stamps, visas?