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  1. Western Somalia as in Awdal? The same region like the apostate Prof.Samatar?
  2. Slave of Johnson, come to Somalia if u are brave slave. We will execute you O Apostate.
  3. <cite> @Suldaanka said:</cite> I personally I am glad this has happened. I prefer for Somaliland to not seek or recieve donor money that comes with strings attached. Doing so, will only harm Somaliland's free will and rights. As an old Somali adage goes, gacmahaaga ayaa lagu haraad baxaa. Somaliland is better off to make use of what little money that comes into its coffers. Rofl Without aid, maamulka somaliland will starve!
  4. He wants extension for a useless position when the country is ruled by the kuffar armies of ethiopia(somaliland, puntland, galmudug, baybakool), kenya(jubbaland), uganda(banadir). This clown is no different than previous fake presidents from puppet tfg. Let the Kuffar leave and we shall see if traitors will continue to rule in Somalia from Borama till Raskambooni. We shall see if a traitor keeps his head attached to his body, protecting his neck from the sharp sword In Sha Allah.
  5. Nonsense You Ictiraafseekers have no interest in peaceful Somalia. We want Amisom kuffar to leave. Then Insha Allah the Islamic Govt will reach Hargeisa and Borama to finish off puppet leaders.
  6. Ethiopia kills people in Bay and Bakool. Uganda massacres somalis in Shabeellaha Hoose. The puppet govt cannot say a word against army of crusaders.
  7. Puntlanders are funny people! They hate the puppet govt in Xamar except Cumar Buur!
  8. Faroole the man who couldnt bring back Laascaanood
  9. <cite> @Holac said:</cite> Most people who commit suicide bombings are driven by religious ideology, but when someone was already preconditioned to hate a certain clan and they become radicalized, the attack can be devastating because that person feels no empathy for that clan. This is what is happening with all the destruction of valuable Mogadishu assets. There is a clear trend. That is true sxb. Ictiraaf seekers last resort is suicide attacks They know a peaceful Somalia threatens the fake snmland. I wonder whether the disbelievers in Djibouti and Maamulka SNM are halaal, and the disbelieves in Somalia are haram. Ethiopian officials have night adventures in Hargeisa as we speak now. A church is built in maamulka fakeland. But alshabab pays no attention to that. It is clan driven group.
  10. When Ictiraaf is not coming soon, blow up yourself!
  12. Puntis wont survive a war with Galgaduud clan. Utanga II in the making. Odey your caabudwaq folk will be slaughtered the second they choose side of puntland.
  13. We are back in business baby! This is only the beginning!
  14. If Kenya, Jabuuti, Ethiopia, Amisom pulls out from Somalia, the northern regional states will fall to Alshabab. Djibouti will be in danger. Ethiopia will always defend slave maamuls snmland and pland.
  15. <cite> @Nin-Yaaban said:</cite> LooL Western Somalia? And where would that be? I wonder where that is. He means Waqooyi Galbeed North West Somalia. Is slave of john related to Prof Samatar?
  16. House Slave of Uncle John ,Perhaps you are talking about 1000 years later. Everything can change by then. But make no mistake, i will teach my sons and they will their sons (IN SHA ALLAH) to hunt down homosexuals and atheists in the land of Soomaal.
  17. What iam watching is a terrorist abwaan praising Michael Jackson. Why should Michael Jackson free a terrorist who was caught in Galgala fighting amongst alshabaab? I bet money is paid!
  18. Slave of Disbeliever John, We will kill anyone that promotes homosexuality, atheism in Somalia. That is our promise to Human Rights Watch in Mogadishu, i dont know about Hargeisa! My merciful advise to you and other somalis like you: dont ever reveal your vile thoughs in Somalia or u might end up in body bag.
  19. For four reasons: 1) Alshabaab in Galgala are still there 2) Militants hiding within Yemen refugee 3) Galmudug clans are battle hardened 4) increasement in assassinations of Puntland politicians and civilians in Mogadishu by Galmudug clans living there
  20. If this continues, somalis will have no option but to embrace shabaab.
  21. Slave of John, Where was Kuffar Aid to Ardul Soomaal before and during colonisation????7 Where was the aid from the Crusaders and the Jews in 2011 famine? Where was the aid from kaafir billaah when serbians killed bosnians, when 300.000 baidoa citizens died in 1990's, when tutsis were massacred, when rohingyas are destroyed.... They can stick their aid in the backhole. We dont need their cursed aid. Somalia is doomed because of the foreigners.
  22. The letter from Cigaal( the obedient servant) to Israel is authentic.
  23. Istaqfurallah, sending letter to israel is treason and dambi. Your obedient servant???? Da fuq son? Colonisation ended in 1960!