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  1. What do you have against Habeshi? Silanyo's ancestral mother was an honorable Habeshi woman. We are not only celebrating the man he is but also our heritage, our ancestry, their legacy and their seeds. "Somali" was only openly conceived in the 14th century. Aniga war kale soo wada lakin in the next topic soon Insha Allah. I will explain the connection between the word Somali, Duria Republic and Silanyo's ancestral maternal uncles.


    Its coming up in the next installment.


    Ato means Mr. Every day Silanyo is addressed as Mr and Dr----these are English terms. Why is English more holy than Amharic? As far as I am concerned in SL both are foreign tongues but with Amharic not only a neighbour but with Silanyo, his ancestral mother probably spoke that.


    You guys remind me of those old Somali mothers that say 'rap music is Haram lakin Somali music is okay'

  2. Gar and Apophis,


    Wan idin fahmay sxbayaal. Your in grieving moment and the best you can do is that. Keep your head up life isn't over. Xamar reer ba leh adna mel bad ledahay. Haday ka so turin your not Adam oo Fardowsa laga so turay. Its just AMISOM headquarter meshu.


    HAG delivered like the mail man. Walee ina laydin wada amusiyeey.

  3. Mujahid Ato Silanyo is not often given the credit he deserves. All his life he served his people. It's about time, we recognized him before its too late. Why do men often get honored when they no longer with us? And all they get is some bronze dhagax Made in China. Why not tell him now in person?


    Ato Silanyo thanks.


    In the photo below, Ato Silanyo is trying to enlighten the former Dictator, Major General Mohamed Siad Barre. Silanyo was once the finance minister of the prematured Somali Democratic Republic. During the photo era, he was the Planning Minister.




    After successfully abandoning Barre in no man's land and joining the lions (Somali National Movement), Ato Silanyo returned to his motherland to pick up the pieces. You can see he has no roof and shattered earth lays behind him. That was the legacy of Mogadishu/Barre occupation.


    As you can see, all he had against the sun's dangerous UV rays was a simple glasses. Today whatever luxury he enjoys in Villa Duria, he deserves it and all the shade it comes with it. Allow Dhowr.




    Today its a complete different story. Day and night. A part from Italian/Irish flag, it's picture perfect.




    Ato Silanyo never once stopped loving two important ones; Sheikhah Amina Weris and the people of Somaliland. Allow Dhowr.




    Today not only our people have roofs over their heads but they also have organic Yoghurt (minus Italian/Irish flag)...Allow Dhowr.


    Roof, weliba our masonry skills even the Freemasons ba ka yabay.




    Organic and home made. Allow macaane.




    Fellow inadeerayaal find the picture of Silanyo where he was in his early 20s. He is with other students and he is wearing big jacket.


    Ato Silanyo, ahmesugenalew.

  4. I'm against naming Fowzia as the PM or from Duriyada because its more fun when the President is HAG and the PM is D-joint. There will always be fights, dramas and derails. Good for Somaliland and good for the region.


    Fowzia and Cullusow is too mellow for our likings. We going to miss the drama and the mud wrestles between the two maroodi.


    No way. Hell no.


    If Fowzia takes Xamar is going to be more stable and is going to boom but Farole and his crew will throw tantrums but in 2013 HAG don't care because they figured out: "hadan Xamar dhisno, lacagta galino, and we keep the HAG united, kuwa kale uma bahnin".


    The HAGS are pouring in money you can't imagine in Mogadishu for the first time in their lives. The money they spending, even Siad Barre did not have, Today some properties are going for $1m plus and HAG have it.


    If Pirates, Waqooyis and others go to xamar way la yaban yahin in 2013...few years ago they would welcome them as 'citizens' lakin not today.


    If Pirates ban Cullusow from Puntland like they did with Sharif, unlike Sharif who begged them, Cullusow Dayniile uma dhafayo. The money is in Xamar, Turks are in Xamar, construction is in Xamar, Dekadi ba shiidan and Bosaaso is almost dry, the airport line ba lagu jira...only problem with Mogadishu is security and HAGs have no imaan. They never say alhamdulilah, mar kastaba mel bay ka cabadayaan, you will see them sitting on 20+ properties oo hadana leh caayr aan nahaaye ayuuto ayuuto..


    The only way to weaken HAG is Ali Mahdi vs Aideed and today that's not the case with Cullusow. By blood he is Ali Mahdi and by policy he is Aideed. They found somewhat a harmony, an equilibrium.


    In conclusion, naming Fowzia the Premiere of Konfuria Democratic Republic means:


    President = HAG (Cullusow crew)

    PM = HAG (Galmudug crew)


    HAG area of focus is the green, The Konfuria Democratic Republic (KDR). As far as their elites are concerned, the rest are irrelevant. For example, they pledged $1m for the cyclone disaster in the far east in Puntland, until now nothing. Farole gave up and got the message.



  5. What works and applies in Somalia including who you make dua for doesn't apply nor work in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is amazing place that has many kinds of funny relationship. I have one Tigraian friend from the heart of Meqelle. He speaks Somali today and every Saturday he used to wake up 8am to go to Dugsi (Quran) with us. He is not Muslim. Macaalinka ku yidhi war adigu wa amusan tahay mar kasta ee af Somaliga ma taqanid.....we all laughed waxan ku nidhi ninkani wa Tigray ma yaqano af Somali lakin wa saxiibkayaga...then he talked to him in English.


    You can stay and join us bu ku yidhi. Wa ninka iga yabiyeey, sida Muslimintu uu dhaqma everything, afki wu bartay sidu nagu dhax jiray...lakin officially mu noqon Muslim lakin uu dhaqma he just doesn't pray. I hope one day he fully embraces. He has good heart and he loves Islam somehow hadana official kama dhigin anaguna ma riixno. This month his xaas is having a baby, waxan raba inan surprise-gareyo. This is his first...waxan ku odhan hadu wiil noqdo uu bixi Hawdian haday gabadh noqota Konfuria :)




    In Somalia, Somaliland idinku habar uun ba taqaniin including against your own wadaado. Waxa uu kala bixi ladahin Suufi, al Shabab Wahabism, Salafism, Qadriya...Ethiopiana--Christianka iyo Muslimku gacantay isqabsadan.


    Gumaysiyo, isjidjid iyo is ereryada waxas wa laga ilbaxay. Only very few are still chasing each others in the bushes of Somali Region. The main public wa iswada dhaxgalen. Today you can go to Gondar and find Amara doing barjo Somali style oo weliba Mohamed Mooge uu shidan yahay.

  6. Xaaji,


    We are not and I repeat we are not under occupation. May Allah rest his soul Emperor Menelik II (the Lion of Judah) invited us to be part of something great that today has 80 ethnics, 87 million people, 80+ languages, countless religions, top 10 biggest livestock in the world, probably the most lakes, rivers and reservoirs in our planet. Things were and still remain tough across all over this nation but all great nations began this way.


    "Occupation" was a Mad Mullah and Afweyne propaganda. We are glad they are gone and their kind are minority today. Thank you Allah.


    The Highlanders hijacked the harmless policy of The Lion of Judah but be informed things are changing for better. We don't need to be part of the crazy Somalia.


    I am first Ethiopian than I am your aider (Landers). I don't care what Konfuris think. Occupation is AMISOM. Mel aan citizen-na ka noqon karin, melna ku adi karin melna ka adi karin. Anigu I can travel freely from Gosayga to Adigrat with my Ethio passport. Jebku igu jira 24/7.


    May Allah bless the land that took in the Sahaba. Just because you have so many diversity on the same ship it doesn't constitute to occupation nor colonization. You Somalis need to understand mono-ethnic nationalism is ancient.




    That's the word I am looking for. I can never remember Konfurian words. Cheers. Be careful of the Tarufatooreyaal.




    The Lion of Haud, Hawdian I.

  7. I don't think HAG will hire Farmajo. He is too honest and too clean for them not to mention he has higher IQ than Shirdoon. War mid hurda oo iska jiifa ayeey so radinayan. This position is not to advance anything nor challenge them and their President but its a symbolic that certain 'reer' is represented in Xamar.


    Farmajo is not so bad as a man and as a politician. He would be excellent candidate for Konfuria Democratic Republic. He would be excellent tool against many hyenas to the left, right and center of Xamar but he is known to throw the towel and escape when things get tough.


    You never know they might choose him again and tell him to leave once again. Last time he left quietly and they might want someone that leaves quietly.

  8. Galbeedi,


    Fowzia wa inadeertay lakin gabadhas reer ban siinay. Haday ka dhigtan boyaso, Prime Minister iyo President its their business not the business of Faisal nor Suldan Abdulqadir. Waxan ku odhan laha odayashas, mind your business and let's focus on Hirsi Yajuj Majuj and the Erigavo road :)


    Konfur waxi inaga ma talo, not even gacaada biyaha.


    As for Shirdoon RIP.


    We will wait and see the next HAG puppet.

  9. Naxar,


    You missed the point. The message from Cullusow quarter is; you do as I ask otherwise you have 14 days to lobby your few MPs. I can hire you and willingly replace you as I wish. Shirdon job is done against Puntland and Jubbaland, now its time to turn the table on something else...now they need a new guy that plays good cop on another group.


    That's the game here sxb...get yourself Playstation 4 :)


    Cullusow and HAG secret society have money, Turks, AMISOM, Addis Ababa and are united for the first time in a very long time (no north Mog vs South Mog)....and that's why they can replace the others like dirty Diapers.


    Who in your neck of the hoods is up for a 6 month internship job in Mogadishu under HAG supervision?


    Requirements include: He must accept and even attend meetings in Fowzia's bedroom.

  10. Unlike Sheikh Sharif and Abdillahi Yusuf who couldn't remove their Premieres, Sheikh Cullusow got rid off him in 14 days. That's record in Konfur politics and thus a serious player not just a face of an NGO.


    Today the likes of Naxar, Dahir Alasow and Garowe quarter will not sleep. Cullusow now can name whoever he wants even if thats Turkish bread baker from Turkish Kilometer-Istanbul.

  11. Burahadeer,


    Indeed walaal he is finished. This is developing news:


    sniin, December 02, 2013 (HOL) — Waxaa lasoo gaba-gabeeyay codeyntii loo qaadayay xukuumadda ra’iisul wasaare Saacid, kaddib iyadoo xildhibaanada ay si aqlabiyad ah codka ugu diideen xukuumadda.


    Guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka Soomaaliya, Maxamed Cismaan Jawaari ayaa ku dhawaaqay natiijada, isagoo sheegay in 249-xildhibaan ay codkooda dhiibteen, ayna 184 xildhibaan oo ka mid ahna ay ogolaadeen in xukuumadda kalsoonida lagala laabto, halka 65-mudanena ay ogolaadeen in xukuumaddu ay sii shaqeyso, mana jirto cid ka aamustay.


    Prof. Jawaari ayaa sheegay in ra’iisul wasaaraha Soomaaliya, Cabdi Faarax Shirdoon uu sii shaqeyn doono inta uu madaxweynaha Soomaaliya, Xasan Sheekh kasoo magacaabayo ra’iisul wasaare cusub, kaas oo xilka kala wareegi doona.


    Natiijadan ayaa timid kaddib saddex maalmood oo xildihibaannadu ay si adag uga doodeen mooshin ka dhan ah xukuumadda Soomaaliya oo ay soo gudbiyeen 168-xildhibaan oo ka tirsan kuwa baarlamaanka.


    Ra’iisul wasaaraha Soomaaliya, Cabdi Faarax Shirdoon ayaa maanta sheegay inuu aqbali doono go’aan walba oo kasoo baxa kulanka baarlamaanka, balse ma jirto hadda wax hadal ah oo kasoo baxay ra’iisul wasaaraha.


    Guddoomiyaha baarlamaanka ayaa sheegay in la qaban doono shir jaraa’id oo lagu faah-faahinayo codeynta iyo sida ay u dhacday, waxaana lagu wadaa dhanka kale inuu natiijadan ka hadlo madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud.


    Maxamed Xaaji Xuseen, Hiiraan Online

    Muqdisho, Soomaaliya

    185 vs 65 = successful kill which translates to intra-war in Jubboyinka, intera-war in Taleeh, intra-karbaashin in dhagaxbuur/shilabo/goday (ONLF vs Liyu), Garisa now fully incorporated into Kikuyu, Duriyada fully consuming SSC.


    The HAG timed it well. Whoever said Cullusow was a simple NGO man?


    Rumor has it Fowzia Osman Cato will be named new PM.

  12. The HAG secret society along with their Petro-Dollar arm (Damul Jadiid) have successfully carried out their first mature political New Order by out maneuvering their main rivals since the days of Dr Jimale Professor Osoble, Sheikh Ali Sheikh Mahdi and Professor General Mohamed Sheikh Farah Sheikh Aideed.


    Mr. Shirdon is now history after they successfully squeezed him hard and got more out off him than Shamwow.




    All along they were using Shirdon against Garowe and Sheikh Madobe as the main rival Siad Barre crew but after they successfully told Farole to 'sit down warya' in Brussels and neutralized Madobe and his bodbod---------they showed Shirdon the exit. In Xamar cafes today the talk is: "Eebow been kuma shegayo nooh, duqi Shirdoon isbuunyo camal aa loo majujiyeey nooh...Macbuudka Adeerkay Abdiqadir something something".



    In short and plain and straight forward reer Waqooyi talk, war nimanyahow ninki wa la asay dee, AUN.


    In few months, Ethiopia will deploy its forces in Kismayo and slowly help smuggle HAG troops, in no time they will be the majority again in Kismayo. That's the plan, its stealth politics...USC 2.0


    They might name Sheikhah Fowzia Sheikh Osman Sheikh Caato (ex. Fowzia Yusuf Haji Aden) as the new Premiere of Konfuria Democratic Republic (KDR).


    They plan to present her as the relative of Ismail Omar Guelleh (Djibouti) and Prof. Samatar's, yes indeed the second D word is been thrown around and Duriyada rights might be violated because they plan to present that as well as her 'sub-category' identity.


    Therefore I urge all Landers to carefully monitor our Wikipedia page. What we are looking for is the following under NOTABLE PEOPLE. We must not, I repeat inadeerayaal, must not see the following.


    Sheikhah Fowzia Sheikh Osman Sheikh Cato, Prime Minister of Konfuria Democratic Republic.


    If it does happen and she appears, we must call our cyber army into action, hack Wikipedia and change it right away.


    The army of the Duriyada is vast, fast, diverse and elite. Allow Dhowr.


    The reason we don't want her on our list is simple. Gabadhas reer ban siinay. Xaydhadeedi wan xidhnay, iyada wan xidhxidhnay (with DHL packaging tape weliiba). We performed the galbiis, bataar and saylaaci for her.


    She owes us nothing and we owe her nothing (not even joining us on Wikipedia page). She is part of reer dega Central Konfuria Democratic Republic. She must be loyal to her blue gogarad and her guri because we told her; "guriigaga guri khayr, gurigaga guri nagi, Guullow ka yeel."


    Maha inay inagu dul meraysato and make ridiculous and outrages comments like:


    Somaliland is my country, Somalia (Konfuria Democratic Republic) is my country, both are my countries and I am for both

    Thus her re-appearing on our Wikipedia page without our authority and without divorce papers further exasperated by Konfur propaganda is a violation of our values, ideals and great insult to our heritage. Thus we must guard and protect our page, our liberty and motherland from any belittling, any false claims made against them.


    In short, Shirdon is history, HAG is in party mood but its going to be short lived because AMISOM will get tired of escorting a new Farah every 6 months.


    All in all, it was reer motivated kill. AUN.

  13. So far from my understanding the fund stands just over $370,000 and its being only two months. This money does not include the money from the Diaspora and big companies.


    $181,945.05 + $191,245.00 = $373, 190.05 (how up to date not sure). So far from what I know, a lot of individual Landers donated $10k.


    That kind of contribution makes huge difference because with $400k we can get some serious dynamites and blow up hill tops and mountain edges that were too narrow...removing every obstacle helps.




    The call has been answered.



  14. loooool @Gar maya walee inar, all is good lakin remember the Duria passion for getting their people advanced is unmatched. Marka la dhaho toosa oo kaca no one jumps higher than this family. Manta waxay dhahen nimanyahow ama aminsanada SL ama ha aminsaniina lakin howlba ina sugaysa...wa ina la yareya the number of road casualties in the east and the lack of access to education and hospitals. Wa fikir fiican. Our feedback is wan taganahaye halkee ban ka biloowna. Right now we are an army waiting for Commander Lieutenant Hirsi Yajuj Majuj.


    Once an army stands up, ma wayo mel uu xabadana ka keeno. Erigavo road haday noqoto waxan qoshno like laxoox ama subway wada Dahab ah...wan uu tagan nahay ee ogada (foes and friends). The nation has called.


    This is phase two halgaan (Halgaan 2.0). Every 20 years or so reerku mar bu halgaama and its that time again.


    If corruption and incompetence don't get the job done the way we wanted, we are not going to sweat over it. We know how to deal with it. Personally, I have this in preparation for them (video below and the meaning).



  15. Gar,


    Horta we are people who have dreams like Martin Luther King Jr. There is no shame in having goals, dreams and aspirations. Horsemen like you from barkaadaha Buhoodle iyo Talleex can't comprehend how an unrecognized Republic like Duria can dream about laying out 375-km road because in your community no one even dreams about constructing a 375 meter sq barkaad. Sidas bad ola jaban tahay riyada weyn ee guuxaysa ee Duriyada.


    The nation of Duria is capable. Qaar naga liito oo naga yar ya ku riyoda inay Mars and beyond adan adna waxad la yaban tahay 375-km road aan uu guuntanay.


    Adeer don't worry we not going to force you to donate. We are going to get it done and like this nation lama diidi karo, wa muqadiis hahahahaha.


    We have goals and dreams that will not only be achieved in defiance to our foes and pessimist horsemen but these projects are far more than just getting it done. We are out, we are making noise, we are uniting for common interest, we are socializing, we are giving and most of all while we doing these we are making deeds and ciibaado.


    The bridge in Beijing doesn't cost the same as the one in Berlin, the road in east SL doesn't cost the same as the one in Wajale...availability of resources, landscape and formations, distances, climate, etc----you just can't say EU did this and that for that much.


    This road will cost millions but we also spend the same amount on other useless things such as khat, Duria is not short on cash. Ilahay ba barakeeyeey.


    The only thing SL was missing was prioritization and goals beyond ixtiraaf-doon. Maanta ta garatay and while we are doing Saylaaci...anago ku jirna Salala Cala hoyale ayad arki doonta our first 50T Hino trucks blasting Erigavo with their horns as we inaugurate the Ancestry Road sidi AirBus A380 oo so deegtay.


    Ducadi Sheikha bin Hashim ayeey wadadani qabta wayo now he will be just a step away and the Alabaari and Siyaaro will continue.


    We only need unity, prayer, dreams and Allah to achieve anything. Idinka arki doona when our red Hino comes out of the end of the tunnel...Alla Hayeey Allow Dhowr.




    That day will come, adigu for now worry about building barkaad for the horses.

  16. nuune;988749 wrote:
    Beddeli = Arabic

    Adduun = Arabic

    Sax = Arabic

    Karo = Arabic

    Micno = Arabic

    Dhihi = Arabic

    Ma aha = Arabic

    Shibbane = Arabic

    Xaraf = Arabic

    Maba = Arabic

    Quman = Arabic

    Yahey = Arabic

    Waxba = Arabic

    Kama = Arabic

    Arag = Arabic

    Inkastoo = Arabic

    Gudagal = guda gal, at least say: guda-gal but don't connect

    ligey = waligey, w
    ligey means something else aanan kuu sheegeen hada



    in fact, 99% of what you wrote there is NOT Somali, Abti, is better you write English!!

    What he wrote is legit Somali (Waqooyi). It might not be Konfuri but its legit Somali (northerners). The south speak Swahili, Bravenese and other Bantu charged words mixed with some Italian.


    This is the true Somali sxb.

  17. Hawdian,


    Nimanka Konfurta ma taqanid miya? They import cheap microphone and speakers from China markas bay la hor istagan KM-4 and repeat all day "B, T, B, T, Eebow B, Mandhoow T" and that's how they get their PhD qualifications. There are as many fake 'Professors' as Presidents, Sheikhs and as Myriad states. That's why meshu la shaqan wayday. They don't have shaandho policy (filtration system). Wixi ba iswada dhax yacaya...Alla hayaaaaaaaay!


    Professor Yalaxo aa kan shegay nooh, Professor Cullusow aa so degay hee, Professor Jimcale aa lama lama u dhacay, macbuudka!!


    Waxan uu haystay inay ka ilbaxen Professors and they upgraded to Sheikhdom in 2006 thanks to the rise of Iran and Ayatollah inspired Sheikhdom. The last time I knew they were all fake Sheikhs; Sheikh Sharif (naag salami mayo to hugging her), Sheikh Hassan Sheikh (naag man arag to naming 1 Foreign, Governor of bank), Sheikh Dahir (Holy Sheikh Jihadist to war wan isdhiibay oo ciyaar lee iga ahayd nooh, Sheikh Cullusow (in the marking)


    Marka our friend and the so called Mod/professor/Sheikh/President Aqiyaar thinks he is professor on behave of Malay University but he doesn't realize meshani Xamar maha. Your speakers are in the wrong car park adeer. Orod B iyo T shalay Siad Barre fedh iyo laad kugu baray mel kala la tag.

  18. lol@Hawdian


    What did I say about your leader that offended you so much sxb?


    Inar mida kale how can you tell me to go back to Haud marka hadi ruunta la eego between you and I, I have more rights to SL than you hahahahahahahahahaha...don't be offended.


    Let's look it why;


    1) 3/4 of Hargeisa inhabitants are Hawdians (Waran Adde, Sand-dwellers, Xaqsoor)


    2) We are the ones who hosted SNM, fought along side them more than anyone else, the biggest battles occured in Haud and surrounding including Baligubadle, Cadaadley, Labisagaal, Bali dhiig, Salaxleey, Gacan Libaax


    3) We rescued 90% of SL refugees


    4) 70% of SL livestock that keeps her afloat comes from Haud


    5) Dadka SL dhiisaya dhagax by dhagax are majority Hawdians


    6) We will be the ones to fund Erigavo road so you isolated brothers can join meshan aad donaysid ina iga sartiid :)


    Inadeer they say a picture says a thousand words. Ku diirso ama like Labsaax says: Shabshab hehehehe. In short Somaliland is Hawd and the rest are just shinbiirihi sugayeey the worms from Hawd.




    What's your rebuttal to that mate?

  19. The Zack (aka my Mamasan brother from the other mother 'Zack ER'),


    Silanyo is Ato coz he is half Habesha.


    The warm welcome continues for the President...from Gabiley (the birthplace of my father) to Wajale the Italian flag flew high and proud. Allow Dhowr.



    Dio benedica l'Italia








    The only problem.....Hirsi Yajuj Majuj is still following the President around like a duqsi (fly)




    Islamahani they killed more trees than charcoal burners




    Ato Silanyo stands just few meters from the land of his ancestral mother...




    Sacab, mashaxaarad, bataar, Jandheer, caleemo qoyan, Saylaaci (bismillahi salalaahi cala hoyaale...bismillahi salalaahi cala hoyaale...calankayagoow calankayagoow cawaale) greet the President



  20. That's the problem with Landers sxb. These folks are no body in their societies, in the Diaspora and certainly unknown in Konfur. The HAG leaders are smart enough to know these guys are just shaqadoon and tefotorayaal (btw konfuri word I recently discovered meaning con artist).


    In short, all shaqadoon failures need to be enrolled in Somaliland skill upgrade not hailing them with ministerial posts. Wan diiday lacagta shacabka laga so ururiyo (people's tax) ina lagu kor dadiyo the likes of part time sorter Nuur. He should have done something with his life all those years he was in Ottawa.


    Wixi tagersana they are even lower than he is.