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  1. Those who say all southerners should be deported are not genuine Durians. They are only saying that to get a reaction from you. Southerners will only be deported if they:


    1) Openly do niiko in public places

    2) Suicide bomb SL cities

    3) Start importing Bantu kids


    If they don't violate those three rules for me they are okay. They can live and join the nation and take key positions. They already do. Cukuse is one of them and so are many major businesses. We do not discriminate against them but they must not corrupt our sacred culture.

  2. They are all over Ethiopia and by far Tigray is the most tolerant place in Ethiopia. You have no idea how close the Muslim and Christian Tigraians are.


    Ethiopia is on another level. It's not the land you know where Salafist, Wahabists, Suufis and Timoweyn can't even share waayso.

  3. Why did they attack PL now? Is this to disrupt the elections? PL is great buffer zone for Somaliland against the more dangerous virus in the deep south. Thus we standby the people of PL. Let us know if you need some RRU and SPU, we can flash out the Konfuri rats and their IEDs.

  4. All I am saying is that Somaliland as a name of a country makes no sense to me. It is the land of Somalis and the land of Somalis is not just what the British drew from London-------it is vast and glorious but I am afraid gentlemen due to our differences in ideologies, religion (the south being predominantly Wahabi and northerners Suufis/small salafists); we can not get along. So let us try to co-exist instead of delivering each others Improvised Explosive Device (IED).


    I believe SL should be closer to Addis while Mogadishu should focus doing trade with its Bantu relative Nairobi (niiko culture makes you Bantu more than anything, the rest I will list time other times).




    Just me. No disrespect. I tell things how I see it.

  5. Xaaji,


    Muslims in Ethiopia enjoy far greater freedom than those in Somalia. Tell me when was the last time a Sheikh was bombed outside his mosque after prayer in Ethiopia?


    I am sure you heard the news from Bosasso, Kismayo, Mogadishu just to name few. Sorry mate you guys hunt down each others as Salafists, Wahabists, Suufis...


    At least here you can go pray and mind your own business. Harrar has more mosques than the entire Somaliland.

  6. The Queen used to be relevant when she used to deal directly with Somaliland but like Mogadishu she too was a failed islaan for 50 years. Her golden days and her golden rule ended just like Barre.


    The irrelevant met the irrelevant and powerless. Now days its all about 10 Downing St not Beckham Palace that's where new kids from her sons take photos with islaamo and drop flowers.

  7. Many Somalis from Somalia, Somaliland (small group that usually hates everyone in the region), Djibouti, NFD and even here Somali Region hate the blessed nation but the nation marches on with the blessing of the Sahaba.


    There is nothing haters can do but look on as it dominates Africa not just the Horn. I have bad news for all you haters:


    Ethiopia hailed as 'African lion' with fastest creation of millionaires


    Michael Buerk's famished Ethiopia of 1984 has
    become a nation achieving 93% GDP growth in six years
    , finds study

    Where are you on the graph?






    That's why I tell SL do business with Ethiopia and you will boom. 60 years ago if you did business with the declined USA, you would be laughing and today Ethiopia is the US of our region if not continent.

  8. ^^ Somaliland = land of Somalis. So technically everyone is a Somalilander. Let's be realistic. I too support SL Republic as a separate state but the name is for all Somalis. That's why we need new name exclusively for the borders you have described.


    You know I am right. There is no point being arrogant and on denial.


    Somaliland = land of Somalis. The yellow area on the map below




    Imagine calling a country Arabland and at the same time being anti-Pan-Arabism. Somaliland is like that. It was to debug the two state unity yet its name is Land of Somalis (Somaliland) then on top of that we have an Italian flag thats more relevant in Mogadishu than Hargeisa.


    I can tolerate the flag for few good years but the name of the nation sucks. Might as well call it Greater Somalia yet advocate for separation.

  9. Indeed Jacaylbaro we are all Somalilanders; from Ras Kamboni to Djibouti, Moyale to Ras Alula.


    These guys did not get you inadeer. Anyways why are users on this site always negative and whining?

  10. Guleed,


    I have no problem with genuine Somaliweynians but the problem is those in the Konfur who preach unity yet can't unify a son and father anything south of Las Anod (Talleeh included).


    For instance before they preach what they don't practice, we wish to see them give genuine attention to the unity of Xamar Jadiid and Xamar Amisom, Xamar Jabab and Xamar Al Shabab; North Galkayo and Baraxleey...Ximan and Galmudug...Hiiraan and Galgadud...


    I am sure you got the picture. These group is all hot air thus they have no right to focus on the stable north when they failed to unify the burning hot spots. We believe in grassroots approach to all problems; big or small.


    I have no issue with honest and genuine sincere Somalis like yourself and you can visit us in Haud iyo Hargeisa.

  11. Liyu police is no different than SL forces. Each of them misunderstood the meaning of governance and law but they try to do the job. Liyu Police needs major reform and only existed four years now. We are going to reform them but we don't need to beg what we created. If we ask Silanyo to intervene and correct them when they are wrong, there is no shame in that. We made Silanyo and equally Liyu Police are our boys.


    When Liyu is wrong we need others to help us fix them and when Silanyo is wrong we need others to help us correct him. This is the difference between you and I and why we remain the influential small group while the rest of you are just going ixtiraaf-doon crazy and want to fluel the whole region with hate (no to Somalia, Djibouti, Ethiopia).


    This kind of mentality will get you no where and SL ppl are lucky because they have us who will keep them connected to the rest. We disapprove of Konfur and thats because we have no benefits in Konfur. Our interest is Somaliland, Djibouti and Ethiopia so sealing the border from Las Qorey to Buhodle is must.


    Somalia should do business with their Kenyan Bantu relatives and stop intervening in the affairs of the Habesha-Cuishitic people.


    Gentlemen our first battle today is within Kulmiye, just watch how we trash Samale and put Bihi at the top. The dispute in Kulmiye is more than a power struggle; its liberals vs Salafists who also hate Ethiopia (spearheaded by Sheikh Abdulaziz Samale).



  12. Xaaji you are wrong. Ethiopia has more say in Somaliland than anyone in the Horn and the people of Haud are the driving force of these policies. I happened to be pro-Ethiopia more than the average Hawdian and plan to speed up that influence.


    Under my leadership, I want Hawdians to model their ideas and policies for SL like those of the AIPAC – Israel’s American lobby group. They are American Jews who have major influence in Washington and use their positions to make changes in Israel.


    The Hawdiasm policy which I am spearheading is to influence SL via Ethiopia and first cut SL from Somalia and bring her inline with Ethiopia.


    This policy is already underway no matter how much you try to ignore it. I will give you an example of our approaching battlefield; Kulmiye leadership. Abdulaziz Samale vs Bihi...the general Somalilanders in particular in the east want Samale but we want Bihi and we will get Bihi.


    Just wait and see. That's our first drawn battle line.

  13. We made Silanyo. Think about it. If we didn't give him shelter the day he deserted Barre, the Kacaan would have went after him in London. Plus the mission of SNM would not have been achieved if you lot were still in Saudia and London. The Arabs would have flashed you out from Jeddah and the British would do little for the few men in Cardiff.


    Silanyo and SNM all made the gains because of Ethiopia and SL remains Ethiopian creation. We can flip the page today and replace Silanyo if we want. All we need to do is close Wajale road, suspend Ethiopian, recall the one man-office from Hargeisa and the locals will upraise against Silanyo due to economic depression; no port, no khat, no travelling, nothing, no passports, no meeting foreign diplomats in Addis...UN.


    Whats plan b?


    Meanwhile Ato Silanyo greeting the people we fight for not radical salafists who hate Ethiopia.





  14. I'm not sure why you narrow minded folks decided to hijack a good topic and turn into a battlefield between anti-Ethiopia salafists and anti-Ethiopia ONLF.


    Ato Enshilalit is one of us and he will remain the leader of Somaliland on behave of us. We created Somaliland and it's zilch without us.

  15. Cadnaan waxa ceeb ah ninka dar Italy dhiistay with Konfuri labourers 90 years ago iska dhax fadhiya with 17000 Bantu troops.


    The President and his delegation were in Berbera for various reasons. Silanyo was in the town to witness the graduation of 300 proud Somaliland coast guards. They were funded and even trained at times by the British. And it was due to this the ship decided to show up.


    The British government will soon supply them with coast guard boats and other equipment.


    Hirsi was in the town to see the Berbera-Hargeisa road, Bihi was flying out of Berbera and Waran Adde had two duties; as the minister of Interior to welcome the new graduates who join his Portfolio, welcome the ship (under his jurisdiction) and....




    ...to accept food aid from the Turkish government.




    Doing things that benefit our people and our nation is no ceeb. Midkay AMISOM wax kasta u qabata ceebta leh.


    Rather deal with RFA than AMISOM



  16. Xaaji,


    You are right they do not control all the green area and I haven't indicated that. I used the term; 'area of interest'.


    Now days the Mogadishawis dnt really care anything north of Baraxleey. As for Gedo, they plan to add half of Gedo to Jubbaland and the rest to Southwest (RRA) State. That's the long term plan and the idea is to keep Baydhabo and Kismayo happy and more relevant than Gedo and Garowe.


    Baydhabo will not accept Southwest State without Gedo and likewise Jubbaland wants Gedo so HAG have no choice but to put Gedo on the low list in terms of PM and leadership roles. If they going to resolve Gedo issue they going to need keeping Gedo weak and dividing it between Kismayo and Baydhabo.


    Today Baydhabo is both more relevant and influential than Gedo. Southwest will form own state by Gedo will be consumed by them or Kismayo if dividing it between the two fails.

  17. She is the greatest thing we have. She is the mother of this nation because every second when this nation bleeds, Edna bleeds.




    After the Somali civil war, hospitals were destroyed and deaths in childbirth were among the highest in the world. Health pioneer Edna Adan Ismail tells the story of how she set up Somaliland's first maternity hospital and set out to train a thousand...



  18. It's no secret certain people on SOL including the Administrators try to put on a poker faces and try to claim Shirdoon's removal was not reer motivated. We all know that's not convincing.


    Before the knife was squeezed against his throat, he was even denied the chance to plea for mercy.


    It's time you heard from Villa De Konfuria Democratic Republic and the international media:




    After Prime Minister's Ouster, Somalia Political Divisions Persist


    On Monday, Somali lawmakers voted Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon out of office following weeks of disagreement with the president over a planned cabinet reshuffle. However, the change of prime minister won't necessarily end Somalia’s political wrangles.


    As the Somali government marked its one-year anniversary in September, the international community was generally satisfied with the progress and stability of the government compared to its predecessors.


    But some political observers said the government was not inclusive enough, and that
    some clans were shortchanged
    in the political appointments.


    The problem between the president and prime minister reportedly started when they tried to negotiate how to reorganize the Cabinet.


    The prime minister’s ouster was sealed in parliament Monday, when his critics
    accused his administration of favoritism and clan politics


    Emmanuel Kisiangani, a senior researcher with the Nairobi-based Institute for Security Studies, says Monday’s move shows parliament is doing its work by putting an end the political bickering between the two leaders.


    “We’ve had a standoff between the president and the prime minister, and that this might be a culmination, a demonstration one that the Somali institutions particularly the parliament is working, and secondly possibly the standoff between the president and the prime minister is now water-under-a-shed,” Kisiangani said.


    In a statement, the U.N. special representative of the secretary-general for Somalia, Nicholas Kay, said the country’s institutions have come of age and that the U.N. is looking forward to working closely with the next administration. Kay has also praised the outgoing prime minister for his dedication to promote growth and strong relationship with international partners.


    But outgoing Prime Minister Shirdon has accused the parliamentarians of not giving him and his administration the chance to defend itself.


    “The second day before the motion in the parliament, as prime minister of the country, I was not allowed to listen the allegations or defend myself," Shirdon said. "
    That’s really painful thing for me


    As Somalia wrestles with political division, violence and corruption, Berlin-based corruption watchdog Transparency International said Tuesday that Somalia is the most corrupt country in the world.


    Kisiangani agrees that Somalia has major problems and that there is
    no guarantee Shirdon's replacement will be safe


    “It depends, if say president
    appoints someone who does not have strong personality
    , then he might be amendable to what the president says," Kisiangani said. "If the president says pick so and so, gives him a list and say “I want this in government,” then that might happen. But if you have a strong person then we are likely to run into same same problem like the ones we had previously.”


    Infighting has become the norm in Somali politics. In the past
    six years
    , Somalia has had
    five prime ministers
    , including Shirdon.


    The ousted prime minister will remain in office until the president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, nominates a new prime minister. The new premier will then have a month to form an administration.



  19. They are most welcome to dock here at any time. If they did not fight along side us against the Italians, today we would all be Italian mafia just like the brothers in Konfuria Democratic Republic but the British helped us preserve our values, ideals, heritage and laws...indeed a Protectorate relationship it was.


    Now they will help boost Somaliland coast guards meaning they will confront modern day Italian mafia called Pirates of Pirateland.

  20. Thanks for the input gentlemen. Ignore the Konfuris who murdered this place like everything they ever touch and like always they blame it on others but never take responsibilities and ownership.


    As for the Yoghurt, I was only sarcastic :) Some brothers are so gullible.




    Inar I did not insult anybody. The one who insulted our nation and people is the one who recycled Italy's flag and pasted Shahada over it and some dead black star.


    If you put X.A.J.I. on top of Coca Cola brand, that doesn't make Coca Cola Xunjuf. You have to be creative, unique and most of all make sense. Italia flag has no connection with us. First we got the name wrong (the land of Somalis) then we recycled Italy's branded flag then we pirated Arab's eagle and shields as Emblem....and we telling the world we are new brand on the market---naa iibsada!!!


    Instead of protecting and trying to defend a lost cause---let's not waste time and lets draw something fresh. Our people have many unique ideas, just hear them out.


    Finally the topic is about Ato Enshilalit (Lizard in Amharic, Silanyo is lizard in Somali). Please let us remain focused gentlemen.

  21. Dr Shire no doubt did his thing and contributed positively however developing one scheme will not put him in the top five competent ministers. He needs to give us more of who he is, speak more often and sell to us his ideas. He remains a man who just confines himself to his office chair and no doubt gets things done but we need personalities...politics is personalities as much as being pro-active.


    Hirsi Yajuj might be hated for his stinky personality and arrogant leadership but we know who he is. Shire remains unknown.

  22. Wadani,


    I don't have protocol chip on my shoulders. By now you should know I do as I see fit and I address issues as I see it with my own aqoon, eyes and hear with my ears.


    Today the topic is about Ato Silanyo. I need you guys to contribute and put in your own soul and personalities. That's what I respect.


    Niman micro-chip ku shaqeya isma afnaqano.