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  1. Its located in San Jose Thank you Haatu.
  2. God what ******. I am talking about the African continent as a whole and not individuals You can't properly debate with people like this. They don't want to admit Africans have problems to address. They take offense to our continents reality The question is why are we even below the South Americans and Asians in terms of development, government and commerce Why is every single African country poor? Debate like a rational person. Stop attacking. No one cares about individuals. I am talking about why half the continent lives on less than 2 dollars a day. Why we die of treatable illnesses. Why we have no infrastructure Learn to differentiate. God Somalis are so predictable
  3. There is no such thing as over population. It's a myth pushed by people who have a problem with the have nots of society. It's an excuse to just exterminate the sick, the poor, the Africans, the disabled, the homosexuals and the crippled. But I don't agree with this for Africa. We are not utilizing the resources we have. 7 billion can live in Texas whereas not even 500 million can live in Africa. If we were richer, if we can feed ourselves, if we were developed, then we should welcome this population doubling. Africa can host 50 billion if we were developed. How can we support a doubling of our population when we don't have the infrastructure, the health care facilities, a proper education system for the people living right now? We can't even educate the people we have now. We can't give provide medical attention to the very sick in Africa. How in the hell can we do this with double our population. Africa cannot support this doubling of population. Especially Somalia. I am an advocator of a 100 million Somalis in East Africa but its just not possible. We can't even look after the 10 million right now. There is no infrastructure in Somalia. We have famines for god sake in 2013. We need to stop making babies at the moment until we fix our situation
  4. Somalia would have not have been at Egypt's level. Only a few roads were even paved by 1991. We were entirely dependent on aid. I mean entirely dependent. All we would have had was peace, which is good. But we would be poor then too. Why do people think Somalia was advanced before the war? It was worse economically then than now.
  5. This is my second topic dedicated to supporting Somali restaurants Last time it was Banaadir Restaurant, so this time it will be Jubba restaurant to "diversify" 5330 Terner Way Ste 40 San Jose, CA 95136 Neighbourhood: Blossom Valley Comments from non Somalis This place is delicious. I actually came here when there was only 1 review but I am very glad there are so many now! It must mean business picked up and must be doing well. It's a Somalian restaurant nestled in a plaza right next to the VTA station off Santa Teresa. My first experience here, I was greeted by the friendly owners and was also given a free sambusa appetizer plate and some orange/tang-like drink. If you have an appetite, go with the sports plate. Perfect for two grown, hungry men. I especially love the lamb and the chicken they serve there. Come hungry, leave happy! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soooo so sooooo so so good! I was hesitant to go because when I was told it was an East African restaurant and all I could think of was Injera. Me and injera do NOT mesh. But lo and behold, upon my first smell! I was drooling! The first taste was another story. Everything is just really so flavorful! I have no idea what that green sauce they put on the side was but it def added 8 factors of spicy deliciousity points! My bf got a wrap that was also bomb. The prices are amazing! We got huge dishes for less than ten bucks! I had half my plate left for the next day! If I can "crave" a restaurant's food after one visit, it gets my 5 stars. BELIEVE THE HYPE! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. I don't know why it is taboo to address this topic. Africans hate to acknowledge it. Or if they do, they blame the white man for their problems. Why is every single African country the state it is today? We don't even have 1 African country that can be compared with to N.A, Europe, Australia or Japan, SK, Taiwan, etc. When will there be a rich, technologically advanced, developed and highly educated Africa? Year 5000?
  7. i personally know him. hes from erigavo. hes a good guy. i hope he wins.
  8. Blackflash;973874 wrote: Those Somali Canadian figures are bogus and the only source for them is the Canadian Somali Congress, which can not be considered an accurate source as it would be in their interest to inflate numbers. According to the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada , there were 24000 Somalis who entered the country as refugees between 1989 and 2011. The Canadian Census of 2011 has 3 language classifications that can be used to determine how many Somalis there are in Canada. These are the Mother Tongue, the language most often spoken at home and other language spoken at home. For Canada, the Somali numbers for these are 31 380 , 21 665 and 9 725 respectively, while for Greater Toronto Area they are 14 010 , 9 870 and 4 845 . The latter two options make the first one redundant in the case of Somalis, so with 31390 and 14715 people who identify themselves as speaking Somali as either a primary or secondary language at home, how can anyone claim there are 200,000+ Somalis living in Canada? The first link I gave you was the speech given by the Canadian Immigration minister. It is from a government website. Are you telling me you know more than the Canadian Immigration minister? Does the Canadian immigration minister need to consult with some Somali dude to know the amount of Somalis that live in Canada? Isn't that his job? The other link I gave was from the RCMP, the federal police.
  9. Somalia population is 8 million with probably another 5 million in the other East African countries. However, the Somali population in Canada is 200,000. Not 90,000. We are the largest Somali community in the diaspora Here is the Canadian Immigration Minister saying so himself. I know that many of you are Canadians who came to this country, many of you probably as refugees, from Somalia. Canada is proud to have received over 200,000 newcomers, mainly but not exclusively refugees, from Somalia. The expatriates, including reputedly some among the 200,000 Somalis living in Canada, offer funds, equipment and information in exchange for a cut of the ransoms, according to those familiar with the phenomenon. It is estimated there are more than 100,000 Somalis in the U.S. and between 150,000 to 200,000 in Canada. With almost 200,000 Somalis living in Canada - most having arrived as refugees since the country last had a national government 15 years ago - federal officials say they are closely following developments. In his testimony, Hussen portrayed Canada's estimated 200,000 Somalis as struggling to fit into mainstream Canadian society since fleeing civil war in the late 1990s. A member of Canada’s Cross Cultural Roundtable on Security, Mr. Hussen said extremists were exploiting “growing pains” in Canada’s 200,000-strong Somali community, which he said suffers from greater poverty and unemployment than most Canadians. In fact, 100,000 live in Toronto. About 80,000 of Toronto’s 100,000 residents of Somali background live in north Etobicoke.
  10. Regions friendly to the central government Good for the regions like Galgaduud for cooperating
  11. Those homes going for 50 or 60K are only worth 25K or 30K. The reason why it is 50 or 60K is because you are buying the land too which doubles the price. You are better off asking your grand parents or aunt/uncle to give you a strip of land they owe (they surprisingly will give you one) and build a new home from scratch.
  12. HAG is the most powerful entity in Somalia today. That can't be denied. This is why everyone is crying about HAG. If HAG was weak, there would be absolutely no need for anyone to criticize it. This is why SAHAL media is making articles about HAG everyday whereas HAG media don't even acknowledge the existence of others. HAG is a serious threat. It will only get stronger each month when the military gets larger. Don't dismiss HAG for a weak entity. HAG is friendly but HAG is not weak. HAG can be a teddy bear and a grizzly bear at the same time. Listen, recognition is not in the interest of Hassan Sheikh or his people. Recognition is not even in the interests of Somaliland. The world is yet to see a pro-Somaliland administration. All the administrations Somaliland has ever had were very sympathetic to a re-union. Listen, if Somaliland is governed by politicians from the previous regime like Silanyo, Riyale and Egal for the next 5-10, then Somaliland will return to the union. My dream is for Warabe to be President. Warabe is personal friends with HAG. He meets with HAG politicians around the world in non-official governmental meetings and has dinner with them in fancy Dubai restaurants. Warabe is also from south Hargeisa, the most humble Somalilanders. Very easy to speak with and friends to be with. Warabe can be a real friend for HAG. You need HAG. Don't underestimate the power of HAG or you will be sorry.
  13. KSA, UAE, US and UK all individually send more money than all the Somalis worldwide. Somali remittances are about $1-1.5B annually. The Somalis send $100 a month from their welfare checks while the Pakistanis send maybe 5 times as much every month through actual work and they are more numerous than us in the diaspora.
  14. Britain can't recognize anything before consulting with HAG and that is after all avenues have been exhausted. We ask the Somalilanders to wait.
  15. Doesn't matter. The Whites will always be the richest and most well off in America. The Hispanics and the Blacks won't be on the ones taking over Board rooms over taking over the middle class or high paying jobs. More Hispanics and Blacks will only mean more Hispanics and Blacks in poverty.
  16. I heard of a few of South Hargeisa youth and families moving to Muqdisho. They are most certainly welcome. Muqdisho is their home.
  17. They give the central government no access to their regions and they don't support the President and they want to come and cry about how Muqdisho doesn't invest in their shanty towns. Not a red cent will be given to those who attempt to undermine the government. Not a penny will go towards their development when they are causing problems for the central government. I applaud this government for focusing only the areas that matters. House of HAG for life.
  18. Wow. The people of HAG thank you for your donation Saudi Arabia. Words can't express how grateful we are. The people of Muqdisho are forever thankful. House of HAG and House of Saud brotherhood.
  19. Kismayo has around 150,000 people. How is it Somalia's second largest city? There are agricultural communities in Middle Shabelle like Afgoye and Jowhar that are more populous. Not to mention Marka and Baydhabo. All this according to the UN population estimates. Also, there is Google Maps. We can see how small the town really is. And a lot of those pictures are not even Kismayo but cities much larger than it. So many deluded people on the internet. But if it makes you sleep at night, then by all means. :cool: P.S: If your city is so large, why are you using pictures from Hargeisa and Mog City?
  20. That video is funny though. The man is a bit arrogant and rude. It would be so embarrassing seeing the face of that poor guy after being rejected like that.
  21. Xaaji Xunjuf, Do you think he is now a supporter of Somaliland's aspirations? He was pro-Somalia as of last week.
  22. But my sources are from the United Nations while your sources are from your emotions. Kismayo and Galkacyo are well known because you scream those cities day in and day out. Doesn't mean they are large. I proved farming towns are larger than your beloved port city. Are you going to deny sources from the United Nations? OK, how about the Central Intelligence Agency that says you are tied for third place with the people of Bay and Bakool? Please accept my facts and sources. They hold more weight than your emotions I am finished. You are not even 2nd but tied for 3rd. Please stop putting yourself on a pedestal. Be more humble Mr.Nomadic from Ethiopia/Kenya :cool:
  23. As you can see in that link, Beledweyne, Jowhar, Afgoye, Balcad, Wanla-Weyn are all larger than Galkacyo and Kismayo (forget about Mogadishu). Even non-HAG towns like Baidao and Marka and Hargeisa are bigger than Galkacyo and Kismayo. Where is your population?
  24. Galkacyo only has around 140,000 people and is a shared city. Kismayo a similar number and also a shared city with non-ethnic Somalis and other types of Somalis. Maybe you should consult with this link. Why don't you compare my towns with your towns? And you will see that your presence compared to mine is very different. Also, just because you are the largest in the diaspora in some countries doesn't mean you are the largest in Somalia. That is ridiculous. You are not the largest in UK and Canada, the two countries with the largest Somali diasporas.,d.aWM&cad=rja