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  1. ^^ good stuff. The British SAS should train a Somali SAS.
  2. Thursday, July 26, 2012 The UK has established a small military presence in Somalia, the British Ministry of Defence has confirmed. A team of 10 military advisers is based at the headquarters of the African Union force in the capital, Mogadishu. They do not have a combat role; their job is to help the AU with planning, communications and medical support. But a BBC correspondent says some of the advisers have been seen in Afgoye, a strategic town west of the capital recently taken from Islamist militants. The al-Shabab group, which joined al-Qaeda earlier this year, still controls many rural areas in southern and central Somalia but is under pressure on several fronts. The country has been without a functioning central authority since 1991 and has been wracked by fighting ever since - a situation that has allowed piracy and lawlessness to flourish. Key moment "We have sent a small team of advisers to assist the AU peacekeeping mission. They do not have a combat role," an MoD spokesman said in a statement. BBC world affairs correspondent Peter Biles says the confirmation of a British military presence in Somalia comes at a key moment in the efforts towards a political transition. The UN-backed interim government is supposed to hand over to a new administration by 20 August when a new president and parliament will be elected. Our correspondent says it is hoped that this will end the corruption and misappropriation of funds that have tarnished the reputation of the current Somali authorities. Ethiopian troops, pro-government militias and the African Union force - which has US and European funding and was boosted earlier this year to nearly 18,000 - have helped the transitional government recently expand its control outside Mogadishu. In the last few months, the militants have lost several key positions, including Afgoye, Baidoa in central Somalia and the southern town of Afmadow.
  3. burahadeer;853011 wrote: Will xalimos in the west do that:D Wish my woman was so considerate......:cool: sandwiched in winter time. The Hugh Hefner method, old as time itself :D
  4. Nothing shallow about the list but you don't have to be on your deathbed to have these regrets.
  5. ^^ if you're really interested then you should research these questions in a library. They are deep questions and you won't find the answers in this forum.
  6. I get why the guy had to travel. From 2009 to '11 if was safer be in the air than the Presidential Palace. The guy probably needed few nights of peace every three days.
  7. mind tricks.
  8. Mario B;852952 wrote: ^^ maybe you should read the story of the good samaritan, it may even force you to take a bullet for your enemy. As far as I know the Samaritan didn't take a bullet for anybody!
  9. Mario B;852924 wrote: You're just coming out as an ignoramus, everyday. Somalia's famine is man made !! Somalia has 20k square miles of arable land that it doesn't farm, nearly 3000k of sea front that it doesn't fish and plenty of unconfined aquifer across the nation for irrigation and to water animals. Blaming God is not only disingenuous but it's foolish too. I thought nothing happened without your god willing it? Besides, were the earth-quacks in Haiti and other parts of the world man made? The 2006 tsunami? I'm just asking.
  10. Mario B;852918 wrote: Not surprised! Girlfriends come and go but a wife may have to take care of my seedlings; I'm just being real bro
  11. AYOUB;852907 wrote: ^ You can speculate but I think he's smarter than that. *The problem is; the ones supposed offer about 2.5% of their surplus failed their obligation ordered by Al-Razaaq. That's the Devine balance between the "haves" and "have-nots". We should know better than the ones who believe in the survival of the fattest malarkey. It would make much more sense for your smart friend to create a fair and equal world but he hasn't done that and he expects his minions to repair the cracks, which would be fine if those minions had an inbuilt sense of justice and fairness but that's not the case.If this was a graded project your friend would get an an F for the (lack of) effort..
  12. I don't know if I would take a bullet for a girlfriend; a wife, maybe.
  13. AYOUB;852895 wrote: ^ Typical: And when it is said to them: " Spend of that with which Allah has provided you ," those who disbelieve say to those who believe: "Shall we feed those whom, if Allah willed, He (Himself) would have fed? You are only in a plain error." The Noble Qur'an Surat 36 (Ya-Sin Ayat 47) That's just the problem, some have been provided with nothing at all while others have too much. This is what makes the sheikh cry (I think).
  14. Garnaqsi;852888 wrote: Come on! If can't be moved by a question that sad then your humanity is in question. You blame him (in the thread title) as if he was the provider of rizq or something. You're right, the blame lies with the big guy not his servants.
  15. Malika;852677 wrote: ^Ofcourse, not every human is able to impact others in this life or after - nevertheless, there are those whom have left incredible legacies - made an impact either good or bad to their fellow humans. ps. As you seem to be worshiping the likes of Darwin, wont you say he has made an impact on you? Has'nt he left a legacy for the likes of you? I hope, whatever legacy I leave behind will be one of fondness. I wrote "most" not all; of course it is true few will have differing levels of impact and leave a real legacy behind but this won't be the case for the majority of the 7 billion +. Ps: we all worship different idols though mine produces verifiable evidence and not magic thinking.
  16. walaalkis;852661 wrote: After passing through this world , how will you imagine being remember us ? More importantly, we should be concern what happens after we die. Mean time have you ever thought about your legacy. What sort of impact you had to the people close to you and to the world generally. Most humans will have little to no impact on this world before and after they die. The life of the average human is more mundane and regular than you think.
  17. Somalia;852554 wrote: Very good work Abwaan, we must stand up to these secularists who want nothing else than our country to be taken over by non-believers with their lax citizenship laws and welcoming Atheist agenda. They have been in the West for so long that they can't connect with the average Somali, their thought process is alien to them unlike us who have seen and felt the motherland, and so we can't let inexperienced arm chair professors take our country for their own little experiment. Salaam I don't see why not. We tolerate religious zealots, corrupt religious zealots, clannist leaders, Warlords, and for a long time, a dictatorship. Maybe secularism and "armchair professors" is what will heal the gaping wounds of the Republic.
  18. Raamsade;852546 wrote: You're begging the question because your question presupposes that morality is derived from "God" when we have no good reason to believe that at all. Instead, you should ask: where do we get our morals? Now, that is a good question meriting serious discussion. Even if we assume god exists and morality comes from it, then the question arises; which god? They are not all the same in terms of their morality. I would agree with Dawkins who asserts a Darwinian explanation of morality but of course cultural evolution, i would strongly think, plays a major part as well.
  19. 5;852492 wrote: The title of the thread only gave away the fact that you're not exactly the brightest kid around . But hey, whatever works for you dude, right? I wouldn't judge you even if you believed in Scientology. 'Cause judging is only for the grand Judge, Allah swt... that you don't believe in but which is still fine, 'cause I don't judge. Thanks for not judging "dude"!
  20. 5;852472 [b wrote: We're irrational ! It's official! You heard it straight from the horse's mouth. Now, free-man, care to share with us the rest of the secrets of the universe - as you as a very rational man seem to be in the know? In the meantime, we, the irrational bunch, will be waiting with great curiosity. I agree. LANDER;852466 wrote: So you come to a forum that is predominantly muslim to pose a question to the 'non-religious', but you go further and assert the question is being posed to 'Rational' observers of Ramadan? Implying that anyone practicing Islam and observing the month of Ramadan is somehow irrational and devoid of reason. None of us are born yesterday, you came and posed this question in hopes of creating a discussion around your lack of belief, as you predicted this would be the reaction from the crowd. Like Che, I have met other atheist and though I may not share their views on religion, those I've come across are intelligent and reflective people who carry themselves with dignity and do not insult or under estimate the intelligence of religious people. They're very comfortable with their beliefs and do not seek validation or approval from others. Islam has its philosophers and philosophies that are rationally explained, if your allergic to religious teachings being brought up in the realm of reason, it only reinforces what I assumed to be your intentions in the first place. The only rational explanation I have seen from someone who is not practicing so far is the response from Miyir. So you and Che have meet atheist who are placid enough to not threaten your views, good for you! But some of us will challenge you and strongly disagree with your believes, learn to deal with! Those who are offended by the thread had the choice, to be or not to be offended, they choose the former. Forgot to add: if this was a "Muslim" only forum, most post would have Islam related contents not "my region is better than yours" nonsense posted every hour.
  21. Abtigiis;852417 wrote: The arguments of the Freeman are far superior to those of Che, Maaddeey and the rest. And the problem is when people start using religious narratives in what should be an objective and logical debate. I face similar problems everyday when I venture into issues such as women's rights, Islam and State etc. But I still don't understand what Freeman wanted to achieve with this post! or maybe he phrased his lines wrongly! For instance, if his question was "I do not fast, so what should I do when I am with the family" I could have taken as a genuine question. To say "I don't fast but don't eat in front of my families and what is your take on this" clearly invites words like "cheat" and "coward". Maaddeeey, as a zealot mullah, there is little room for you in this kind of discussions. Clearly, a man who supports Alshabab is a primitive man. I think most posters have taken issue with the word "rationalist" which may appear exclusionary but then again the word Muslim is also exclusionary, i.e it excludes people who are not Muslim. Perhaps the title should have been "are there any atheist observing Ramadan"? Nevertheless, I don't agree that anything I wrote would make me deserve the moniker of a "cheat" or "coward". I haven't cheated anybody as those around me know I'm not fasting but I respect them enough not to eat or drink in front of them. And "coward" is just absurd. To reinstate it again: the purpose of the post was to engage with fellow SOL'rs with no religion but quite possibly live with religious family and garner their views and conduct in this month. Maaddeey;852418 wrote: ^ jawaab kuuma hayo duqa, nin raga baan la hadlayaa, magacaygana ha isticmaalin adoo raba inaad dad kale u gefto, samjee?if you say so, lakin aniga mid iiga jawaab adoo raali ah: haddii family-gaagu gaalnimo kugu ogyihiin,maxaa lip service Ramadan uun keenay?, si kale hadaan u dhigo: sow gaalnimada inaad qarsato maaheyn ood lip service-ka halkaa ka bilowdid?. First of all, easy with the word "gaal" as you yourself would be classed as "gaal" by Christians, Jews and even fellow Muslims. Second, I pay lip service to Ramadan as a sign of respect for my family. Third, I think pretending to believe is much worse than pretending to fast. Miyir;852419 wrote: I have four people working for me who fast daily, family and countless other people i am in contact do fast. I see as ritual and i like the part of that brings the community together and charity. simply im very understanding and I do my best to make it easy for those working for me ( give them less work and more time for prayers) do they know im not fasting? Yes, Do I care what they think? No. out of respect i don't eat front of them same as i will not eat front of Hungry and thirst beggar. now and then i meet noisy people who try to make me guilty or try to give me sermon, normally i will give simple answer if they ask if im fasting which is simply NO, majority will be satisfied with that answer, those who don't have boundaries who push i make sure they don't ask again without explanation. my take is no need to pretend. act as you will act normally and respect those who see things differently and expect same treatment from them without you defending the way you see things. I agree, respect is key but it has to be mutual and would only apply (for me) to people I'm in contact with daily. I wouldn't stop eating,smoking or drinking in front of a stranger who is fasting.
  22. Che -Guevara;852369 wrote: you believe everyone adheres to religion out of fear? I'm not familiar with other religions but it is true Muslims fear punishment of hell and seek the "reward" of heaven. Maaddeey;852414 wrote: Lol, jawaab ma hayo maad iska dhahdid?. There's no point expanding on my statement as I do not believe she has the critical faculty to evaluate my assertions.
  23. *Blessed;852408 wrote: Hmm. I don't know why you've qouted me in this response? You made a link between Islamic definition of nifaaq and nazi racism and I've very simply asked if you can provide an explanation. It's fine you don't have an explanation, just spare me the hysterics, aye?! Maybe it was an error and YOU could spare ME the hysterics of quoting verses to support your prejudice, hmm??