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  1. Homunculus;851579 wrote: If I was a Somali christian I'd have ran out of there in a New York minute. Somalia is a welcoming place for religious diversity . Maybe for the caadan with a bag of maize for the locals but not for other Somalis
  2. Timur;851571 wrote: These guy provides answers, at least we can refute him. They should watch Life Of Brian!
  3. Blackflash;851575 wrote: I've decided to see things from a larger perspective in Somalia. I'm actually neutral on the issue as Somaliland and Puntland have offered little in the way of development in the region and Khaatumo is still up in the air as they're not yet in a position to make long term plans. Anyone can draw a line through the region and it would have little meaning, there will always be Somalis on either side of it. Congrats on extracting yourself from the politics of Somalia; it's a blackhole.
  4. **********PLEASE STOP THE ANTI-ISLAMIC ATTACKS************************ This is your last warning. Admin
  5. Carafaat;851492 wrote: How about people who commit infidelity or even rape, should they be allowed to run for Presidency. Like they are allowed in western countries as France, US,etc? Infidelity and rape are not the same thing; one is breaking a trust between two people (It is not a crime) while the other is a major crime which breaks the golden rule. A rapist should not run for president (I doubt France would allow such a thing) .
  6. Carafaat;851417 wrote: true that. that is what SOL is all about. And Alpha here, is the Primus inter pares among the pretentious intellectual elite. You may present your credentials to Alpha of SOL. Indeed, I may do as you say but what of YOUR application? Still at the processing stage?? You should be the Viceroy of Alpha's grouping.
  7. Carafaat;851407 wrote: Alpha, i think you might have found your counterpart here for some semi "intellectual" cidiyo ku dagalan I reject "cidiyo ku dagalan" bit but "semi intellectual" part is right; but that is what SOL is about unless I'm grossly mistaken?
  8. Impressive stuff for pre-pubescent girls not for adults.
  9. Alpha Blondy;851379 wrote: oh right! thanks mate. you've clearly made my day, just when i thought it was over. the only thing i have to look forward to now is my date for this afternoon. i don't know what she looks like lol. She'll probably be average looking and mentally banal as most Somali females are but that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Just manage expectations for a happier relationship.
  10. 5;851376 wrote: That's not a particularly nice thing to say The-freeman! EDIT: I forgive you for your grave insult. It's alot nicer than turning down a vertically challenged comrade but I forgive you on behalf of Mankind! Consider yourself forgiven!
  11. Alpha Blondy;851377 wrote: i know. you're right this was a pointless and irrelevant stuff i wrote previously on another thread lol. You tried though, and you get a D instead of an F! Congratulations!!
  12. I'm really sorry for calling you short, 5. [phew, I feel better!]
  13. 5;851369 wrote: Haha, same height or like an inch shorter than me - and I'm 168cm You're really short, I mean really, really short!
  14. Alpha Blondy;851366 wrote: that's a contested term even more particularly in this context. these american kids are seeking validation through their displays and are attempting to create a sense of identity and belonging. this is to be applauded, i think. this will not be the final stages of the forever evolving nature of somali culture. this is not a representation of the defintive somali culture, it is merely a hybrid culture that is the result of when a group of people migrate from their homes (somali pennisula) to a new home (diaspora). identity is a fluid concept and should not be categorised into two binary categories - good culture and bad culture. instead seek to understand that these allegedly bad cultural tendencies and transformation are the result of new identities that are in essence derived from somali culture. I dont think this is a necessarily a bad thing. I don't think Somaliness or somali culture is being destroyed, rather its an evolving process. This will not be the final stages of the forever evolving nature of somalinimo. Each generation adds something different but its continues to survive. Our generation’s sense of Somalinimo is not a representation of the definitive Somali traditions, norms and values. For me Somaliness is a holistic system of norms, traditions and values which have been slowly developed. It’s not dependent on political authority and has no clear definition since every individual sense of Somaliness varies. You could say it’s also like your own personal value system. Nonetheless, there are elements of Somaliness that all individuals collectively share. These are: Somali ethnicity, Islam, culture, language and tribe (this is more specific depending on individual preference but must still be included in the overall framework of what constitutes Somalinimo). Identity is a fluid concept and should not be categorised into two binary categories - good Somalinimo and bad Somalinimo and as some people have gone further by declaring the notional thought of Somalinimo dead since they are unable to capture its true essence because its manifestations are not contingent on state authority (Political somaliness). I think you're seeing things which are not there. The video does not show an evolution or even a reinterpretation of the Somali culture but complete unawareness coupled with a healthy dose of narcissism and misplaced macawis. Your points about Somaliness maybe valid but have no relevance to the discussion.
  15. Oh c'mon! A life without enemies is not worth living!
  16. Urgh, I see socks and sandals paired up; it's like putting salt in a cup of tea, not right, not right at all!! I think the idea behind the show is commendable, but as is usual, these kinds of shows attract the most narcissistic in the community and as such, they tend to be shallow in "culture".
  17. Nin-Yaaban;851261 wrote: Seems like most of the eastern block is way behind when it comes to this kinda stuff. I was watching a documentary about Ukraine/Russia where they still have neo.nazis and hate groups that openly call for the killing/expulsions of non.natives. Things were way better under the USSR. What is the name of the documentary? Sounds interesting.
  18. Blackflash;851233 wrote: There's nothing wrong with skepticism as you and I know:D It's the vitamin of the mind!!
  19. Blackflash;851224 wrote: @The-freeman. It's more about what I can offer the country than what it can offer me. Canada has been great to me, but I feel as if I could make more of an impact on the lives of others in Somalia than I could here in Canada. Heck, I even think the prosperity of Somalia would benefit Canada in the future as it would ease the strain on the refugee system. I'm always sceptical when I hear people say: "I can make an impact; we can make an impact etc". It sounds like a marketing seminar gimmick. I remain sceptical but good luck.
  20. I don't really know why any rationalist would ever go back to Somalia- the culture has gone backwards and worse it has been supplanted by the even more backwards Saud culture. I think the Kacanka government had the right idea when it took the sheikhs and religion out of politics; this will not happen in the new Somalia, sadly.
  21. @ sharma-arke451: you must feel big and moral to pass death upon a life that you didn't create, nourish or educate.
  22. Can we have morality without fairy tales? Yes we can!!
  23. Comrade, your're fighting with yourself; go to your local psychiatric hospital for a top up of them red pills.