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  1. When disaster hits a country, Whether it is famine, drought, hurricane or depression hits the economy. Humans tend to produce more. in order to survive. its a fact. Its shown in studies that western countries give birth to more children when their economy is in depression. or if they have their own family problems. If Somali are having a lot of children then I'm more than happy. it only means my people and its culture is still living. Birth control doesn't necessarily give one happiness. and when i think of western countries that have a very little population of their ethnic group i feel sorry for them! to out numbered by immigrants is just ...
  2. Hi, I'm very glad that I found this forum with such bright intelligent Fellow country men debating! (without name calling each other when someone hit a nerve ) Now I haven't really read the whole discussion since it very long so I'm just going to state my opinion I believe in a secular state. Where religion should be ones private matter and not interfere with states affairs. Religion is totalitarianism. No matter which kind of religion were are talking about its always one certain group or person that rules for a very long time! I don't see it be any different from a dictatorship. When religion rules the people. We can not have several foundations. That is constitution. Laws that cannot be changed. they are very important to a secular state. Like Freedom of speech, Freedom of information legislation. We need that because of simple reasons like, One should have the right to criticize, unfold corruption or simply try to elevate some group, person or what ever the case may be. Religion doesn't protect the rights of minority. New cases come forth every day with different problems. Religion doesn't have the answer for everything. Laws need to changed and improved. Religion is a source of power that suppressors people, and since religion is Totalitarianism one can not go against it. That causes that one might get executed or put in prison for a very long time if not for life. Religion doesn't encourage science. That is a bit of a problem, since we human beings need to evolve and develop, (It kind of held us back in the dark and middle ages) And thanks to the age of enlightenment we have come very far within a very small amount time! And we somali are having our age of enlightenment at the moment were we are getting rid of tradition such as Female genital mutilation! Reflecting, criticality viewing our state for the past hundred year and trying to improve by understanding and changing! (Y) People do have a tendency to become very fundamental and fanatic, so that is a minus too. Secularism works if united by nationalism! Every secular country is a nationalistic country! With foremost interest its own people! Its a great opportunity if Somalia ever became a secular state! And as a country that has one main language spoken by majority of the people, One main religion Its a very helpful aspect! The list goes on and on! but that's is my basic opinion I hope that I didn't offend anyone