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  1. Somaliland time has come to end .................Peace and unity for all Somalis. Suldaan Dagaal ooga ah, oo dad iyo dal uusan lahayn u ooyaya waxaa lugu arkay SNM people oo kaliya ah. SSC Garaads 4 sano iyo badh ayay nabad ku doonayayeen dhulkooda maantase SNM xormino ayay kaga bixi LA ama xoog. Ninkii dhoof ku yimi bay geeridu dhibaysaa...................Ina Suldaan Abdulqadir-na waa murqaal hadalay.

  2. Mohamed Kahin, the former SNM thug, BEENAALE inuu yahay waxaad ku garanysay waraysiga uu bixiyay ...bilawga qaybta ugu horaysay qoraalka waxa uu diiday inuu Mudug ka soo shaqeeyay , Qaybta labaaad( 2nd post, Pragrapherka 2aad ,Line-ka 6aad ) waxa uu yiri sidan "anaguna kornayladan aad sheegayso waan ahaynoo waliba Hargaysa iyo Burciyo ayaanu ka nimidoo gaasaskaad sheegaysana waanu xukumi jinayoo waqooyiga waadigii ka shaqayn jiray tuuladii yarayd ee Bandarwanaagna in naanan qabsan karin ayaa noo soo baxaday oo lug baanu kaga soo baxnay oo hadaanu doonaynaa in aan dib u jabhadayno."

  3. Thanks Brother General Duke for all your support of the Talex Conference. We should keep in mind that whatever decission and declaration come out from that conference will never be against Somalinimo. Somali unity and national Flag-the blue and other Symbols are up in the conference town!!!


    As SSC native, I condersider myself a Puntlander , but I don't support the current admistration of PL however, i will never denounce my support for puntland. SSDF and USP as a people are brothers forever.

  4. It is really sad news to hear that people lost their love onces and my deepest condolences goes to them. You guys, we should undersand that secessionist are always hateful and they don't like to see peaceful cities in Somalia in general specifically in Puntland. You will never see one single postive post about Somalia from the SMN supporters like XX

  5. Jacalyboro, when we talking about the SNM thugs product called themselves "Somaliland", there is nothing against the good Somali brothers and sister in your three cities like Hargeysa. You secession should undersand that people have right to express their views towards the SNM thugs.

  6. This is not a Saado Cali's brother and guys should shame on you lying. This guy is in Hergeysa and he is one of the SNM thugs..................These of you who hate Saado because simply she is againt your clan policals called Somaliland.... Saado is supporting and will suppport Soomaali Weyn...........Soomaaliya Ha NOOLAATO !!!

  7. Faraah Maclin does not care about Somaliland, Puntland, or Jiniland. All he cares is about his politacal gain to stay in power. These of you, who defend Mr. Maclin's postion towards Somalia, don't become against him when support your against groups.

  8. Hamza is a great boy .........may Allah bless him and his family. Ilaahayow irsaaq xalaal ah reerkaa sii, ilaahay waxba uma waayin dadkan laakiin waa la isku eegayaa. Walaahay waa ooyay markaan dhegaysay Hamse hadalkiisa ugu danbeeya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Walaalayaal Maxaan u qaban karnaa willkan yar ee caqliga badab??????????????????????

  9. Somali goverment should ban to import these kind of toys in our counrty because Somali kids DO NOT need to know how to play gun toys at this time while every somali household in Somalia may has a gun at home. Kids should have fun and learn activities, not to know how to hold a gun.


    Peace !

  10. Thirteen things are sunnah on the day of Eid ul-Fitr:


    (i) To adorn oneself according to the Shariah.


    (ii) To have a bath.


    (iii) To use miswaak.


    (iv) To wear the best of clothing which one possesses.


    (v) To apply perfume.


    (vi) To wake up very early in the morning.


    (vii) To go early to the Eid prayer place.


    (viii) To eat something sweet, such as dates, before going to the Eid prayer place.


    (ix) To give the sadaqatul fitr before going to the Eid prayer place.


    (x) To offer the Eid prayer in the Eid prayer place. That is, one should not offer Eid prayer in the masjid without any valid reason.


    (xi) To return from the Eid prayer place taking a route that is different from the one that he had taken when going towards the Eid prayer place.


    (xii) To go to the Eid prayer place on foot.


    (xiii) To read the following takbeer softly while walking towards the Eid prayer place:




    12-year-old boy in Canada delivered his baby brother after their mother went into labor

    By Mike Krumboltz


    Mike Krumboltz


    PostsEmailBy Mike Krumboltz | The Lookout – 10 hrs agotweet89Share12EmailPrintGaelan Edwards, a 12-year-old boy from Campell River, British Columbia, delivered his baby brother on Sunday morning when his mother went into labor and couldn't make it to the hospital.


    Gaelan was up late, "watching a movie about showgirls on television at about 2 a.m. on Sunday morning," Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reports, when he heard his mother call from her bedroom. At first, he thought he was in trouble for watching TV when he wasn't supposed to be, he told CTV.


    Danielle Edwards quickly explained what was happening and told Gaelan that when he saw the baby's shoulders, he needed to hold on to them and pull the baby out.


    In his interview with CTV, Gaelan says that when he started to pull the baby, it started crying, which was a relief. "You know that's a healthy baby," he said. After the baby came out, Gaelan clamped the umbilical cord and cut it with household scissors. He then helped mom push out the placenta before cleaning and wrapping his newly born brother.


    Gaelan described the cord cutting as "gross" because "blood was spurting out everywhere."

  12. I don't think muslims in a Masjid are unhappy and at least they should not be, but sometimes wherever you go, if you are not used to go, you may feel a stranger or sometimes you may think all people treat you differently.I would say it is perception. If you see some people who are not happy , please excuse them because we don't know what they may go through in their personal and family lifes.

  13. There is no colleration between the recently drought in Somalia and having large family. If somebody makes happy for having one or two children, it should be his/her choice , but we should not make fun of these families who suffering because of the calamity.