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  1. Of course he did, it's either follow me and my master or get massacred.
  2. Originally posted by TheSomaliEconomist: ^^ So it was a prosperous and internationally respected nation before the ethio forces entered? Wake up will ya pal? Now you think that the ET's illegally invaded Somalia that we have sone repect from other nations? Lord! one of the poorest nations on earth attacked us and you support it. We were already having our own problems now we have to deal with the Ethiopians as well, thanks to the warlord regime...
  3. They are only shelling away...i heard one time five missiles hit the same spot....
  4. ^^^ Thanks to the TFG they have taken away what little pride and honor we had...
  5. They should stay here, we will go, good luck with Global warming....
  6. Let's time i checked the Somali nation was still there....Or do you think you are Ethiopian now?????
  7. He already did that...he wants it off the world map...
  8. 1. Q. It is been reported that the government instigated the current fighting. A. The man who made that accusation who claims he is speaking on behalf of a clan and that his house was attacked is well known and he works directly with the Islamic Courts. Since he collaborates with the courts and the courts are the ones who are killing the people and conducting terrorism amongst the people and who are destructive, it does not matter how educated he is, it doesn't matter how famous he is, it does not matter from what clan he is: Society should be protected from that kind of man (arrested/eliminated?) because he will not contribute anything to the community except trouble and destruction. His he talking about himself :eek:
  9. Originally posted by rudy: this is another impressive move by putmedownland. cheers homie. veeri naayees. this was cool. You take your hot issues and u dumped in the cluless hands of sillyland. lool. amazing..watch this, icu fire crackers will exploding on 26 june. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Boy are you creative??????? LOL @ putmedownland
  10. Ooh, they care alright, but not for the people but the land and its resources.
  11. They have been doing that since God knows when. Not something new.
  12. Ha, so the big boys themselves came this time. Just shows how poorly the Ethiopians are doing.
  13. The offspring of the 12 giant rabbits were supposed to help to feed starving North Koreans. Now doubts about their fate have brought an abrupt halt to one of the more unlikely hunger-alleviating projects. Karl Szmolinsky sold the rabbits to Pyongyang so that they could be used to set up a breeding programme to boost meat production in the Hermit Kingdom. However, amid concerns that they have been eaten by the country’s leaders, Mr Szmolinsky will not be sending any more. The 68-year-old breeder had been due to travel to North Korea after Easter to provide advice on setting up a rabbit farm. A North Korean official rang him last week to say that the trip had been cancelled. Mr Szmolinsky said he suspected that his rabbits, which grow to the size of dogs and can weigh over 10kg (22lb), were eaten at a birthday banquet for Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader, although he emphasised that he had no evidence of this. “It’s an assumption, not an assertion,” Mr Szmolinsky said. “But I don’t think the animals are alive anymore, I think they’ve been eaten.” He added: “North Korea won’t be getting any more rabbits from me, they don’t even need to bother asking. I was looking forward to going on such a trip while I’m still fit enough.” The North Korean Embassy in Berlin denied that the rabbits were dead. A spokesman said that they were being used for a breeding programme, and had not been eaten. He added that no one at the embassy had contacted Mr Szmolinsky. The reclusive communist country celebrated Kim Jong Il’s 65th birthday on February 16 with crowds marching and singing in squares in the capital. The Government usually distributes extra food rations to mark the occasion but analysts doubt whether that happened this year because of food shortages and UN sanctions. Mr Szmolinsky had attracted worldwide media coverage in January with his deal to sell North Korea some of the spectacularly large “German grey giants” he breeds at his home in Eberswalde, an eastern town near Berlin. His rabbits can yield up to 7kg (15Ib) of meat each. It had been unclear, however, given their voracious appetite for carrots, potatoes and other top quality vegetables, how they could actually alleviate the food shortages in North Korea rather than actually adding to them. He sold eight females and four males at a preferential rate of 80 euros (£54) each, a quarter of the usual price, and sent the rabbits in late 2006 in a consignment that included Robert, a friendly-looking monster who won a prize as Germany’s largest rabbit. Assuming he is dead, Robert lives on in his son, Robert II, safe in his hutch in Eberswalde. read on........
  14. Before summer or during the summer. They will only kill innocent people, since there is no AQ is Somalia....
  15. Allaha u naxariisto, I too have one grandparent alive today, and she is not planning to leave Madina any time soon. With all the fighting that is going on in Xamar she still claims that she is safe and doing just fine. She is actually more concerned about us. I don’t know what I will do if she dies. Hopefully, Allah is with them all.
  16. LOL! Five times heh? Unbelievable, even if that was real, no one will believe it. Ripley's believe it or not show…..
  17. ^^^ LOL! Ouch, “How dare you not recognize the TFG the legitimate Government of Somalia, and Gedi and Yusuf the leaders of the TFG. Our National heroes…” God that was hard to type down. I felt like my soul was being separated from my own body, how do some people do that daily?
  18. It isn’t only Somalis that they are capturing and interrogating, they have Yemenis, Tanzanian, Kenya, Ethiopians and so forth. The keyword is “Muslim”. If you are an extreme Muslim be very beware, if you are a moderate Muslim, also beware. Saddam was probably one of those moderate Muslims and they executed him with no hesitation. There is no Government, so how can one be dowlad-diid? Some folks need to know the definition of a government it sure isn’t a unelected regime which massacres its own people.
  19. There is a woman rape in America every two minutes, that allow should speak volumes. And I heard that every 9 seconds a man is hitting his girlfriend/wife. Without a doubt there is violence which takes place in every part of the world, but one can be religious and still be an abusive person. The Taliban claimed to be quite religions in their belief, but they would hit a women who accidentally showed are ankle and so forth.
  20. Meles should be the last person to criticize some else of attacking, especially, when he had illegally invaded Somalia. Its kind bewildering to know that a terrorist, which has blood in his hands, a dictator, which rules one-sidedly, a destroyer, which destroys lives plus property has even the overconfidence to point his blood-dripping finger at innocent people.
  21. Thanks Nur that makes perfect sense. I will be hanging around here more often….expect more question, and I only ask questions to get more knowledge. Thanks again bro…
  22. I sure will Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar
  23. This is so sad, when will some people understand that this is more than tribal warfare. We have certain nations which want to locate Muslims from any nationality and clan into concentration camps which are located in unidentified locations. Supporting those who work for them will only make things much easier for them.
  24. LOL! Lately the TFG-Supporters are using words the Conservatives use. Terrorists, Al-Qaida, Death-Squads, Insurgents, extremists, and so on. Copy-Cats. If they only knew that the Conservatives see all Muslims regardless of tribe or clan as terrorists, extremists, and Al-Qaida members.