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  1. NG, dhago hadalkaaga wuu batay waayahaan! Waad salaamantihiin kuli...
  2. She's 27, divorced with two kids! I can see how that might make the family raise an eyebrow or two. With that said, waxaa iga dagi la' 28 year old man whose never been in a relationship!
  3. Allaha unaxariisto, Janada ka waraabiyo! He was great man, and proud to call him Awoowe!
  4. Xaaji Xunjuf;963170 wrote: War is ilaali safiir iyo calilahayne eh. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! My sentiments exactly... Good luck JB!
  5. Out of all the Somali community leaders in Toronto, Mahad Buruko maa lala soo shirtagay? I guess it is time to highlight the need for "funding", instead of discussing the issues at hand (ie. police brutality)!!! Cajiib!
  6. Members of Toronto’s Somali community are condemning the actions of police during a series of early-morning raids last week. Scores of tactical officers used battering rams and flash-bang devices as they executed 83 separate search warrants in the Dixon Road area at around 5 a.m. on June 13. The raids were part of a year-long investigation into drugs and gun trafficking in the community. The investigation, known as Project Traveller, targeted the alleged criminal activities of a group known as the Dixon City Bloods, also known as the Dixon Goonies. Police have previously said that 44 people were arrested during the raids, resulting in a combined 224 charges. “After the raids, many Somali community members felt victimized and traumatized as a result of the reckless manner in which the officers forcibly entered their homes,” community activist Mahad Yusuf told reporters Tuesday morning. "The community members are angry about the destruction of their property, the disrespectful comments made by police and the police brutality." Police focused the raids on a cluster of high-rise apartment buildings, including one at a building at 320 Dixon Rd. Speaking with reporters Thursday, Yusuf said police treated area residents like “criminals” and used “excessive force” during the raids. Yusuf said police also failed to provide additional resources to deal with the fallout. "Instead of hiring trauma councillors or mental health councillors more policing was brought in, creating even more fear in this community," he said. Resident says she was brutalized During Tuesday’s press conference, several residents who had their properties searched during the raids spoke about the ordeal. One of those residents who lives in 320 Dixon Rd said she awoke to a “terrifying sound” and before she knew it she was pinned against the wall, handcuffed and pushed to the floor by a tactical officer. Fosia Duale said she then began feeling light headed and felt her heart beating at an alarming rate and informed the officer, who she claims replied “die” before resuming his search of her unit. "I have had a minor heart attack, I am 64 years old, I will not accept to be told to die, I will not accept to be brutalized, I have done nothing to deserve the indignity and the force that came with the raids,” Duale said. “My religious identity was disrespected, my body was left bruised. How can this be acceptable in any community in Toronto?" Police have not directly addressed specific allegations of officer misconduct, but on Tuesday afternoon Toronto Police Spokesperson Mark Pugash told CP24 that police took “every precaution” in executing the raids. “These are always very disturbing and very disconcerting to communities and there is no way of getting around that, but keep in mind we are going after very violent people who don’t want to deal with us and don’t want to surrender,” he said. “We take every precaution we can not only to protect officers but to protect people who are not on our list and I take some comfort from the fact that there were no serious injuries from what happened.” Union boss defends raids Police have previously said that the Dixon Bloods are based in the Dixon Road area between Kipling and Islington avenues and are responsible for smuggling guns into Canada from the U.S. across the Detroit-Windsor border, in addition to being involved in shootings, robberies and drug trafficking. Speaking with CP24 on Tuesday afternoon, Toronto Police Association President Mike McCormack acknowledged the ordeal many innocent residents went through but said his officers are not to blame. "As far as the allegations go, unfortunately these people are victims and they are victims of their own families and their own communities,” he said. “A lot of these gang bangers and these people involved in criminal activity will move into these places intentionally to give them shelter and some sort of cover from their criminal activity and I am telling you it will not work. We will go where we need to go to arrest these people and take them out of the community." The raids resulted in the seizure of more than 175,000 grams of drugs, $570,000 in cash, 42 firearms, a Taser and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. Despite the criticism, McCormack said most residents he has spoken to appreciate the work police have done in largely dismantling an active criminal organization. "I didn’t see any of the moms or fathers or brothers and sisters who have had their children killed in this senseless violence out there protesting, ” he said. “I think that overall the community thinks we did a good job. " Police Chief Bill Blair has previously commended officers for conducting the raids without incident. Blair has also promised to increase the police presence in the neighbourhood to help ease the fear of residents in light of the raids. "We will have officers positioned in that neighbourhood to answer the questions the community has," Blair said last week. "We know how traumatic it can be when those raids take place in the dark of night, when doors are going crashing down and when flash-bangs are ignited, so we want to be there to reassure residents and restore their sense of safety and control." One of the buildings searched has been connected to a recent scandal involving Rob Ford and a missing video that allegedly shows the mayor with what appears to be a crack pipe. Police have refused to comment on any link between their investigation and the mayor and on Tuesday afternoon Ford repeatedly dodged questions from reporters on the matter. "I cannot elaborate on anything," he said after attending an event at Nathan Phillips Square. "It is obviously before the courts now and it is a police investigation." http://toronto.ctvnews.ca/members-of-toronto-s-somali-community-speak-out-against-raids-1.1330664
  7. To have such money laying around in an apartment is puzzling...It would've been one thing if those Dixon Road apartments were considered "upscale" apartments/area...:confused: And from what I hear, almost every apartment where money was confiscated, was qof askarta raadinaayay meel uu daganaa...Ilaahay ha u fududeeyo kuligood... Aaliyah, thanks hun. Good to see you.
  8. Walee waa la isku habar wacday!!! SMH!!!
  9. TORONTO - An Etobicoke apartment complex linked to the Rob Ford crack cocaine scandal is the subject of a police raid this morning. Toronto Police blocked off vehicular traffic leading to 320 Dixon Rd. at Kipling Ave. around 5 a.m. The building is believed to be the same complex where an alleged video of the mayor smoking crack cocaine was being stashed. Ford has said no such video exists and that he does not use crack cocaine. Police said approximately 30 warrants were executed, targeting guns and drugs and the raids were a part of "Project Traveller." Chief Bill Blair is expected to update the media at police headquarters at noon. A Sun photographer at the scene estimated there was "at least 30" police cruisers and close to 100 officers at the scene. "I've never seen so many cruisers at one scene in my life," Dave Thomas said. The Kingsview Village complex has a history of gun violence. On May 21, less than a week after American gossip website Gawker said it had been offered the alleged video, there was a shooting on a 17th-floor apartment. A man in his 20s suffered a gunshot wound to his leg. Several days after the shooting, the Toronto Sun was told a man who allegedly possessed the video also lives on the 17th floor. Toronto Police won't talk about the video or the shooting, so it’s unclear if the two are connected. The man who is believed to have shot the 90 seconds of footage with his cellphone, and may have been killed for it, also lived in Kingsview Village. Anthony Smith, 21, was shot to death outside a King St. W. nightclub March 28 and his 19-year-old pal, who can’t be named because of a publication ban, was wounded. Both men are also in a much-publicized photo where they and a third man appear to be socializing with the mayor. That photo is believed to have been taken outside a house 15 Windsor Rd. That street is connected by a pathway to the Dixon Rd. highrise complex. http://www.torontosun.com/2013/06/13/raids-at-apartment-complex-linked-to-rob-ford-crack-cocaine-scandal
  10. Good luck to your friend with the surgery and a speedy recovery insha'allah...
  11. Only in Somalia, could one be arrested and charged for bad-mouthing the son-in-law of the president! Toloow Donald Trump maxaa lagu sameylahaa?
  12. NG, waxaasoo dhan waan lasocdaa dee... Cara, hello dear! Who you calling "elders"? Don't make me wack you with my cane (the four lagged cane wilibo), xishoo... Juxa, I've always been here, wax i cajabiyo oo aan wax usoo qoro waayahaan ma araga...Maantase wey iga qabatay...
  13. Sariir soconeyso iyo bouncing off walls anaa jecel ee intee kahelaa? Morning reer troll!
  14. Allah yaa raxma...May Allah make it easy for this family, give them samir and iman in the very very difficult time...My heart goes out to the sister, ilaahow ufududee maskiinta...
  15. Teen dies after being struck by car driven by sister A family is mourning the loss of their teenage daughter after she was struck and killed by a car driven by her older sister. The accident occurred on Attwell Drive, close to Toronto’s Pearson airport, on Saturday evening. Police said the teen, 17-year-old Fartun Abdulle, was walking along the industrial road shortly before 7 p.m. when a car driven by her 18-year-old sister mounted a curb and struck the girl. Police said Abdulle was dragged for a short distance until the car came to a stop. Investigators said she was trapped underneath the car for 15 minutes. Individuals attending a nearby church saw the accident unfold. “She was screaming ‘my sister, my sister, it was an accident. I hit her, I didn’t mean to,’” witness Melinda Jefferey told CTV Toronto. “She kept asking if she’s still alive.” Lagos Csiki was walking along Attwell Drive when the accident occurred. “The lady goes under the car and I touched her hand and prayed,” he said. Abdulle was rushed to hospital where she was later pronounced dead. Police said they do not expect any charges to be laid following the accident. Officers also said alcohol and speed are not considered factors in the investigation. Const. Clint Stibbe said police have downloaded the data from the “crash module” inside the car, which will give them a better idea of what happened mechanically moments before the crash. Officers are continuing to investigate the case and would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed the incident. Anyone with any information about this case is asked to Toronto Police Traffic Services at 416-808-1900 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS. Link
  16. When kids are raised in the ghetto, such things can be expected! Many Somali families choose to raise their kids in high crime areas to save money, while driving the lastest cars or owning homes in Canada or overseas...Noone should be driving a $20,000+ car, while claiming to have low-income and paying $300 or less for their monthly housing charges! Xaaraantaa dhuuqdid, meel kalaa ka gudee!!! Allaha u naxariisto labadan dhimatay, cidahoodana samir iyo iman ka sii...
  17. Oz;867023 wrote: Afarta hore Sharif sh Axmed + 64 Xassan Sheekh + 58 Cabdiweli Gaas + 32 C/qaadir Cosoble+28 Ninkii hooyadaa dumaala wuxuu ku noqdaa adeerkaa jecleeso mise ha jecleesan waa allaa ku baday marka somalwayn ha u arakto doorashadan madaxwaynimadan sidaas for the sake of the country..... If what Al Jazeera is reporting ee run tahay, in some MP's lagac loo laabay, sheekadu waa allaa nabaday kuwaan...
  18. Jacaylbaro;864951 wrote: Kool_Kat yaa arkay ?? Yaahuu!
  19. Kool_Kat

    Would you?

    Early 20's and no kids AND WIDOWED! War iga leexo dheh, there are a lot of fish in the sea, sida loola dabaasho habarto...And here I thought you were talking about a guy in his 40's or 50's with six young kids (oldest being 10 and youngest only a few months old)...Even then naag tolka ah aan baadiya uga dalbi lahaa... I doubt any man/woman in his/her early 20's would want to marry his/her recently deseased's friend...Subxaanalaah! Such person should take time to mourn the loss of their spouse and not think about re-marrying any time soon...Bisinka...
  20. I blame reer London for ZamZam's loss! Gabadha waqti ee ku nasato, baraatiko fiican sii qaadato, cunto nafaqa leh ku cunto ma eysan siinin! Wexey gabadha ula dhaqmeen sida iney Oscars celebration u joogto London. Sheemo dheh. Juxa, waxa maskiintaa dhafrinaayay oo ka waalaayay ha i dhihin waa ku jirtay?
  21. Kool_Kat

    Would you?

    Maya maya MAYA! Saaxiibadey nimankooda mid ii qalma maba arag! (KIDDING!) Give us more hypothetical details about this widower, are there children? If so, how many? How old are these kids? How old is this widower, sheekadu ma weeso isku dhowrashaa kaliya? *istaaqfurulaah*
  22. Inuu wareysiga sii socdo maxumee, tolow Malika yeey ku abtirsataa?