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  1. if i was organizin' a team in my jungle i would trust me team with kobe...i mean the guy is made for this basketball game...move over MJ KB is on his way...pathetic that someone thought kobe doesn't play team ball...y'all wasn't sayin' that when he as damaging high school ballers...oops none of y'all knew him back then...oops did y'all watched him against orlando when he crossed T-mac and dunked on him and four others....i can't believe y'all ain't sayin' T-mac shoots too much....look at his games he only cares about scoring title...look at Kobe stats and u will only find out that Kobe leads him in every stat except scoring....what tells you he's a better team player point blank...enough is enough KB is most the offensive force ever to play this game beside jordan...he broke too many records to date...most importantly he's playing in the WESTCOAST and everybody knows that's the only Coast that got deadly players and teams.... the only reason ppl can't stand him is just because he's similar to jordan and ppl hate that.. Kobe has by far earned his spot as one of the best athletes of this the last championships he stepped up in a big way than Shaq...Shaq has shown signs of retirement and expect him to retire after 1 or 2 seasons.. remember in the All Star game? if it wasn't for Kobe KG wouldn't even win the MVP....still no respect?... I still can't sleep from the dunk he did at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks.... MY vote i take KG over T-Mac look at T-Mac interviews and see why he always says that Kobe Influence him..
  2. thanks ilhaam and alpha. just as today when i was going to school i came across with the CD here in Columbus, OHIO and i was amazed.
  3. much probz family i came across your cd and walaahi it was off the hook...i'm not saying this because everybody is saying this but i've heard it couple times and i couldn't get enough of it. specially Hustlaz i came across this website and i was wondering if that's y'all on the front page. let me know if that's y'all