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  1. ^ All politics is fitnah. I'm only involved in this project because some people in that community decided to build their own stuff instead of waiting for handouts. This project is far from politics. It was straight business and even there were prominent pro-Somaliweyn online. I wanted to blast them, but politics has its place

  2. Xaaji, officially I was given the key to Hargeisa. This past week I was on a conference call with "who is who" of my sub-clan in Hargeisa. They all agreed to give this sijui guy a red carpet reception once we finish the project we are doing between Hargisa-salaxley! Future plans is to buy a plot in Hargeisa and build a retirement home.

  3. Use conspiracy theories cautiously, for they are not always a strong evidence in trying to smear a whole communities! It is comical to think of how these people are grasping all the conspiracy theory thinking that the world will prick their ears just because the leader of Alshabab shares clan with the people up North! Keep praying on heavens mood for your conspiracy to be believed! But again in what sense will you appear relevant if you don't point fingers at the only place of what was Somalia that has moved forward! What sort of evidence you must provide depends on what your audience require to be persuaded.Maybe this will ignite a few Somali clan websites traffic, but it would not change a bit the image of Somaliland in the international stage! keep on keeping on...

  4. You think HY will let a man from another sub-clan lead Wadani, or even entertain the idea of merger!It would be a political malpractice for them.Sorry to say it, but my cousins are very clannish just like the Silanyo they vociferously accuse all the time. I highly doubt they will embrace such a compromise! Meanwhile, Feisal doesn't have a charisma to lead, and in fact he should step aside and shut his mouth. As the election draws closer Feisal should let the man do the campaigning! Let the young guy take over and lead a clean campaign!

  5. ^You must have missed my sarcasm. The once with erratic and misplaced priorities are Pro-Somaliweyn. Xaaji can be conniving, but you guys are on a tour de force of emotion with your wild allegations of Somaliland and AS connections, or the return of united Somalia! Hopefully the hostility will soften your emotions and see how ridiculous some of you sound!

  6. Guul to Somalia! Down with SNM! Just take an inside view and see how we South Somalia are doing well. You should marvel at our story of peace and development in Mogadishu! The development of Mogadishu is magnified every time our president steps out of Villa Somalia! Our intuitive prediction is very favorable towards Mogadishu! No need to worry about Al-shabab aka the SNM agents. We will defeat them in their own game!

  7. Xaaji,Even though subjective confidence is a poor index of accuracy of making judgements I believe Somaliland is done! Finish! Be afraid my friend.I share the irrational thinking of those who keep saying your days are numbered, you traitors! now that KhAtumo is getting support from the strong south, I think it is about time you guys reconsider occupying lands. First, take the moment to convince yourself that you guys are NOT real Somalis.And that You have no army and land. You only have three poor cities. For a number of years we been telling you no one will recognize your "khatland".The anchoring effect of KhAtumo in the South will soon be felt in your villages. The mighty Puntland army and Hassan sheikh borrowed muscles will crush you like an ant on a pathway! I have little concern for consistency nor your propaganda! My vision is not only a domain for my illusion, but my mind is also convince me that we will soon hoist the blue flag in Hargeisa!

  8. Warya.You crazy, loony, pitiful monkey soul why blame me for something I have nothing to do with?I concede that you think negatively of the far-reaching creative world of the Sultanites.Too bad if your folks stumbled blindly through their political lives.Genius of sort must have existed in my folks if they stood up to the white man.Sand-diver Juu Juu (UP! UP!)

  9. Wait till you finish your graduate school, and get the degree that will put letters behind your last name.And then get a job.Next you will be confined by the niche you carve out for yourself and start asking, is this it? You will start a family and maybe that will give you a reason to get up and make you not wrapped up in yourself alone.Life can be boring!

  10. Xaaji,

    Inadeer it may be foolish to repeat the obvious here, but I will be honest with you here and say there is something disturbing about your choice of words for terrorist Godane.. You have sought most closely and diligently in praising a terrorist organization leader for all the wrong motives. When pressed, most thoughtful Somalilanders know peace in Somalia is good for everyone. Al-shabab is no good for anyone including Somaliland. Soon they will crane their neck into Hargeisa.And don’t even think that Somaliland has the resources or the power to fend them off. You should deplore the actions of these terrorists. Their narrative only appeals to emotions. I wasted few minutes watching these Swahili brainwashed retards.


  11. Xaaji,There is a kind of temptation on your part- as unconditional supporter of SL- to say that Professor Samatar is a dignified person.You remind me of an uncle I was praying behind this past summer in Nairobi. After the prayer was done he raised his hands and started going on a tangent how Allah should protect "us" from the South Somalia Shaar...haha..I almost did put my hands down, but I was in a company of die-hard Secessionist.An adequate confrontation was more complicated than I could have given there.I just kept saying Ameen Ameen..haha..I'm sure there are delicate and complex issues that can make you understand that South Somalia problem can be somewhat understandable, and that they don't deserve a scorn, but sympathy and prayers!

  12. Don't know why this reminds me of the child actors of slum dog millionaires controversy of living in the slums even after the movie was a box office success.I hope he gets another acting gig soon...