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    Che iyo aniga inaa nahnay the dinosaurs of Reer SOL ma'ogid miyaa. I joined SOL in Aug., 2001, though registered a few months later. Waaba 22 sano, tii/kii waagaas dhalatay/dhashay doobnimo waa dhaaftay/dhaafay.
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    I can not believe this still remains relevant, and wanted to bring it back for reflections.
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    Just for reflection, let us remind ourselves of Powers the current Constitution grants the Fed. government vis-à-vis Powers [its] leadership wishes its Powers to be: As stipulated under Article 54, Allocation of powers, Powers entrusted unto the Fed. Government are defined as: (a) Foreign Affairs, (b) National Defense, (c) Citizenship and Immigration, and (d) Monetary Policy. Here are the proposed unilateral amendments: A. Federal powers: Constitution, Sovereignty, Elections, and referendum, Foreign affairs, International agreements, Immigration, Religious affairs, Human rights, Census, and identity, Overall control of political parties and elections, A single Electoral Commission at Federal, State, and District levels, A national policy for land, marine, and aviation, National boundaries, Copyright, and intellectual property, Federal civil servants, A policy for personnel and human resources, Scale, measurements, and benchmarks. B. Economy: National economic development plan, Monetary policy, Determine national revenue sources, Federal taxation, and regulation, National statistics, Intra and inter rivers between and amongst Fed. Member States, Foreign trade, International investment, and financing, Policy for energy, and water. C. Infrastructure and Transportation: Ports and airports, Interconnecting roads, Transportation policy for land, sea, and air, Aviation, Postal, telephony,Internet, radio and television frequencies services along with Cyber Security, and data protection; telecommunication, and broadcasting. D. Security and Judiciary: Defence, and nation army, Federal police, and national secret service, Restoration of order, where there is instability in Fed. Member States, Ownership of personal small arms, Federal Courts, and Judiciary systems, Federal Military Courts. E. Public health, and services: National public health policy, National policy for remediation, medicine, and food, Immigration, refugees, and displaced persons policy, National policy for: Archives, Libraries, Theatres, and stadiums. F. Education: National education, and curriculum mandating examination of High school certification, Higher education, technology, and research. Conclusion: Proposed unilateral amendments is an act of blatant usurpation, and clear power grab, and in violation of the principle political accord, as outlined in Articles 3, 54, 121, and 132 of the Constitution. Now, to bring this into context, and for the proponents of the amendments to take heed, let us review the intents, purposes, and implications, political or otherwise, of said powers in the proposed unilateral amendments. To be continued [ … ]
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    Let's hope for the best. It is unfortunate the elders, business people, and intellectuals from Subeer Awal can't push him out or reason with him. Liibaan Samatalis is true to his word. I thought he was all talk like most Somalis.
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    Not much influence it is mainly youth led revolution. I wouldn't say they want civil war as a first choice but if provoked as seen in the latest clashes they are ready to smoke whoever comes their way. Basically they are willing to take decisive decisions unlike the older generation who prefer "tanasuul" and other nonsense that wasted time.
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    Markaa maxaynu Ka faa,iidayna ? Inagoon dilin bay inaga cabanayeen saa waaba imika oo aynu dhegta dhiiga u darnay. Nimankaa waxba isuguma keen hadhin laakiin dhul badan waa Ka qaadi karna. Hal km oo aynu dhulmahante Ka qaadno baa Ka qiimo badan hal million oo dadkaasa. Atleast Dhulka waxbaynu kasoo saari karna . Oo magaalooyin baynu Ka dhisi karna pure isqa. Xidhiidhka falastiin iyo yuhuuda oo kale baa dhulmahante inoo dhexeeya. Weligeen heshiin mayno reerkaas haday qoraxdu galbeeed kasoo baxdo. Abeeso Dhul u ekaan bay kugu disha. Intaynu ictiraaf iyo xuduudo caalamiya Ka fekeraynay baynu reer yaroo laangaaba oo aynu weligood ba Ka adkayn isku soo dhisnay. 30 sano baynu laaluushaynay sidii hooyadeen dhashay. Kharash kii inaga galay ma gudi karaane waa inaynu jidhkooda Ka jarno oo nimanka aad karbaashno . Baaqigana dhul ahaan baynu uga qaadayna. Fanta shiruu fil ardi wabtaquu min fadlilah .
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