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Mad Scientist

Most useless inventions

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(1)Non stick Cellotape


(2)Solar Powered Flash Light


(3)A black highlighter pen


(4)Glow in the dark sunglasses


(5)Inflatable Anchor


(6)Smooth Sandpaper


(7)Waterproof sponge


(8)Waterproof Teabags


(9)AC adapter for Solar powered calculators


(10)Fireproof Matches


(11)Fireproof Cigarettes


(12)Battery powered Battery Charger


(13)Seatbelts for Motorbikes


(14)Hand powered Chainsaw


(15)Inflatable Dartboard


(16)Silent Alarm Clock


(17)A Pedal powered wheelchair


(18)Braille Drivers Manual


(19)Double sided playing cards


(20)Ejector seats for Helicopters



It's alright to talk to yourself. It's even alright to answer yourself. It only becomes a problem if you're talking to yourself and you go "Huh? What did you say?"

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LOL, i havent even heard of these things, or i probably never paid attention to it, but this was probably woild have had more use in the jokes section though :D ( just an idea)

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OG Moti   

I would say:


Makeups --- you see this girl pretty and all that at night time and you almost have a heart attack in when daylight comes



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