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In today's diaspora is there a common Maali culture?

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Pls don't call me 'dude'. Something in my guts turn 360' as I hate someone to refer me with anything American.

'Dude' is actually a term of endearment. Here's a little history that will help you understand the word and get over that girl that stiffed you at the train station in 'Scandanavia':


"A University of Pittsburgh linguist says the use of the word 'dude' among young men is an expression of "cool solidarity."

In his scholarly article in the journal American Speech, Scott Kiesling writes that primarily young men use the word 'dude' in such well known expressions as "Dude!" (a greeting), Dude (disgust), "Whoa, Dude!" (sympathy and understanding), and "Lame, Dude" (to one-up someone.)


Kiesling writes that young men use the word as part of a cool language which indicates to other young men that they are friends, but not much more than that.



Earlier than 1800, the word dude meant ragged, and a scarecrow was often called a dudesman.


By the late 1800s, a dude was a man who dressed nicely, or a dandy.


The word started becoming cool as early as the 1940s, and was often used to refer to vacationers at fancy ranches.


But 'dude' hit its height in the teenage vocabulary when characters in the 1981 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" used it liberally."



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