Kenya rejects ICJ ruling and claims Somali seas!

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Well well well, they already have seen the writing on the wall.


They can cry wolf, and park at the Indian Ocean. ICJ ruling in this regard (when it comes out) is final, binding, and with out appeal.


The best thing Somalia did in many decades is, to understand how the legal machanisims operate in this world.


Madax adeyg iyo indhacadeys meel laguma gaaro. Marka talada loo dirsado cid aqoon u leh, natiijadu waxay noqon mid loo aayo.


Kudos to Wasiir Bayle who have been the architect of this case. I hope he gets the freedom to deliver more tangible benefits at his current portfolio.

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niyoow kenya knows they will never dig oil in that area so they are just bluffing trying to dismiss somali people's concerns and want to sound tough to their voters. but at the end of the day, the worst thing you can have is open conflict with a country like somalia. the kenyans will not rest day or night if our goverment declares war on them niyoow. not because we are powerful, but we have nothing to lose to make their life of digging oil in our sea impossible.

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Kenya softening the tune and preparing public for the inevitable outcome of the ICJ ruling.


Somalia will not ask them only to leave the area, but for full compensation and handing over the illegaly aquired seismic data.


“On top of the reparations, Somalia also wants Kenya to hand it over all seismic data acquired in areas that are disputed “and to repair in full all damage that has been suffered by Somalia”.

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