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Puntland will not allow Somaliland election in many sool and nugal districts

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It is not simply let them have the elction. There is a lot at stake for both Maamul.

Both states claim Sool and Sanaag and at the moment there's a political stalemate, where Somaliland has strong support in around Las'anod however they do not have similar support from Sanaag (except Erigabo) and Buhodle district. Puntland seems to have accepted that Reer Lasanod's have chosen Somaliland over Puntland and therefore not to make any moves until the tide swings to their side. They seem to be concentrating on Reer Sanaag, Buhodle and the other smaller towns. For example Reer Sanaag are seeing bigger projects partly or fully funded by Puntland such as the Eldahir road, Makhir University, Water catchments and many water wells.


It is Somaliland which is got a lot to lose and not Puntland. Somaliland needs to show to the international community that election is taking place in  all the districts they claim and hence they deserve recognition. But this is not easy as Puntland will not want to cede any more land to Somaliland and would rather Somaliland keep to the peaceful stalemate they unconsciously agreed.

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