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It is a D Day for Somalia and the government should change course.

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If this is not pearl Harbour or a D Day, as they say here i the west, I do not know what it is. As we speak the death toll has reached over 230 people while 300 are wounded. It is a tragedy for the Somali world.


This is the biggest tragedy in the history of the Somali war against terror. THis kind of things used to happen in Iraq and Syria, and those people who financed that war with weapons are money have come home through corrupt spies and cooperation of the regional government.


According to some insiders , it is the well crafted cooperation of UAE and Ethiopia. Through Al-shabaab and the foreign intelligence of Ethiopia that is providing the weapons and the bombs, while the UAE is doing the financing and political destabilizing of Somalia.


The UAE have given Ethiopia a 20% stake both in Berbera and Boosaaso, and they are preparing t o do the same thing in KIsmaayo. How can a country that uses the

these ports for imports and transit goods could stake in someone else's national assets. We were all surprised , but now everything's adding up.


The gulf killers who maimed Iraq and Syria had come home to Somalia in cooperation with Ethiopia. Since we shed a big light on the activity of Ethiopia, the TPLF has changed course and employed the regional leaders and Dubai to do their dirty work.


The Kenyan and Ethiopian spy and hypocrite (Munaafaq) called Ahmed Madoobe has orchestrated the political campaign to weaken the government . Shariif Hassan of Baidoa just called more Amisom troops in Somalia, and the fat man in Puntland is coordinating the issue with Ethiopia and Dubai. Folks, these are our enemies and we must defeat them in order to survive as a people in the horn of Africa. I do not want to spend any ink in Xaaf , the lame duck leader who is a former warlord and probably a criminal in his own right.


Every things is becoming clear as we speak. two and half years ago when Hassan Sheikh was intimidated and bombed left and right including the storming of the parliament and Villa-Somalia, we told him to call Somalis for help " Waar yaa Soomaaliyaay dheh oo u Qaylsho dadka kartida leh ee dibkan ka saari kara Ummadda".. He changed the course, and rather call " Yaa Soomaaliyaay" he called Ethiopia for help and asked them to keep them in power. Sometines I ask myself, don't these leaders know that Somalia is in a big mess and the only way out is hard work and confronting the tough issues without emotions or comardaries. . Waar Kursi dhiig leh ayaad ku fadhiisatay oo u baahan dagaal iyo nabadayn labadaba




Well, mr Farmaajo has to change course now. The prime minister has to go. He is too connected to Ethiopia to confront them. If this job was a cooperation and teamwork among friends , it would have done long time ago. Why established nations like America , with thousands of talented leaders and diplomats try to seek the best people to confront difficult issues when hiring ministers and secretaries? , why companies look serious managers to rescue them from difficult situation?. People spend hundred of ours to find and recruit capable managers with skills and tenacity to confront tough issues.


Mudane Madaxweyne,


Waxa la gaadhay wakhtigii aad talada u dhiibi lahayd dad karti, Ku dhac iyo hal adayg leh oo aan ahayn kuwa saaxiibka kula ah ama Hadhaagii Damujadiid.


Usually in the early days of the new president there are alawys competting interest and the old guard like Damujadiid seeking to keep the staus quo, but after eight or ten months, you could feel those who , we northerns call " Macaan Jecel" who are there for their own benefit, and others that you brought in order to keep the old guard satisfied, must be thrown out. A new group of people who are not your friends or comrades must be brought in. There people who you might like but are capable to do the job.


Mohamed Nuur Tarzan for prime minister.


The time has come to bring the big guns and those Somalis who were tested and tried in the line of fire. Former mayor of Mogadishu Mr. Tarsan was those who built Mogadishu while he was constant fire from Al-shabaab and other criminals. He changed a war torn city with full of anarchists as livable and decent place to live and do business. Mr. Farmaajo, some of your supporters i n the diaspora,, in early 2011 and 2012, including Amin Amir, had attacked Tarzan for political reasons , in order to keep him challenging for the big job.


Mr. President the time has come to change the course and confront Ethiopia and UAE. Prime minister Khayre is a good man , but he is not tough enough to confront these people, besides in order to keep his job and fight back against regional leaders and their supporters inside the parliament, he allied himself with Ethiopia and its ambassador to survive the constant impeachment pushed by Xidig, Shariif Hassan and Mahad Sallaad. He is an NGO guy who does not want to wage war against his former employers and Ethiopia.


Tarzan will not be intimidated by no one. Al-shabaab used to call his cell phone daily and record threatening messages to his phone, yet he faced them without ridding tanks. He is from an orphanage, and he is not loyal to evil Somali tribes who are against their own interest and survival. Make him the new prime minister and change the course. Your in laws could not pull Somalia from this mess.


Give the helms to Mr. Tarzan and ask him to nominate a lean 18 minister cabinet that is organized for security and economic issues only. THen reform the the parliament and cut their numbers from 330 to 230. Eliminate one hundred from the parliament and use that saving for the army and security. Despite all the work he has done in MOgadishu, the Somali enemies convinced Hassan Sheikh to fire Tarzan and replace with ametuer mayors who were not good enough to see the big picture.


Mr. president, after what happened today, you can not hide or continue what you were doing before. This is a call for arms. It is do ar die for your government and the Somali people. Today must be the day Somalia turned the page.


Galka seefta kalabax, wax kuu hadhay maanta ma jiraan. Hddiise aad hawsha halkii hore ka sii socoto ogow adiga iyo qaranka Soomaaliyeedba god hoose ayaad ku dhacaysaan. Kacaan cusub oo buluugla ayay ummaddu u baahan tahay si loo badbaadiyo.


This day should mean the day Somalila changed and went to war to onfront its domestic and foreign enemies, otherswise this nation will be another Afghanistan for the next 10 years.


















































Somalia must change course now or this mayhem will continue. Mourning or condolences are not enough. A change of




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Both the President and the prime minister are good men, but that is not enough. The president should be above the fray and maintain the constitutional order, but the prime minister should work hard and confront these threats.


Sometimes, you might need a sacrificial lamp. Someone who will confront the Somali enemies and push as much as possible until he reduces the threat. In the meantime if he pushes too much and the government faces huge obstacle due to his plan, then he will resign and another one will finish.


In 2015, Turkey faced a lot of unprecedented obstacles from Syria, the Kurds and the refugees. A turkish fighter jet shot a Russian plain and the country was pushed from every corner. The foreign policy of the prime ,minister Ahmed Davutoglu was non interventionist in the region while ISIS, Kurds and other loomed at the border. The country was circled from every side.


THen Erdogan and the party decided to change the course, and prime minister Ahmed gracefully resigned and paved the way for the new policy. I n order to derail the new policy, bombings, terrorism and coup were orchestrated. Thankfully, the AKP survived all of those and came victorious. They entered Syria and removed the threat from their border. They also, realized that the Gulf financed wars of Syria could eventually destabilize Turkey.


Khayre should gracefully resign and pave the way for new policy and leadership for a brand new strategy of confronting these threats. THis event should be a wake up call for Farmaajo.

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Galbeedi, Kheyre iyo Farmaajo maxee sameyn karaan, widaay? Haddeeba talaabadii wanaagsan ee qaadaan laba talaabo gadaal loogu riixaayo, waxmagarato Soomaaliyeed shisheeye adeegsanaayo saas sameynayaan.


Shariif Axmed waxba kama qaban karin arrintaan, Xasan Sheekh waxba kama qaban karin mid saan camal ah, Farmaajana waxba kama qaban karo.


At least dowladaan hadda jirto wey isku deysay inay xasaliso, with a tangible results. Xataa loorigaan qarxay meesha kontaroolo xoog ku soo mooday oo waala daba socday, askartii qabatayna meesha ku wada dhamaadeen. No body is talking about this.


Qaraxaan lagu halaagmay qarax hore loo arkay ma'aha, waxaana ka muuqdo inay shisheeye ka dambeeyaan. Ma'aha qaraxyadii iyo walxaha qarxa lagu kasi jiray kuwii afka duubnaa ee Barbaarta la dhahaaye.


Eebbe ayaa ka baryaa inuu janadiisa fardowso ka waraabiyo maatida la gumaaday.

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The death toll is well over 400, and if this does not change SOMALIS , nothing will.


As for Farmaajo and Khayre, I agree with your earlier assessment, let us give them some at least some time, but I doubt they can deliver it, they both don't have what it takes. this is not their time.


We need a tough leader, the people are more afraid and willing to work with BAD evil groups, more than their government. they are willing and pay more tax to this group than their government, and worse part some are sympathisers.

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MMA Saaxiib waa ku salaamay.


Of course , we are all mourning and sometimes we would like to make sense for these senseless murders.


Waxaad tiri Sharrif Ahmed , Hassan Sheikh iyo Farmaajo midna wax kama qaban karo. Dabcan qof raba in uu is haligo cidna ma joojin karto laakiin , kani ma, aha kii ugu horeeyey.


This year the killers used huge trucks many times and the government did stop them few times. If the truck passed the check points without stopping, those soldiers should have shot it's tires, the drivers and should have used a deadly force to stop it. As you said, they just followed it until it reached the busiest intersection of the city. May Allah give Jannah for the martyred soldiers who were not probably paid for the last few months. Actually few months ago, a huge track was stopped and it detonated when soldiers reached . If they do not stop, they must be destroyed with deadly force.


If Al-shabaab are in Afgooye or few miles from Balcad or even Sheabeelha hoose, that means they have a safe heaven to assemble their bombs. Everyone knows that these bombs are coming from a third party and the only way to eliminate the third party is to take over these safe havens. Amisom has bases in these regions, but they are defensive positions to protect big cities, but Al-shabaab controls the countryside.


You need a huge offensive to chase until you reach the sea or the border. Also, the military intelligence must monitor the movements of the foreign troops since some of them are involved in selling their weapons or facilitating foreign intelligence operations. As I said it is a message and Farmaajo knows it very well who is delivering these message . If the Amisom can not wage an offensive to rid of Al-shabaab 60km from Mogadishu, then what is their use. Having huge bases in the city with thousands of soldiers who drive through Mogadishu wil not bring peace.


In war torn Somalia , politicking and debating with ignorant Somalis would not take you anywhere. .You must have your own plan and flow it. When you assembling the cabinet, they will tell you that every tribe and clan must have enough ministers like a parliament, yet when you form a 70 people cabinet to satisfy the tribes , they still complain. THere are thousands of people who have never worked a day in their life who are politicking day and night. If these presidents had a visitation before they run for office, they would have implemented long ago.


I see these video clips in Mogadishu and I see hundred of generals, and officers with neet clothes and grades in their shoulders, and I ask, which army these generals are commanding?. Every police and military assembly has hundreds of these fake officers. This nation needs few officers and bureaucrats, but more soldiers and front like officers..


I am screaming because , I have seen this movie before through Shariif Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh. Forget about this useless talk of capacity building, good governance, regional governments, London conference and all these NGO driven social issues, and concentrate national security and eliminating of the Al-shabaab threat.


Three months months from now , it will be one year since you come to power, and for one year if you can not build a decent army, then we should be worrying.
























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