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Che -Guevara

This is a MURDER

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^There is no personal responsibility here involved. Walter Scott was stopped - there was police scuffle and attempt to taser. Then he got shot in the back while running away. It isn't the smartest thing to run away from police but then not everyone is smart all the time. The onus to act responsibly and intelligently is on the police officer whose job it is to ensure public safety. Not to murder people and then plant evidence.


I don't fault average citizens if they get nervous/worried when confronted by law enforcement. I get like that when crossing the US/Canada border or landing at airports. I can't imagine how I would react if a police officer pulled a gun or taser on me.


When i say personal responsibility, i mean if u get caught breaking the law, u deal with it. Not try to run away from it or get out of it.


From what i understand, Mr. Scott was stopped for driving on a suspended license and was going to be placed under arrest. Mr. Scott not wanting to goto Jail that day decided to make a run for it. A little scuffle happened and the officer deployed his tazer, which didn't work. Mr. Scott broke away from the officer and which the cop shot him.


Now, where this whole thing went sour is, the cop was on the RIGHT up until he shot a fleeing suspect on the back x8. And Mr. Scott knowing he was driving on suspended license should've manned up and went quietly and spend his 2 day's in jail.


I am still blaming this on the COP 100%. You dont shoot someone on the back.

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Feidin Santana, the heroic hispanic/Black guy who recorded this video better watch his back. The Police will try to frame your behind all the way to jail.

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