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Hani Jacobson, a Somali refugee who says her life in the U.S. hasn't always been as prosperous, lives her dream in Minnesota

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Well, its reads like a feature in a local newspaper. Its actually quite informative and has more quotes than most articles. Whats wrong with it?

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Wuxuu meesha ku qoray kan qabo in uunan magaciisa badaleenin maxaa yeelay waa kee waalidkiisa u doorteen. Laakiin waa isla asagii aad ugu faraxsan tan magaceeda (u dhiganto isirnimadeeda) ku badalato kiisa, explicitly implying she belongs to him. Waala ogyahay inuu ku dhiirageliye, kuna faraxsanyahay. Daciifnimo iyo isku kalsooni la'aan ayaa u geysay waxaas.


Ma'oga miyaa micnaha 'Mrs' ka dambeyso? Mrs waa Mr.'s, aka Mister's, historically implying wives being viewed as properties acquired or 'purchased' in Western culture.


It would have been pretty much ironic hadduu magaca awoowgeeda ee badashay ahaa Yacquub. And changing to 'Jacobson', wiilkii Yacquub.


I will not even go about magacyada carruurteeda. It seems like she had no choice of naming any of them, even the name she had a little choice is a compromise - Leyla, since Reer Galbeedkaan isticmaalaan this name too.

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So why is this story being posted?

Are we being told that a good Somali women

is one that is:

1. Employed in a white collar job and

2. Is married to a Non-Somali?

3. Is assimiliated and has adopted an American (first) identity over other identities?


you're just a hater. an islamist thug like you is a waste of time. I don't even know why i bothered to response to you.

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