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Faroole's Magic Mandela Moment - A Poem by Prof Mohamed Said Togane

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Faroole's Magic Mandela Moment - A Poem by Prof Mohamed Said Togane






Nearly all men can stand adversity


If you want to test a man's character


. . . Abraham Lincoln


Nothing, indeed, but the possession of some power


What at the bottom is the true character of any man.




Give him power.


Can with any certainty discover


. . . Burke


Upon this


A question arises:


Whether it be better to be loved than feared




Feared than loved?


. . . Machiavelli


Became him like the leaving [Power!]


Nothing in Faroole’s life


. . . Togane on Faroole


Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.


. . . Satan


He who conquers himself is the mightiest warrior.


. . . Confucius


Better to have self-control than to conquer a city.


Better to be patient than powerful;


. . . Proverbs 16: 32


Desire of Power


Yet sprung from High is of Celestial Seed


On Earth a Vicious Weed


In God 'tis Glory


And when men Aspire


'Tis but a Spark too much of Heavenly Fire.


. . . John Dryden


Faroole was a politician


Now he is


The Greatest Statesman of the Somali race


After being the most powerful man in Puntland


When Faroole lost to Ina Gas by one vote


Faroole decided


To seize The MAGIC Mandela Moment


Faroole decided


That it is better to be loved


By the Somali people


By the Somali people


Faroole decided


Than feared


To walk away


From the contentious Pride of Power


From the pomp of Power


From the boast of heraldry


From all that beauty


From all that wealth ever gave


Faroole decided



To walk away






Faroole decided


Not to contend


Not to fight


Not to argue

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