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Somalia does it again, Lowest vaccination rate in the world

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We seem to be the worst nation in regards to corruption and security, Even our passport is among the most visa restricted.

Whats more worse is that 20 years of anarchy and chaos have totally destroyed the healthcare in our country. Somalia has today one of the worst vaccination rate in the world. We are in second in the world regards to children dying of horrible but

easily treatable diseases.


Compare these rated to when we had fully functioning government. We had high literacy, free education, and free healthcare. ilaahayow wadankeena u gargaar.


Lowest vaccination rates



Central African Republic49%

Equatorial Guinea51%



Measles vaccination coverage (%), 2012

Less than 50% 50-79% 80-89% 90% and above No data

The long view



The growth of global immunisation

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Anti-cancer vaccine for Laos

Immunisation has been one of the great success stories of global health. It is estimated to prevent the deaths of two to three million children each year. But another 1.5 million children still die from diseases that could be prevented by routine vaccines.


The eradication of smallpox in 1979 helped encourage global efforts to fight more diseases through immunisation. These maps chart the growth of global vaccine coverage from 1980 and show which countries are doing best - and worst - at protecting their population. The three vaccines illustrated combat five infections and have been chosen as they demonstrate varying levels of progress against several major diseases.


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MeaslesHib3DTP3Click on the map to zoom



Measles is a highly infectious viral disease whose symptoms include a high fever and rash. Complications of measles can include blindness, brain swelling and pneumonia.


A very effective measles vaccine was introduced in the late 1960s and immunisation rates have soared since 1980. As a result, the number of deaths from the disease have plummeted from 2.6 million in 1980 to 156,000 last year.


The past three decades have seen a dramatic increase in measles immunisation and a rapid decline in deaths, but there is concern that global immunisation rates have levelled off in recent years.


By 2012, 84% of children globally got one dose of measles vaccine by their second birthday. Since 2009 the WHO has recommended that all children receive a second dose of the vaccine. Since measles only affects humans it should be possible to eradicate but several targets have been missed.


Growth in measles vaccination coverage

Measles Containing Vaccine (MCV) coverage, 1980-2012 (%)




Source: WHO and UNICEF estimates of national routine immunization coverage, 2012 data revision (July 2013).


Vaccines: Who's missing out?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 1.5 million deaths children under five die each year from diseases that could have been prevented by routine immunisation.


Vaccine-preventable diseases, breakdown

The chart shows that pneumococcal diseases and rotavirus infection are responsible for around two thirds of these deaths. The former causes pneumonia and the latter is the most common cause of severe diarrhoea.


Vaccines against the main causes of both infections have been introduced in the past decade. They are now routinely available in wealthier countries and are being gradually introduced across the developing world.


The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) has preliminary plans to support the introduction of rotavirus vaccines in more than 30 of the world's poorest countries by 2015.


More than 25 developing countries have begun using pneumococcal vaccines and it hopes to rollout the jab in 45 countries by 2015.

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how disgusting!


i wonder how much MFA Fowsia and her encourage spent on their all expenses paid excursion to China recently? or for that matter how many children in Jowhar City could have been vaccinated against deadly diseases with $230,000 (US Dollars)? the endemic corruption in Villa Somalia shouldn't come as a surprise by now.

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