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Most embarrassing picture from Somalia

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Mad_Mullah;977968 wrote:
What's that painting supposed to represent? A small village next to mountains but where?

The trees in the picture look like they could be Italian Cypresses, so I'm guessing it's somewhere in the Italian countryside.

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Mad_Mullah;977753 wrote:


How can you accept a foreign delegation like that? The sofa in my living room is bigger than that. Look how uncomfortable they look! Look at the cheap curtains?

How embarrassing. I can already smell the leftover of last nights uunsi mixed with this lunchtime's bariis iskudhexekaris in that room.


It gets worse though. Next to that room, you find this reception room:





Seriously,how difficult is it to create this:





I was going to say this, but the nomads who designed that wouldn't know where to start:



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Classified;977790 wrote:
Why are you using the name of an ethnic group (Somalilander/Slander) as a verb?

Oh my. There are at least two fatal errors in this sentence :D

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