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Falfaliir fuud abeeso iskufuuq meel fariiso. now, that's my favorite Somali dish.


Welcome to teh Camel Milk Threads :)

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MoonLight1;963561 wrote:
Anisa here is a thread I saw few months ago and it makes your mouth water. enjoy it.

OMG the bur looks amazing! Somali desserts are the best.

Thanks for the welcome Aaliyah and Abbaas :D


Abbaas;963594 wrote:
Falfaliir fuud abeeso iskufuuq meel fariiso

What is that? sit down? :confused:


Apophis - lol, I don't think heating something is the microwave is cooking. I gather you're not much of a cooking person


@Juxa, cambuulo and marksman - I have to agree with you, foodies make food interesting :D


@Warsamaale - do you live by the coast?

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Aaliyyah;963596 wrote:
Lol bal af soomaali la fahmayo ku sheeg?

Anisa;964031 wrote:
What is that? sit down?

Let me break it down for you


Falfaliir = : black eyed peas or the family of Cambuulo/Digirta tsaq.jpg

Fuud : soup

Abeeso: snake or a venomous snake species

Iskufuuq: sip it up

Meel fariiso: relax or sit down somewhere


So in a simple Af Soomaali, you would say : Falafaliir iyo maraq Abeeso/Mas, cab ee meel fariiso.



Looool.. i've never had that kind of Dish (ate falfaliir with maraq snake :eek:)

:P but i like to eat falfaliir with saliid macsaro iyo sokor and it's really sweet.

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