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Soo gala, maxaa la hayaa caawatan!

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Alpha Blondy;916973 wrote:


money and women are the corrupters of men. these distractions are not worthy of mention and they are for weak men. i will marry ONLY one egotistical and equally as dictatorial woman. i will place a small powerful chip next to her heart with the view of killing her, if ever she's disloyal. she'll be my closest confidante. she'll raise excellent children. i will NEVER have an affair because that represents moral weakness of the worst kind. my real interest lies in Power and exercising this Power absolutely and without limitations. Power finds those it seeks and that's NOT everyone. it should NEVER be used for the purposes of appearing powerful and vain-glorious but for the betterment of people. i will use this power, this heavy burden by producing tangible results. those who stand in the way of my objectives will be exiled, tortured (personally supervised) and denied a place in the annals of history. i will keep an inner circle of enforcers, composed of ex-orphans, who have pledged absolute loyalty to me and who owe me their lives.


you don't have a plan.

Add to your reading list "No Longer at Ease" again by Chinua Achebe and Kwei Armah's "The Beautiful Ones are Not Yet Born"...

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