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So-called Imam rapes and kills 5 year old daughter, gets 5 months in jail. Saudia is EVIL!!

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What does this have to do with Wahabbis, do you even know what Wahabi means, what is Wahabi according to your own understanding?


If you look around the news, today alone, there were 20 rape cases involving fathers against daughters, all happening in Thailand to Mexico, to Sri Lanka as far as Jamaica and Fiji, and Usa to Austria, some are sentenced to life, some get one year, some few months, some few years, some death penalty!



Are they all Wahabis.



Sometimes look before you write, and this topic has being killed multiple times on this forum alone.



Condem the ugly incident before jumpin to Wahabis etc, and leave anythinng to do with religion alone, for your own sake and health, that is addvise, at least know what the term Wahabi means

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