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The economic rise of Mozambique

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The first export in 20 years was made just a year ago, but Mozambique has grand ambitions to become the world's biggest coal exporter within a decade.


And coal is not the only resource at the government's disposal. If the recent discoveries of natural gas are confirmed, Mozambique will rank*fourth in the world for natural gas reserves - behind Russia, Iran and Qatar.


The government is planning to spend $50bn over the next decade to tap those reserves, and to create thousands of new jobs.


So there is plenty of reason for optimism, but with the overall unemployment rate still at 27 per cent, many people are still waiting for evidence that the government can deliver



Is this due to the fact that this country is in 4th in world hotspots in natural gas. They discovered in the coast. Could Somalia

Be hot spot as well for natural gas ?

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