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Jacka Resources targets oil in Somaliland, exploration to start in current quarter

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• Jacka to acquire initial 50% interest and be Operator

• The Block encloses some 22,000km2 with natural oil seeps within the block

• A working petroleum system demonstrated by nine independently verified oil seeps

• On trend with the prolific producing basins of Yemen estimated to contain up to 9.8 billion

barrels of oil equivalent

• Jacka increases East African oil footprint

Jacka Resources Limited (“Jacka” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into

an agreement with Petrosoma Limited (“Petrosomaliland”) to become Operator and a 50% equity holder

in Blocks 6,7 (partial) and 10 (partial), located onshore Somaliland (see Figure 1 & 2) which are the

subject of a Production Sharing Agreement (“PSA”) with the Government of the Republic of

Somaliland. The PSA area, which was formerly known as ‘block 26’, is informally referred to

hereafter as the “Habra Garhajis block”.

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Some folks really need to some reading on oil exploration and production, before their waste time on a such futile activities and deceive the masses with resource and wealth fevers.

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