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Talks between Goldogob community and the government of Puntland conclude on a positive note (PICS)

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Somalia: Puntland Talks with Mudug Community Concludes in Garowe


A well-organized ceremony was held Tuesday evening at State House in Garowe, capital city of Puntland State of Somalia.


The ceremony marking the conclusion of talks between Puntland Government and some community leaders was attended by senior Puntland Government leadership, traditional elders (known as Issims), Islamic clerics, business leaders and other members of civil society in Puntland.




Islamic scholars Sheikh Abdulkadir Nur Farah and Sayyid Ali offered the opening words by briefly speaking about how the conflict began and the peace role played by the Issims and the religious community. The scholars both appealed to the communities to uphold the peace and to seek peaceful resolution to conflicts.




A number of Issims spoke at the ceremony with an underlying theme of supporting the strengthening of peace and stability in Puntland.


Puntland Issims, including Islan Bashir Islan Farah, Garad Mohamed Elmi Shirwa, and Suldan Abdisalam Suldan Mohamud, all emphasized the importance and value of maintaining the peace among communities and encouraged closer ties between the Puntland Government and the communities.




Ugas Ali Ugas Mohamed, the Issim of Goldogob community of Puntland’s Mudug region, thanked the other Puntland Issims and the Government of Puntland for joint efforts to work together for peace.


“The issue has been resolved and I appeal to the Puntland communities to seek peace and I urge for Puntland communities to solve their differences peacefully,” said Ugas Ali Ugas Mohamed.




Former President of Puntland, H.E. Gen. Mohamud Muse Hersi (Adde Muse), who was an honorary guest at the event, praised the Issims for taking a key role towards efforts to reinforce peaceful resolution.


This peace process proves people of Puntland love each other and they love the peace,” said former Puntland President Hersi, while urging the public to “cooperate with the security forces as they perform their law and order duties.”




Puntland President H.E. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud (Farole) expressed his appreciation to the Islamic clerics and the Issims who played an important role in contributing to end the clashes. The President said: “Today is a historic moment. Today is a victory for all of us who seek peace, justice and development. But today is also a dark day – for those who benefit from inciting hostilities and animosity leading to clashes among brotherly clans in order to create chaos, which benefits criminals like terrorists and pirates.”


The President of Puntland stated: “Conflict is endemic among pastoralist communities across Somalia, but conflict during post-collapse period has grown out of proportion because of the proliferation of arms and the actions of politically organized criminals.”


President Farole was clear that local communities were “misguided” to believe that the security operation in Galkayo in September 2011 was targeting a single clan or community of Puntland.


President Farole also had a message for critics: “Some say our administration does not empower the traditional elders (Issims). I disagree – our Issims took a leading role and continue to maintain a leading role in past and ongoing efforts to find peace among communities across Puntland; for example elders’ mediation efforts in Mudug, Bari and Sanaag regions of Puntland. Once again, I praise our Issims for their noble efforts.”


The event concluded with a dinner and the participants happily shook hands with the Puntland leadership, including President Farole, Vice President H.E. Gen. Abdisamad Ali Shire and Parliament Speaker Hon. Abdirashid Mohamed Hersi.








--- END ---




Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia

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Its nice to see them settle the little difference they had in a peaceful manner.most often somalis let the gun speak for them.

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