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What the enemies of Allah say about us...

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I took these quotes from these *******s from various editorials from newspaper ariticles.This is what they truly think of us.And then you have some muslims wanting to vote for taghoot and live and die in the west in support of this foul people.I have labeled the people in brackets accordingly as what they are. No Jokes Nomads






Jim Robinson(american terrorist)

I think that his turban is wrapped a tad too tight. Its cutting off much needed oxygen to his brain


F14 Pilot(american terrorist)

Maj. Gen. Rahim Safawi, we have you surrounded. Free your people or suffer.


dawn53(american terrorist)

I wish W would press the red button and do some 'series' damage on these bas-tards. It might make an impact on their thought process. Where is Enola Gay when we need her? (enola gay is one of the planes that drop the atomic bomb on the japanese).


F14 Pilot(american terrorist)

The problem with these people is that they think they are tough because they are able to so easily bully their own people around. They have thugs march around and, for the most part, people comply with their demands. They think it makes them strong.They aren't familiar with what a real military force can do. They can bluster all they want, but when the war comes they will be crushed just like Saddam.


aardvark1(american terrorist)

Hell, I'm in a bad mood (tree through my house thanks to Jeanne) let's just nuke them now before breakfast and get on with the day.


F14 Pilot(american terrorist)

I'd advise Mr. Safawi to mass all of Iran's armed forces (army, air force, etc.) on the Iraq border and then challenge The Great Satan to a face-to-face fight. With Allah on your side Mr. Safawi, how can you lose? (smirk)(this is what we want you piece of crap kaffir cowards)


Former Military Chick(american terrorist/whore)

Our job to eliminate and eradicate!! Kill them all equally..Gods job to deal out forgivness or sentences to the lake of fire... I think it getting hotter.


Former Military Chick(american terrorist/whore)

Disturbing, yes. When the alternative is a lifetime of suffering under abusive, oppressive, fanatic men, suicide becomes an attractive option for hopeless Islamic women.


Former Military Chick(american terrorist/whore)

We are yet at the scientific and social stage where killing fertile women is the most efficient long term solution to defeating an enemy.If the enemy kills his own fertile women, who are we to complain?


All(american terrorist)

So from now on, women can be considered legitimate targets, too?


politicalmerc(american terrorist)

Here's what we should do, load up about twenty C-17's with rose pedals and dump them over whatever city these *******s are in.


Included in with the rose pedals are leaflets telling the locals that unless they hand over the terrorists the next flight over the neighborhood will be from B-52s loaded for bear with as many bombs as there were rose pedals and give them a week to decide their own fate.


Then if we don't have the terrorists by the end of the week we wipe that city from the map permanantly. On their way out of the city we interview and fingerprint every last person that leaves, all possibles are arrested on the spot.


once that is done we repeat the process where ever any terrorists operate.


Sounds a little over dramatic doesn't it? a bit too nnnniiiiicccccee!


usmcobra(american terrorist)

Rose petals? Nonsense.

Go straight to "...wipe the city from the map...".

Think about it. It only took 2 atomic bombs and a Dresden-type fire-bombing of Tokyo to gain an unconditional surrender from the EMPIRE of Japan.


Abar(american terrorist)

looks like islam has some "hot plans" for us this ramadan season.looks like some of them plans are being foiled.hope allah's got kevlar.


Travis McGee (american dumb @$$)

We will not tolerate those in this country and around the world who threaten to kill and have killed us.We are about to Jihad your mangy a$$es in America and around the world! BOHICA you scumbags, here it comes!(you mean the way its coming to you in Iraq and Afghanistan?)


Sweet_Sunflower29(american ***** )

Human shield or human bomb, makes no difference to me. At least this guy saved us some $$ for the ammo we didn't have to use.


Sweet_Sunflower29(american ***** )

Wonder if this oaf still gets an instant pass to heaven with all the virgins to sooth his pain?


sarasmom(american whore/aids sufferer)

These guys are really bad at math. Don't they realize that at some point, Alah is going to be running out of human virgins? And isn't all this talk about rewards of virgins really connected to earthly lust? This right there seems to me would make ol' Acme Abdul say "hmmmmm...."


nuconvert(american drug addict)

Maybe it's time for all Muslims to do a good deed per day for a non Muslim and preferably a jew. Would work wonders.


RISU(hellfire candidate)

Muslims are called upon to emulate the "exemplary life" of this murderous prophet. The more civilized Muslims play a game of pretend where the beneficent examples are acknowledged and the existence of the murderous examples is denied.


RISU(hellfire candidate)

Islam imposes a threat to the whole world . . . which is far worse than deforestation, nuclear destruction or AIDS. It is an insidious, devilish disease creeping into the veins of the world. Every individual must realize the destructive and evil nature of this religion, for it eats away at the very foundation of humanity, which is:


nuconvert(american retard/monk)

No need for the question mark. What I am saying is that Islam is the "false" religion, not even a religion at all, but an attempt by men to control opther men, and that it should be terminated wherever it existis, justlike communism, and National Socialism (Nazi).


nuconvert(american retard/trash)

The impoverished and backward lands where Islam predominates can never compare materially with the West.Today it is characterized by suicidal maniacs who glory in the murder of infants.(kinda like when you bombed the japanese?) The good Muslims, if they exist at all, are either silenced by fear or apathy.


RISU(hellfire candidate)

islam is one turd the cannot be polished. The fact that so many are duped by a psychopathic pedophile who brought nothing to the world besides grief is what is truly horrible. What type of sick freak would get on their knees to pray to such a vile person?

islam is a joke.


GeekDejure("geek of the day")

To understand the evil that islam is and always has been, read the biography of the 'prophet' - download The Life of Mohammad - click Fred Nerks for Link.


hyperpoly8(american terd)

The only way Islam can hold on its followers is force them never to leave or be killed!(thats why its still the worlds fastest growing religion right?)


dsc(crack baby)

How does orthodox Christianity "dialog" with any other religion? The god of Islam is not the Creator God of the universe, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.How can the church tolerate this? This is almost unbelievable!!!!


dsc(crack baby)

Well, I would place kissing the Koran in the same category as kissing the Satanic Bible, or some witchcraft manual, or the Book of Mormon..... why kiss it...especially if it is not the inspired Word of God? Why send mixed messages to people? You are either on the side of the Lord Jesus Christ, or the side of Satan...there are ONLY two side.( I wonder if he could tell us the five pillars of Islam? since he knows so much about Islam)


FearlessRightwinger (playstation warrior)

Nah, you can shoot the enemy all you like and hate them while you're doing it. I would even encourage pissing on the islamofascist baby killers.(like the jew that got pissed on?)


NYer (child molester)

My solution to conflict with Islam is ----- eliminate Islam.


and it goes on and on.



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Originally posted by Sensual_Healing:

II have labeled the people in brackets accordingly as what they are.

Why did you labell the women with "whores/aids sufferers" and the men as terrorists only? juuuuuust wondering.



And since when do we take editorials at heart. It is not a scientific representative of an entire country. For all you know, this could be papers from hicksville nashville, written by 13 y-olds. I wouldn't take none of this to heart.

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^ Actually sister, the brother made perfect sense.


The first line was to you, the second as a general response to the topic.


All the hatred is that expressed by these non-Muslims and “bring it†was directed at them basically.


At least that is how i understood his point smile.gif .


As for the kuffar hating us, this is no surprise. Allah has already told us over and over in the Qur'an- it's about time the Muslims woke up and realized this. All of this gaalo-*** -kissing will not bring us success.

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