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General Duke

Ah Sharif Hotel! Idi Amin was also once the King of Scotland...

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General Duke;690009 wrote:
Qodax you are a new born. So let me school you. Yey visited all over Puntland as leader, even had land in Galgala and held meetings there.


He also as President of Somalia wihtout the Ethiopian, Ugandan, Burundian or any other UN support.


Visited, South Galkacyu, Beledweyne, Bulu Burte, Jilliliqsi, Jowhar, Mahaday, Baidoa. Now do you even know the distance in these regions.


Yey with the support of his valiant troops, landed in Jowhar and staid there for a year..


which the Sharif with 8000 troops can not visit, his own local clan base.


Thats the difference lads.


But the failure is deeper, than that. This man still claims to have achieved something.

LOL, 50 000 Amxaaro la'anteeda ma gaari kari lahaa magaaloyinkan, dont forget amxaarada inteysan imaan he couldn't even come to Muqdisho in 2005 thats why Baidoa and Jowhar became xaruntiisa... Marka dee ina yeey ha buunbuunin yaa general

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Johnny B   

The correlation between Idi Amin and the most popular somali president could not be more malplaced and baseless, Worse is the lising of where in our ruined country a governor of a Somali state can vissit but not the president of the Republic, is but a mote point ,as usual a waste of space. :D

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Welcome back Duke. Abdullahi Amxaar ka waran?


That reminds me, what did Melez say about your calaacal? one more question, did anyone else pick up the phone yet (i.e. Mahiga, Carson, Obama etc)? lol...


The more the TFG and the international community ignores you the more calaacal coming out from your camp....sad no!


Drink ginger ale to settle that upset stomach of yours, me say! :D

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