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Talo ku socota dadka raba iney bartaan cilmiga enjineeriyada.

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ASC,brothers and sisters.



Marka hore,this is not a comprehensive advice,different universities have different ways of teaching.This is just how i see it from my own personal khibrad.



I would like to share my own experience as a foreign somali student studying engineering in THIRD SEMESTER.


First of all,When you consider studying engineering,you should think twice because there is something which you must have a solid knowledge of if you want to breeze through your studies and make your life easy and comfortable while studying.


I had the Opportunity to get advice from a cousin of mine who is now in his final year(Industrial engineering) runtii taladiisa waxey aheyd mid wax ku ool ah.wuxuu yiri"xisaabta iska dhis kadiba jamacada bilow".



haddaba,A solid background of Math is all you need to complete your degree and finish it within the 4 year time.Yes,I can not help but Emphasize it.


Marka,qof inta uusan bilaabin waxaa looga baahanyahay in uu xisaabta ilaa dugsiga sare si fiican iskaga dhiso and there are many ways you can do it,either you can review your high school math books or you can go to a coaching center where you will be fully prepared .Manipulating fractions must be a piece of cake for you.


You may think why i didnt mention PHYSICS,taas waxaan ugu jawaabayaa,Physics waa maado aad u balaaran laakin hadaaad xisaabta ku fiicantahay it will become easy and you will surely make sense OUT of the countless equations you might encoutered through out your course.


Once you are prepared,(By which i mean you know have a good grasp of ALGABRA 1 and algebra 2 )One thing is very important,inaad CALCULUS horey u so aragtay aad bey muhiim u tahay.I have somali friends in my class which complain about Calculus saying they have never saw it in high school.What ever the case,The math you will likely to encounter during your studies are the following:-


1.FIrst semester-Calculus ONE(Which basically deals with differentiation or derivatives)

2.second semester-Calculus TWO(which is a bit difficult than calculus one and deals with Integrals or anti-derivatives,In this course,you will study rigously different techniques of integration Like U-Substitution,Integration formula,Integration by parts,The Partial Fraction decomposition technique,Double integrals and last triple integrals).

3.Third Semester-dIFFERENTIAL equations and Linear ALJABRA(It will be a painful for you to understand differential equation hadaan marka hore calc one iyo cal two soo fahmin).


4.fourth semester-you will deal with Complex variable and transforms.

5.Five semester-Probability and statistics.

in the remaining semesters you will be taught only course which specifically focus on maadaad aad dooratay whether it is civil,telcom,mechanical, Aerospace, electronics,industrial or computer system engineering.


SO,basically what i am saying is these five course is what you will expect in almost any engineering course and you are expected you know Math up to high school before you start waxbarashaaada.


Waxaa jira coursooyin kale oo aad qaadan doonto sida electronics if you are in an electronics or telecommunication course ama maadooyin kale oo la xiraara civil engineering waa hadii aad adiga dooratee.As a said it before, these other courses will become a second nature to you once you become comfortible with xisaabaadka.It will surely Give you a confidence in your self which is what keeps people motivated to reach their goals.



I hope This talo gives confidence to all those somali students thinking of studying engineering and had thier concerns.



If you Have any Question regarding this matter and would like to discuss it with me,Send me a PM,I will be more than happy to help you and answer your Question to the best of my ABILITY.

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