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BBC World’s Most Powerful - Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates

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That was cool. I liked the microsoft chess analogy by the guy Ed Black (of Computer & Communication Industry Association).


I believe both guys do speak the language of money fluently. So in my book, I vote for Jobs.


Conspiracy, I heard of this DRM (Digital Rights Management) will soon be abolished. Gates will abolish DRM, Jobs too! With DRM, both companies made lots of money and still doing, so I think both of them was forced to do this. what do you know about this?


PS. I didn't know that P.I.X.A.R owned by Jobs.

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DRM (Digital Restriction Management), They only abolishing it because it doesn't work, 80% of you guys using hacked software never bought a Microsoft genuine software unless it came pre-installed in machine, and for jobbs his itunes store was the biggest failure people love limewire for mp3's and forum board and Sony had that scandle couple of yrs ago .


Although next time you download mp3 from limewire you could be in for good surprise


these days linux gaining more and more popularity and becoming more user friendly recognizing hardware comes with thousands of softwares to manage everything from your bluetooth to your wireless


Phew! anyhow it would b interesting to know what you guys think of Creative Commons and GNU

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