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wazzz up ladies.


this poem is when ya'll fo give each other too say sorry or fo give me or I love u I need u back.


plzz forgive me.


Darling I, I can't explain,

Where did we lose our love,

'Girls it's driving me insane.

And I know I just need one more chance,

To prove my love to you.

And if you come back to me,

I'll guarantee,

That I'll never let you go.

can we go back to the days

our love was strong.

can u tell me how

A perfect love goes wrong.

Can somebody tell me.

how do things back,

The way they used be.

Oh God,give me the reason,

I'm down on bended knee.

I'll never walk again,

Until you come back to me,

I'm down om bended knee.

so many night I dream of you.

holding my pillow tight I know,

That I don't need to be alone.

when I open up my eyes,

To face reality,

every moment without you,

it seems like eternity.

I'm begging you,begging you come back to me.

say too ur lover baby I'm sorry,

plz fo give me fo all the wrong I've done.

plz come back home girl.

I know you put allyour trust in me,

is easy to say I'm sorry I let you done.

I'm gonna swallow my pride,

say I'm sorry.

Stop pointing fingers,

The blame is on me.

I want a new life,

And I want it with you.

if you feel the some,

Don't ever let it go.

you gotta believe in the spirit of love,

It will heal all things,

Won't hurt all any more.

No I don't believe our love's terminal.

I'm down on my knees,

Begging you plzz,

Come home baby.


tell ur lover like this sweet thing don't be afreat too say sorry fo give me or I need u back I'm out peace one love too all my somali fine ladies out there bye...........

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