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Strong Ethiopia is a threat to Somali people!

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The threat is not Ethiopia, but ourselves. Threats only arise from your own weaknesses. I agree that Ethiopia does not want to see a united Somalia, but they did not create our situation, we did. This is a region where we were once predominant, other groups were afraid of Somalization, especially Ethiopia.


Things have changed. The Somali people are at there absolute low point, yet we still speak of jihad. The jihad of the soul is what is needed. Regain our strength and vigor, learn from our mistakes, improve ourselves, help each other.


walaal, borders are a western concept, just as nations. The quran speaks of an umma, a nation of muslims. This should be our first goal. Those brave and courageous muslims that spread Islam across the world, did not rely so heavily on the sword. they relied on the strength of the brotherhood and faith. They relied on the power of their example of the straight way (the way of religion). They followed the laws of Allah, passed on by his prophet Muhammed.


the leaders of Ethiopia pray on those amongst us who desire power, and are run by greed. These are our leaders, and they are the problem. Muhammed cared about people, he did not desire what was thrust upon him, but embraced his duty.


Who cares about Somalia? If you do, educate yourself, start a business, teach someone, mentor someone, treat people with respect and kindness.


Do not worry about Ethiopia!

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I have been warning about ethiopia possessing more power over Somali we have it!


A year ago i said:

The reasons of shipments of such a large number of Somalis only constitute what some call "a historical ideological war", which as a result would make more Somalis become adaptive to western values, and it is more likely that we would see many Somalis relating to western (christian)values, which creates a possible increase of ethio-sympathetics in Somalia. By the time many of us go back to Somalia, there surely would be a clash of ideology. What threats Ethiopia poses cannot be comprehended by one or two writtings, but hopefully I wish you see things from my my angle once.

This process is successfully taking place with the aid of "Universal Human Rights" claims. Or what some writers refer to as: Savage-Victim-Savior model. This is the substitution of foundational principles and values of one culture with liberal principles and values, thus, dub that substitution universal.

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Unfortunately what this thread and many other threads in archive 'prophecified', to coin a non-existent word, years ago became a cruel reality.


Not only are Xabasho threat to our very existence today, they are almost trying to exterminate the very name of Soomaali and Soomaalinimo, when a few qabyaalad-obsessed, diinlaawe Soomaali ku sheeg maanta Xabashada usoo horseeday Soomaali, magaalo madaxdiina ku laayaan, ku xasuuqaan Soomaalidii, oo Soomaali ku sheeg kalena -- very few, thank Eebbe for that -- u alalaaso, sacabtumo. Intii halgamay dalka difaaciisa intii la qabtay qaarkood Adisababa laga tuuray, oo lagu torture gareeyo to this very moment.


Marxaladaan waa laga baxaa, Eebbe ha idmo. Axmed Gurey threatened the very Xabasha's existence some 500 years ago, and they never forgot. Neither will we or our offspring ever will what is happening today.

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