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An Independent Somaliland

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Over-debated. Somaliland can secede, but it must acknowledge it cannot force others to secede with it. Clearly a good section of the former Somaliland colony do not want to secede, so I do believe it is misleading when you say "Somaliland" as a whole entity.

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Kashanre, thanks. I didn't know Somaliland wasn't a whole entity. to tell you the truth, I don't even know what somaliland is.


but i do know that some people calling themselfs somaliland want to be independent from somalia, and am trying to figure out why they would want to do such a thing.


at first i thought they just didn't want to be ruled by other then their own qabiil. it seems every somali qabiil wants to be the rules so i thought why don't these guys try to take over all of somali instead of trying to break off.


it seems to me now that what they want isn't to rule somalia, but to separate from Somalia.


What I want to know is why they want to do that? Why do they want to become independ from somalia?

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