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Another stooge MP quits the sinking ship

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Somali MP accuses gov't of fraud

Tue, 05 Aug 2008 13:50:24

Prominent Somali lawmaker Asha Ahmed Abdalla has accused the transitional gov't of financial fraud and plundering financial resources.


"They have stolen a huge amount of money from the nation and have invested it in private properties in Puntland and outside Somalia," Ahmed Abdalla told Press TV correspondent in Mogadishu.


Ahmed Abdullah alleged President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Nur Adde Hassan Hussein are directly responsible for millions of dollars being transferred to the port town of Bosasso, the commercial capital of Puntland.


Yusuf is from the ***** group, in northern Puntland, and has served as the president of the region in late 1990s.


Ahmed Abdullah who run for Somalia presidential elections in 2004 was appointed as member of the committee set up to investigate financial fraud allegations within the government.


She called on the international community to stop providing financial aid to the government of the Horn of Africa nation.


The interim government came under extreme pressure after 10 cabinet ministers stepped down on Friday over the dismissal of Mogadishu mayor Mohammed Dheere.


Nur Adde had accused the mayor, a close ally of President Abdullah Yusuf, of orchestrating the killing of civilians in the capital.


Demonstrators rallying in north Mogadishu on Monday called for President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed's resignation over abuse of power, fraud and corruption allegations.





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Being silent when ethiopia invaded somalia, she was still a member of the TFG even though thet welcomed ethiopian armed forces to invaded somalia.


She is an oppertunist, that has now left the sinking TFG to save herself inthe future, but we know her and have a long list of traitors.

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