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Horta ninkii Alle-ubaahne ahaa xagguu ku dambeeyey. Rag badan oo halka laga mamnuucay ayaa hadda jooga oo la soo ceshay asna in jaanis la siiyo ayeey ahayd oo la soo cesho.


Alle-ubaahne, Abti waa lagu tabayee soo noqo aad inooga shekeysid jabkii amxaarada iyo meesha wax idin marahayaan hadda e! :D

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All somali's favor their tribes and are tribal minded, even those who pretend they aren't. Let's not kid ourselves. It's human nature to favor your own. There is an arab proverb that goes 'Me And My Brother Against My Cousin, me, my brother and cousin against our neighbour, me,my brother,my cousin, my neighbor against the stranger" And all humans live by that, our loyalty has levels and we are all biased towards our own, let's not pretend otherwise.

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So mad is, you my causin.


So mad is, you my neighbour.


So mad is, them.


So mad is, you as well.


So mad is, ya all somadis.


I prefer to call you somadis.


Cause you favor no one.


But your own warlord's stomach.


No care the the weak, the



Somadis, so mad is.


What a madness? :Dicon_razz.gif

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