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Cowke Solution To Fix Somalia

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Thanks, and by the way..... when do I get my long sought after official NOMAD STATUS?


I`ll change the signature in exchange for....




This forum has taught me alot about the peoples of Somali and I appreciate your and everyones elses patience with what may seem to some or most as silly questions. It may interest some of you to know here that as an outsider I would never fully understand Clan Politics and all the different variables that comprise the Somalia society. Thats what I have been told anyway, and I dont believe it.


Doesnt mean I cant try....


I would also like to advise all here that a private concern will be doing a country-wide assessment of Somalia at a later date and would appreciate to hear from all and everyone with ideas of completing and participating in the assessment, ALL REGIONS PLEASE PM ME.


We will hold no one certain Clan, Politics or Religious beliefs in front of, or before our Swiss Style Neutrality.


No, we are not from Switzerland.


I would really appreciate all comments and concerns. PM me when you are not busy.

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You are being sarcastic, but that can be done. It happened and still happening in Rwanda of all places. There is a new identity called Rwandism in place.


It can happen in Soomaaliya. We had a glimpse of it in its heyday in Xamar. It was called 'ciyaalka xaafadda.' Our qabiil and allegiance was ciyaalka xaafadda. Imagine ciyaalka xaafadda ciyaalkee sii dhaleen ciyaalkee sii dhaleen. They would've been completely detached to the idea and need of qabiil. Wax qabiil la yiraahdo kuuma garan lahayn.


Alas, first generation of ciyaal xaafadda was abruptly cut short by the civil war.

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