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Open Letter To The New President Of Puntland State General Mohamoud Muse Hirsi

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the people of puitlanders expect more work about you mr president.



Posted to the Web Jan 24, 09:08





I salute in the first instant the leaving President, His Excellency, Mohammed Abdi Hashi for his bravery action to handover the Office of Presidency in a democratic manner that never experience here in this African Continent and the respect and the confidence he has bestowed to Puntland Parliamentarian vote.


The action of His Excellency, Mohammed Abdi Hashi, has not been included in a golden page in the history of Puntland State but it shall be a lesson for the whole of Somalia and many of us in Puntland and our kids will memorize for ever.


I also congratulate the new President, our much-loved King (boqor), for his additional responsibility to take the reign of Puntland State of Somali Federal Republic of Somalia for the next coming three years.


I remember that I was one of the hardest opponents when he was mobilizing forces in Eil-Afwein, Somaliland against the Puntland State. However,I was one of the ardent ally when he abandoned arms aside for the sake of the lives of the Puntland people.


Taking on this opportunity,I want to give our much-loved King, the Puntland President, some advisory and consultative recommendations and I hope this paper shall be publicized and read before the Puntland Cabinet is formed.




Law and order must be maintained, otherwise no progress, no development, no healthy and every thing will end up in the air.Therefore, steps taken by the President is appreciated very much.




Cabinet members must be limited into 5 to 6 ministries together with their deputy ministries. The members must be highly educated and experienced elite, well-bona custom, well known in Puntland, free from chewing qat and alcoholic drinks, and his heart attached to the mosque.




State labors must be minimized as possible and act as Service Provider by providing the private section with procedures and regulations.


For example: the Ministry of Education will:


Encourage the parents to educate their kids.

prepare the academic curriculums

train teachers

prepare and hold central examinations

assist to set up private schools, colleges, universities, vocational trading

Set up science and technology centers.

help poor students who can not afford school fees

seek assistance for scholarships

seek assistance teachers from outside


How the Ministry of Education can help itself?


By privatizing all state schools, means selling out all state institutional buildings.

Nominal fees for issuance school licenses

State budget allocations


Therefore, the Ministry of Education shall need only the services of high-caliber educationalists, few drivers and few janitors.


The Only two ministries who have many workforces are the Ministry of Interior(Police and Darawish forces) and the Ministry of Health.


I would say that the Police forces have memorial services to maintain law and order and they are required to exercise their service only daily basis.


However, Darawish forces must be productive when they are not waging war or defending the State. By how, the Darawish forces must be splitted into small contractors.


Highways contracting company by equipping the necessary machinery and heavy earth-moving equipment in order to enable them to contract to mend the existing highways and maintain and open new roads.The Darawish may get contracts from either from the ministry of Public Works or the UN donors, NGO .. etc.

Deep water well and Artificial lakes Contractor to dig deep water well, dam constructions and make artificial lakes in the needy areas. The Equipment is very few: it can be 2 Speedy rigs, two bed trailers, one bulldozer, small front poclain .. etc. the investment shall not be more than (250)thousand US Dollars, but it can brought many returns to both the State and the Darawish themselves. The drawish may gain contracts from UN donors and the State itself.

Many small companies, implementing such works like: Agricultural projects (owned farms like maize, corns, sesame and peans for military catering), Camel and goat farming for meat and milk, small scale industries: bakeries, fabrication workshop (military and civil fabrications),


Therefore, the Darawish can run productively and can minimize the burden of the military expenditures.


Some top military advisers can be deputized to Egypt and India in order to see how they are curbing military expenditures and how they promoting military technology.


All other ministries shall run the same phenomenon and each ministry should think how they will curb the expenditures and how they will promote their services in the interest of their people.




I will suggest Mr. President that you establish an Industrial and Agricultural Development fund under your direct administration and trust one of the most prominent Financial Advisor to administer and manage the fund by prepaid capital of 300,000 US Dollars.

The purpose and objective of the fund is:

carry out feasibility studies and financial and technical concepts for the possible projects that can be set up in the Puntland Federal State, considering the source availability.

float the prospectus for envisaged projects and encourage the people to invest and manage the


Give a chance the State to share but not managerial position – let others to managerial position.

Establish company laws and clarify all inquiries

Help them to fund on reasonable interest.

Give full authority the Industrial Development Fund to keep an eye the functions and the management of established Industries in order to save mismanagement.


The establishment of such Fund will generate more jobs and more profit returns.


I wish Mr. President all success and I am sure that you will work every day to earn the trust the people of Puntland have placed in you.


The people of Puntland expect great things. They expect change. They expect integrity. They expect to see progress on the issues that matter to them. That is what you will work every day to deliver.


As president, you will work with Opponents, allies to address the challenges facing our State – the PUNTLAND – better schools, more affordable health care, and a stronger economy.



Yours obediently – the Pundlander

Nur Said Hirsi (Nur Atto)

Buraydah, Saudi Arabia



peace and love inshalaah

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puntland is fast becoming contradictary to the whole farce of the so called federal somali republic in embagati, puntland is confused because they claim to be part of federal yet they act and behave like republic..


more confusingly they have ministaries (wasaarado and wasiiro) named like a republic, so for each wasaarad named in kenya they have one named in puntland,


for example how gobol withing a country have


President - that acts like president of country rather than regional chairman - will this guy step aside for the guys in kenya, something tells me not.


"minister of interior" what about the one in kenya


"Minister of national defence"


"wasaarada hawada iyo gadiidka" and all the other national ministeries??


"parliament" even thought there are parliament in kenya suppose to represent those degaans, so who is representing who.



"national police force" as they coin it


"National Army" as they put it.



so could it be in weird twist of fate PUNTLAND will be the actuall thing that makes the government in kenya unworkerble in its current structural state.


the first example of this was when the tsunami struck puntland and puntland refused at point blank to let the kenya lot have anything to do with it politically.


now it is clear that these kind of political confrentation will become more exasbrated due to the blatant overlapping of the structure laws and constitutions of puntland and the kenya lot. this is mainly due to the primitive and ad-hock way the structure of federal idea was put on paper with no clear distinction on who does what.


for example puntland regions control their tax and collecting small port revenues, so one of the basic question is will they simply give this revenue to kenya lot, i somehow doubt it. will the kenya government really have any say on how this money is spent? i doebt that eighter.


then the question is how can the government in kenya claim any legal claim to regions like puntland and others if they dont have a say in these things.


it looks like TNG2 to me unless something major changes.


.... and ofcourse all those problems are from just the areas who claimed to be part of this federal thing

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