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so uncle c/y sold w. somalia to the highest bider!


well, some of us know that in the world of political prostitution, nothing comes for free!!


i am sure w. somalians aint call him uncle no more!! :mad: i hope we all see the big pic!! i.e, our land for sale!!

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Why is it Ethiopia (Woyane) so anxious to offer "militery" assistance as a peace keeper :D after all this years meddling and inflame the civil war -- by arming those butcher warlords?


We all must be aware of one thing, Ethiopians are not upto good when it comes to long term somali stability. Majority of ppl have sent a clear message to the world and uncle C/Y if he is listening that they will not support an AU force especially one with TPLF(woyane) on the ingredient list.The relationship is not friendly. If anything it is opposite of that.

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i guess its true about ET, we all know they dont care shit about us and never will. but the hobyo thing doesnt add up, cuz they allready signed contracts with PL to use garacad.


rudy why you aint saying shit about cabdi jibriil then, the corrupt president of zone 5. he handed over somali districts around dire dawa and harar to oromia.

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i never heard of c/j! but u know what i like your stuff!! i am against all warlords! dont matter if hes my real brother or not!! my family spawned the biggest warlord of somali history!! u feel me!!!.. bigger than siyad barre! or the wanabees who came after him!! trust me!!


however, u got my deepest respect!! bow! bow! i found this in your profile!! i ama profile freak!! but shine like a star!! :cool:


alternative soomaaliweynism - a pragmatic and realistic approach

i know theres some kind of a taboo cloud around this subject, but ive been thinking and how come we never realised that soomaaliweynism isnt just the ideal but a somewhat unrealistic ideal of all ethnic somalis under a somali government, under our calanka buluugga ah iyo xiddigta cadka ah. i think we should hold onto what we allready have wich is from lowyacado to raas kaambooni and be active in the well being of our brothers and sisters in ethiopia and kenya.



djibouti allready has a somali dominated government, so our meager resources should be focused on the ethnic somalis in ethiopia and kenya.somalia proper is the ex UN mandate under Italian custody of NE and south somalia and the british protectorate of somaliland. these people are lucky, because they are blessed to live in a country for and by ethnic somalis and recognized by everybody in the world. not so good news for those who want to break the country apart but good news for those who are happy that somalis are not wholly under ethiopia for example, something that could have happened very easily when halie selassie wanted somalia to come under his rule after independance. just by thinking of it gives me the shivers.



the days of receiving 100s of millions of dollars of military and financial aid is over. plus we have to cope with being left behind economically and socially even in africa level. so putting up a large offensive on ethiopia and kenya is a no-go area. maybe guerilla warfare is an option, but that costs too much lives, money in the long run and the territory will be still under ethiopia's control while the somalis there will suffer of living in a warzone. what good will it do then? ethiopia has an army of 200 000 regular troops and another 200 000 people's militia armed with billions of dollars of sovjet military equipment. we need to accept that war aint no option.

dhinaca kale we have kenya, not a strong military country like ethiopia but even if we gain the upper hand in military capacity against kenya, kenya still have the alliance card with ethiopia. so were screwed anyways.



so all we can do is develop somalia itself in a free, democratic country where there's jusice for all. i think that alone will be a handful. somalia needs to choose the path of absolute free market economy, attracting foreign investment and soft regulation and fiscal policy to sustain economic growth. many somali entities within the shattered somalia allready are working hard for this alxamdullilaah.



strengthening our federal system is a must. its important that we will never see a dictatorship ever again. all clans should feel safe, wich they dont when other clans(s) are on the throne. so the autonomacy of the future federal states should be far stretching but not to far that soomaalinimo is blurred and qabiilnimo is going to reign supreme. we should also include our brothers and sisters in ethiopia and kenya in our socio-economic and poltical arena. to give them the right to vote in presidential and parliamentarian elections of the federal government. our government is federal anyway and its power is limited to national planning, defense and foreign policy besides its an amazing gesture never to forget. talaabadaan is ten times more worth than having fought for somali territories by military means wich has costed us very much throughout our history. it would be highly beneficial if tournaments ranging from sports to something else where all ethnic somalis are thoroughly represented, no matter if youre from djibouti or baydhabo. that were divided politically, doesnt mean the somali spirit is divided.



on the other side we should negotiate with ethiopia and kenya to make their somali territories free of military elements and grant them absolutely full autonomacy in the likes of future somali federal states of somalia. only police wich has to be for and by somali people are the only ciidan allowed to roam there, safe local militias of course. this police should not only be capable of enforcing law and order but also being able to intervene between warring clans and let traditional leaders reconcile. i have no doubt that ethiopia and kenya, who are paranoid when it comes to ethnic somalis, will be willing to do this if somalia itself will abstain from seeking arms and letting ethiopian and kenyan delegates check it for themselves. a self restricted weapons policy will also be good for somalia itself, because we have seen the disasters of a lawless nation infested with weapons.



somalia needs to take responsibility of observing how addis abeba and nairobi allocate their funds to their somali territories, we need to check out if they get their rightful share. both the somali territories in these two countries are one of the least, if not the least developed areas in those two countries. in kenya its certainly the case an kenyan politicians fool them with fake lies and continue to ignore somali's plight.also observe the human rights situation in those areas together with human rights organisations and put pressure on nairobi and addis abeba to plan a emergency relief programme and longterm developmental policies for these areas. in the case of nairobi somalia should put pressure on especially kenya, but also ethiopia, to create national parks/reserves to protect nature and wildlife.because ethiopia and kenya are shisheeye they dont understand the somali politics in their territory and when the somalis are split it will be good news to them. for instance the ******** , geri koombe and jidwaaq clans are in a feud of power in their capital jigjiga, this is highly unnessecary and it paralyzes the governance of the somali regional state. we should always be ready to invite parties oo iskhilaafeen and ensure peace between them for the sake of soomaalinimo. to give you an example somalis in kililka shanaad have been given autonomacy as a somali regional state. clans are actually fighting for power and are at the moment to shortsighted to see the benefit of alliance and peace against the evil central government of ethiopia. its the duty of somalia to reconcile them, but we are in serious deep shit ourselves right now, marka waa inoo mar kale. i just feel we will achieve a better future insha allaah.



the constitution says that all people with at least one somali parent and/or being born in somalia automatically has somali nationality. i think this is dumb, it should be all ethnic somalis. why include half italian bas.tard and exclude a real somali from the hawd? ethnic somalis wherever should have somali nationality and therefore to be entitled to a somali passport. so we need to seriously talk with ethiopia and kenya and secure that the somalis over there will have automatic double nationality and that its recognized by these countries.






somalia should work for a country of=


1- freedom and democracy

2- federalism

3- free market oriented economy with soft regulation and fiscal policy

4- responsibilty for all ethnic somalis in the world


somalia should pursue number 4 by securing for these lost territories=


1- full autonomacy

2- clearance of military elements of the respective central government

3- including its people to different facettes of somali society

4- observing human rights and fair share (includes the situation of traditionally somali cities like dire dawa and a number of somali districts that are on the border with oromia, keeping them somali is included)

5- improve somali political situation through reconciling warring parties and advise them in a broader and higher echelon

6- recognized double nationality

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rudy you got my respect too bro. these warlords aka homoboys will get their punishment, we just need to hang on for a while and let them fart all over the place till their butt breaks. ama write some mo on my webpage, but this kinda shit takes a lot of time man. am busy with posting plants and animals exclusive to somalia. did you see the picture on my page, thats a somali plice officer standing next to a termite hill like a giant onion. normally police are me enemies, but i like this one.

and yo why wont you rate me bruv, nobody rated me yet. a 5 will do loooool :cool:

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