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Sharif’s Cabinet: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

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In last two decades, Somaliland politicians and people did not participate in the bloody politics in southern Somalia, where thousands of innocent were killed due to political disputes. Somaliland is home to thousands of refuges from the southern regions of Somalia due to unrest. Somaliland authority calls Somalis to settle their differences in a peaceful manner and learn from Somaliland.


However, Somaliland is suffering from malicious diplomacy and the vitriolic tongues of members of the current Somali cabinet like Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Oomar and his successor Ali Ahmed Jangali. Both are natives of Somaliland but believe in the failed theory of united Somalia. They mislead the world that Somaliland is part of Somalia, and even President of Somalia Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Hassan does the same.


Sharif and southern Somalis failed to understand that such self-exiled individuals in their cabinet cannot set foot on Somaliland soil from Sool to Salal region. They don´t represent the people of Somaliland because if they do, they could have won their support. They are registered tyrants and infidels in Somaliland, and even Somalilanders call them homeless or self-exiled citizens. Many such self-exiled Somalilanders in Mogadishu are facing jail sentence, like the leader of Al-Shabab terrorist organization.


These self-exiled politicians failed to succeed in Somaliland politics and could not win the trust of the people, so to realize their political and leadership dream they immigrated to Mogadishu and became killing machines of innocent people.


The questions are: Why does the Mogadishu government accept such fugitives in their cabinet and cities? If the matter deals with religious obligations, why don´t they establish Jihad in Somaliland? And if it is political, why don´t they join the democracy in Somaliland? The answer is: they are all after wealth and money.


The dramatic story is: these self-exiled Somalilanders use the Sharif government and its people to attack Somaliland. Last year, Al-Shabab sent suicide bombers to Hargiesa that killed more than 40 people. On the other hand, the ministers in the Sharif government use diplomatic ways to damage the Somaliland cause of independence; they use the Mogadishu government´s immunity to convince the world not to recognize Somaliland. It is unfortunate to see them using their energy against Somaliland while people die in the streets of Mogadishu.


Mr. Oomar, officially, asked the UN to stop all humanitarian aid to Somaliland. He planned to kill Somaliland economically, but failed.


Meanwhile, Mr. Jangali is arming and organizing the anti-Somaliland groups, who carried out bombing in eastern Somaliland city of Lasanod last month. Somaliland military officer lost his life along with other 20 citizens. The meeting was held in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, between such groups and Jangali. All these self-exiled Somalilanders are using Sharif’s government immunity against Somaliland.


First hand reports say that Jangali is organizing fundraises between anti-Somaliland minor tribes to finance such armed militia, who named “Darwish” and planning to kill government officers and innocent people in Sool region. Reports unveiled that fundraising take place in Middle East and North America. The collection is thousands of US dollars and saved in the personal accounts of Mr. Jangali and his insurrectionist followers.


On the other hand other hand, the world is donating millions of dollars in Sharif’s government to stabilize Mogadishu, Somalia! Somalia is demanding humanitarian aid, and in other hand thousands of dollars is been collected to create unrest in the peaceful Somaliland. Why not the world examines the need in Somalia, and whether the aid money goes to right hand?


Mr. Oomar, Mr. Ali Jangali and their self-exiled compatriots are attempting to terrorize the brave residents of Lasanod City during upcoming presidential elections in Taliban-style of killing and bombing. More than 150,000 citizens of Sool region registered for the next Somaliland Presidential and Parliament elections in Sool. However, such militia is taking lessons from Taliban to fight the growing democracy.


The term Darwish goes back to religious war during 20th Century led by pro-Arab Islamist nicknamed ‘The Mad Mullah’. Somaliland Scouts backed by Royal Air Force of Britain eliminated him and put the war to end.


The Somaliland natives in Sharif’s government don´t want security in southern Somalia particularly Mogadishu because if that happens they wont have place to hide from the their crimes and will face court in Somaliland. Somaliland will talk to Mogadishu administration to demand independence based on referendum held 2003 with 97% voted ‘YES’ in favor of independence from Somalia.


After Somaliland and Somalia settles the issue, the people like Oomar and Jangali will neither be ministers in Mogadishu nor will be able to come back home, because they are registered criminals and tyrants and will hang for treason.


The UN and African Union support talk between Somaliland and Somalia over failed unity in 1960, but that can happen if security returns in Somalia.


Unfortunately, Sharif and his Prime Minister Sharmake failed to notice the hidden campaign of these ministers against Somaliland. They use Somali government´s immunity to downgrade and disturb Somaliland. For example Mr. Jangali visits Nairobi as Somali Minister and meets the Anti-Somaliland militia.


Jangali is currently busy with his evil plans to fail the upcoming presidential election of Somaliland particularly in eastern regions of Somaliland like Sool and Buuhoodle.


The most shocking are the recent statements by the chief tribes and elders of Lasanod and Buuhoodle towns, who distance themselves from the recent bombing in Lasanod city by Jangali and his militia, which killed the army officer and civilians. This illustrates the growing support of the residents to Somaliland administration and democracy.



By Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi

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Ina Oomaar doesn believe anything. He was just broke. He went there to get paid and ther only price he paid is to miss his father's funeral!

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This article is very insightful and a thought provoking read.


Ha noolaato Marfishland!


Ha noolaato, Shankaroon!


Ha noolaado, xukunka Daahir Riyaale uu madaxa uga hayo sadexda habrood oo waalan!


Ha noolaato, la-la land!

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Well Mr. JB, you can post negative articles on President Sharif cabinet all you want, as you did with Abdullahi Yusuf before him. But these leaders terms are not extended continuously like your leader and they step down and let someone else take over. So if President Sharif's cabinet is wolves in Sheep's clothing, what is yours?

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Your defensive tripe about not being a fruitcake reminds me of an Army General in a movie called " American Beauty". In it, this tough talking Army General constantly beats up his son when he mistakenly assumes his son is gay, but he later tries to kiss another man because he is a closet gay himself. Then he shoots and kills the man to keep his homosexuality hidden. Just to save face, he adds...bloody "defeated lot"! :D


Oodwyen, deflection is futile! Just remember that we accept you with all your vile and hideous shortcomings. :D

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