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Somaliland transfers custody of Oromo man to Ethiopia

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First of all, I'm not accusing you of being "tribalist", I'm accusing you of picking and choosing when "tribe" is relevant. I wouldn't bother if I thought you were one of SOL village idi*ts who can't debate beyond reer hebel. Something is either right or wrong. What proportion of tribe supporting it is not relevant. It's not relevant when you support the Islamic Courts (for a better example ). What matters is the merits of the issue at hand. As part of progress, you can only work to make the project less tribal. I think SL is doing that. Soomaaliweyn concept itself IS TRIBAL to the none Somalis it excludes. You of all people should know that. What are SL's merits you might ask? One of them is it has reached a stage where you and I demand it pulls its socks up on human rights and democracy. You've even admitted Somaliland is not (geographically) tribal. There's lot's of room for improvement, but credit where credit is due.


Should the likes of Gen. Ghalib and Prof. Samatar be allowed to campaign in Somaliland? I don't think so. I hear where you're coming from but SL must have its safety net as well as compromises. They (Ghalib, Samatar and their likes) disqualified themselves when they take part in conferences like Mbagathi among other things. Those who don't believe in Somaliland can't have their cake and eat it. People like Hadraawi are allowed to speak up their mind by-the-way. Once again, there's room for improvement but solowli solowli adeer.


Last but not least, I was not downplaying the suffering of the people in Og*denia under successive Ethiopian regimes nor questioning the just struggle the ONLF is waging. I hope my opening remarks explained the point I was trying to convey. Apologies just in case.




Your first post was a rabbit punch. You just couldn't resist and I fully understand. Explain FULLY what you meant by it and let's see if am wrong.



Salaam Calaykum.

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Ayoub, most points you said are correct and it is me who have to apologise for looking the SL issue myopically.


Laakiin, walaal excluding citizens from exercising their rights is not ethical. So I beg to disagree on that. Somaliweyn is not a tribe also, but I understand where you are coming from.


If we avoid academic and theorithical debate, we can see that tribe is an issue in the SL quest for independence. It also matters how much of which 'region' - a euphemism for clans, support it or not. Let's not close our eyes to that reality; in the same way proponnents of Somaliweyn try to close their eyes on the reality that things have moved in Somaliland and it will be impossible to just move on as one Somalia when and if the southern conflict ends.


Sida kale, miyir qabka waan kugu ogaa oo marna isma odhan wax xun buu uga jeedaa comments on ONLF.

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In case you think I am not aware of what I am talking about, let me tell you that THERE IS NO EXTRADITION TREATY BETWEEN ETHIOPIA AND SOMALILAND. Officials from the two entities might have met and discussed over dinner tables that they will work togather on security and might have even informally agreed to extraditing offenders, but there is no formal agreement.


So, Oodweyne, all the talk about Hargeisa Parliament archives is not true. I can give you two months if you can prove it.


Once we are done with the mere existence of the document, will we tread the other road of debating whether a defacto state can enter into such an agreement, whether it is good for Somaliland, and in which instances it can be invoked.


I think that settles the argument. I know if you could concentrate on the subject (a quality the same God who gave you all the talent of rhythmic writing, denied you long ago), your chances of convincing the other debator would have improved. Now, it is more of - confuse-if-you- can't-convince approach.


By the way, oppossing Somaliland's hitherto illegal and unilateral declartion of independence (UDI) is not a crime. I am not saying it is not unthinkable to see a separe Somaliland state. I am saying due process must be followed, so that the field is level for all sides of the divide, so as to know who wants what. As we stand, what a congregation of angry ONE-TRIBE fighters (with significant albeit justifiable anger at the time) declared in Burco won't be representative of the feelings of the people who reisde in the geogrpahically-defined Somaliland. MAkhiir is not in it, the bulf of Sanaag and Sool are not in it. Awdal's loyalty cannot be counted on. THESE ARE FACTS!


If the truth draws blood redder than the setting sun from your eyes, I can't help it.

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