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What is the best Football leauge in the world...........

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Winger tru say!


As for the best league in the world i cant just say one cos they all good and bad in some way.


Italy- top players but not much top play and oo slow


Spain- the passing, the goals, the finesse but then u got the diving by players everytime they touch another player.


Premiership- some top players at some clubs, gr8 excitement and some gr8 matces over the years. Who remembers Liverpool vs Newcastle in 1996/97 (i think) 4:3 to Liverpool!


Anyway for me,i can watch any game any time, all i do is watch football, forget MTV Base, Sky Sports and Eurosport plus ITV and BBC and Channel 5 is the **** !

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Kluivert dreaming of Juve Sunday 5 January, 2003




Patrick Kluivert has publicly admitted he would accept a move to Juventus next season, potentially in a swap with Marcelo Salas (pictured).


“I am happy at Barcelona,” noted the Dutchman, “but in life you cannot rule anything out – especially if Juve are calling you.”


“The Turin side is one of the great clubs, and I would be linking up with my old friend Edgar Davids as well.”


Kluivert has recently been linked with the Bianconeri as part of Barca’s swoop for David Trezeguet, but that move is increasingly unlikely to materialise.


Instead, Juve could take the striker in partial exchange for unsettled Chilean international Marcelo Salas.


It would be a return to the Peninsula for Kluivert as he had one unsuccessful season at Milan before finding his form again with Barca.


"Although it is fun to play in the Spanish Liga," continued the hitman, “I think that to make your mark in Serie A is always the benchmark for a player.”


Take Note premiership Luvin, Dis-illusioned nomads. He is saying SERIA A is the best.

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Collina best ref yet again Tuesday 7 January, 2003




Italian official Pierluigi Collina has been named as the best referee in the world for the fifth consecutive year.


The Viareggio based official collected 222 points and finished well clear of second placed Urs Meier of Switzerland and Denmark’s Kim Milton Nielsen who came in third.


"The year 2002 was an extraordinary one but now I am just looking forward to the next 12 months," said the man in black.


"I am obviously very proud to be named as the best referee. It is a clear signal that I am well respected but this honour is also testimony to the good work done by the Italian refereeing system."


Collina’s highlight of the past year was taking charge of the World Cup Final between Brazil and Germany.


"It was a once in a lifetime opportunity," he added. "It was an honour that few referees in history have had the chance to experience."


The best referee award is organised by the International Federation of Soccer History and Statistics.



The Best league with the Best Official :cool:

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I thought i would take out my Frustrations and Anger with some of my disillusion nomads that i had to endure yesturday after a game of football.

One has obviously been Brainwased into believing the premier ship is the best league in the world.....perhaps by ally Mcoist. There other is clearly someone who just recently stared watchin football and hasnt got a clue what his talking about.


So here goes:


Capello: Bring on Arsenal Wednesday 26 February, 2003




Fabio Capello reveals the background to the remarkable change in Roma’s performance and hinted at his tactics for Highbury.



“Valencia are a very difficult side at home,” said the Coach, “but our determination and character were incredible. We said to ourselves, we have a twenty per cent chance of getting through, but we’ll take it.”



The Giallorossi were the underdogs tonight, but came away from the Mestalla with a crushing 3-0 victory.



“The Spaniards often try to move down the flanks, but we didn’t let them as Marcos Cafu and Francisco Lima kept them quiet for 90 minutes.”



“The whole team played well, including the unusual front pairing of Antonio Cassano and Francesco Totti.”



The two forwards combined extremely well and Capello hinted that this could be the pairing we see against Arsenal in a fortnight.



“They did very well today, but I cannot repeat the experiment on Sunday as Cassano has a two-match Serie A ban. But it is certainly an idea for the trip to Highbury.”



The group is wide open now that Roma are just three points adrift of leaders Arsenal, their next opponents.



“We will play another desperate match between teams that have no option other than to win. That gives you a certain freedom from pressure as losing or drawing is the same thing, so you just go for it.”



This is their third away win of the season in Europe and one of those was also in Spain, 1-0 at Real Madrid.


“When we come up against certain teams with an intriguing atmosphere,” reasoned Capello, “it seems to bring out the best in our squad.”



The change in attitude from the 2-1 defeat at Udinese on Sunday was palpable and some members of the press suggest it was due to President Franco Sensi’s meeting with his squad.



“The President did well to step in and make his voice heard. At the same time, when I was a player I got an earful and it made little difference,” pointed out the tactician.



“The players stepped up a gear and tried to prove what it was they were capable of. Plus, there were some players here who were absent in the first game against Valencia, such as Totti, Vincent Candela and Emerson.”



Capello also joined Lazio boss Roberto Mancini in claiming the state of the Stadio Olimpico field is limiting their ability to play attractive football.



“Tonight we had a really good football pitch and that, I’m sorry to say, makes a difference. We have very technically gifted players and it is tough to play at the Olimpico at the moment.”



Marcos Cafu almost scored at the Mestalla Stadium and was enthusiastic after the final whistle.



“Let us hope that this is the starting point for a great end to Roma’s season.”



“It is true that we had a dreadful start to the campaign,” commented the Brazilian, “and some performances were just poor. But tonight we were wonderful and it is very rare to see Valencia lose this heavily on home turf.”



Cafu denied their disappointing performances so far were down to a psychological hang-up.



“We don’t step on to the field and make mistakes on purpose, but things just weren’t going our way. We need to be more patient and take our chances better. Tonight we did just that.”



The group is open once more, but Cafu warns there is a long way to go yet.



“There is a small chance we can qualify, especially with the other results, and we need to hold on to that hope.”

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sorry shujui, but say goodbye to Roma next week at Highbury. I sense a backlash in store for you guys. But thanx for beating Valencia, as it keeps them behind us still.



Forza Galliaros... I mean Arsenaliii



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Baaniyal just bring it on bro.........we might be the worst italian team in the champions league this year but will show you once more the strength of Italian Football so bring on the arse nl :D , so we can kick the smile.gif out of the competition

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Italy's finest get mixed reviews


Thursday, 24 April 2003

Calcio's reputation is riding high again after three Serie A teams made it through to the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. But not everyone is happy.


Catenaccio is back lol :D


The progress of AC Milan, Internazionale FC and Juventus FC provoked mixed reactions in the European media - and polarised opinion in Italy and Spain. The Italian sports press hailed the return of 'catenaccio' after Inter and Juve squeezed into the last four at the expense of Valencia CF and FC Barcelona.


Defensive art

Both teams relied on a deadlocked defence and quick breakaways - tactics that were applauded by the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper. "We might be in the 21st century but we haven't forgotten the art of catenaccio," it said.


Italian style

Ten-man Juve scored an extra-time winner to defeat Barcelona 2-1 at Camp Nou, 3-2 on aggregate, while Inter prevailed on away goals after losing 2-1 at the Mestalla. The Corriere dello Sport saluted the former's "miracle" victory - "a fantastic win earned by goals from Pavel Nedved and Marcelo Zalayeta". But the Spanish daily Marca thought that Barça had been beaten by "an Italian-style performance", which translates as 'unfairly'.


'Death of football'

Inter "owed their passage to goalkeeper Francesco Toldo, who pulled off a series of prodigious saves", the Gazzetta said. "It was a siege." The Spanish daily Marca echoed that sentiment, insisting that: "Valencia were much better than Inter." Valencia coach Rafael Benítez was rather more explicit in his appraisal, saying: "If all sides played like Inter then football could disappear. They are the death of football."


Three teams in the semi-final is an historic achievement


Gazzetta dello Sport

Proud achievement

Unsurprisingly, the Italians went back on the counterattack. After Milan completed a triumvirate of semi-finalists on Wednesday, the Gazzetta heralded "the Italian dream" and said: "Three teams in the semi-final is an historic achievement that only Spanish football has matched, in 2000. Now the Spanish have only Real Madrid [CF] left. Their two other teams fell into Italian traps. The Spanish press have insulted our teams but we don't care if they are angry."


Heaven and hell

Milan advanced thanks to Jon Dahl Tomasson's injury-time goal in a 3-2 win against AFC Ajax. "Milan in heaven" was the Gazzetta reaction, but the Dutch daily Volkskrant lamented the "cruel" ending to "Ajax's march in Europe at the hands of a crafty Italian rival". No such worries for Tuttosport who looked forward to an all-Milan semi-final, saying: "A team from Milan will play the final on 28 May. It could be a match between two Italian sides. But Juve have to defeat a great team [Real Madrid] first."


Splendid match

Juve should already be "trembling with fright", AS said, after the other quarter-final second leg between Madrid and Manchester United FC at Old Trafford saw holders Madrid at their best - and arguably worst. "God bless Ronaldo," the paper added, after his hat-trick denied United in a "a splendid match" which finished 4-3 to the hosts but 6-5 to Madrid on aggregate. Marca continued the plaudits saying: "That's how football should be played."


Last word

The Times, meanwhile, paid tribute to both sides, saying: "Departure from the European Cup was made bearable for a privileged Old Trafford crowd by the pluck of Manchester United and the audacious brilliance of Real Madrid." Amen


© 1998-2003. All rights reserved

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Apart from Juve, i hate Italian teams, they have world class players, i give them that but waan iska sanifay!


My 2 fave teams are playing each other in the semis Real vs Juve, so who ever the winner is, i hope they beat Inter or AC Milan!


Ronaldo is the man Shujul, "the most expensive can operner" and that Inzhagi, does he get yr nerves or what, how did he ever make it?

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lol@northerner, inzaghi must be the most hated footballer these days,eventhough he is having a good season at AC MIlan. My nightmare will come true if i see inzaghi holding the CL trophy with that stupid smirk on his face. Disappointing year in the CL this season, i mean three spaghetti teams in the semis, is torture. I don't know how did the milanese teams pull off such great escapes. BUt credit them for determination. ANywas might as well hand the trophy already to Madrid,no need to wait for the matches.

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I wouldnt be so quick to award the trophy to Real saxiib. I watched Juve's second leg match against Baraca expectng them to lose out, but their defencive display was simply awesome and i think it will all together be a different prosepct for zidane and co.


I must say that who ever wins that match will win the champs league your quite right in saying that both Inter and Milan are ust simply not good enough

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count me in that list of people who hate inzagi. i hate the ways he plays ...on top of that the way he celebrates.


anways my tip for the ecl was ARSENAL and INTER. so arsenal is out iam going for INTER.


when veri is firing theirs no stoping him and iam confident they will easily sweep AC a side. icon_razz.gif

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Veri is out for the session so to is Pirlo and Seedorf for Milan. Anyway it doesnt really matter that match the will be an Italian Team in the Final smile.gif and besides neither really are capable of winning the final. The winners will come from the Juv vs Real game and i just cant wait to see. I will be Brave and stick my Neck out and say juve will win 3-2 on aggregate because they are the only team who will eb able to defend against Real.


And for the final :D I think, indeed i wish that it will be a Juventus vs milan Final that would be quality and it would reconfirm the re-emergence of Seria A as the best leage in the world.

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Hi Shujui....I would like to say that I think AFL (Australian Football League) is the best football league around so far...You might call it a aussie game but I wont!


Anyway I am going to tell ya how the game goes:

They are 16 teams---Check out PS: My team is Richmond tigers ;) And also check out the other teams names and symbols.



A.F.L, Footy, Aussie Rules, it doesn't matter which name you refer to it by, it is simply this. Two hours of awe inspiring excitement you will probably not witness watching any other game. An Australian institution known quite simply as the "greatest game on earth".


I am going to give you a summary of the game...


Object of the game

The object of the game is to outscore the opposition. (funnily enough, that would be the object of almost every sporting competition). The winning team is awarded 4 points and the 16 teams are ranked on the premiership ladder according to the amount of points they have. (Draw is worth 2 points). At the end of the season (22 games), the top eight teams play the finals series, with the final two teams playing in the grand final.


Each team consists of eighteen players with an extra four players on the interchange bench. These interchange players can come on and off at any stage through the match.


A goal is scored when a player kicks the ball through the two tallest upright posts. Six points is given for a goal. If the ball passes either side of the tall posts, a behind is registered. The total score is the addition of goals and behinds. For example: 3 goals, 2 behinds =20 points.


The ball is bounced in the centre of the ground to commence the game. The players then try to move the ball towards their goals by either handpassing, which is holding the ball in one hand and punching it with the other hand, or kicking it. If a player kicks the ball and another player, either his teammate or the opposition catches it (called a mark) then that player can stop play without fear of being tackled by the opposition. When a team has the ball within reach of goal, usually 50 metres and closer, they then try to kick a goal. Unlike American Football, the game of 'Aussie rules' is conducted at a fast pace with minimum stoppage.

Game time

A game consists of four quarters of twenty minutes each. Time on is added when a goal is scored or a bounce up is conducted.


Below is a list of some free kicks that are given during the game.

A free kick is awarded to the opposition for the following.


Pushing an opponent in the back.

Tackling an opponent around the neck.

Throwing the ball.

Being tackled fairly by your opponent and then dropping the ball.

Being tackled by your opponent when you don't have the ball.

Kicking the ball out of bounds on the full.

Running with the ball for more than 10 metres without bouncing it on the ground.


Anyway I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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Salaamz folks!


Mizz-lol, i watched Aussie Footie b 4 and i nearly fell asleep no offence, nah seriously sis no matter how much u explain 2 me i can't seem 2 get the drift.Ain't it a cross between bloody rugby and footie?

I have enough trouble trying 2 get use 2 the dodgey tactics of other European football le'ges let alone Ozzlands.


Anywayz i reckon that the Prem'ship rules and the rest all drool....Oh yeah the Spanish what's it's face? LA LIGA is aight coz it's got all those fine ass Real players other than that the rest do my head in. :mad:

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Aussie rules?


That is a funny game, the only time i see it is when transworld sport is on late at nite, dont get it tho, i think we somalis are little ignorant toward other sports but u understand why!

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