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Abiy Accuses the Opposition of Planning A Coup

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Paranoia is sitting in.

“Recently, elders and other people are holding discussions about conducting a coup,” the PM told lawmakers. “Let me give you some advice. A coup cannot succeed in Ethiopia. We are from the military; we built our institutions to deter coups. The only coup that has ever succeeded in Ethiopia was 50 years ago. It cannot succeed now. You are wasting your time discussing coups in guest houses. You are wasting the resources of your friends.”

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Ethiopia on High Alert: Government Implements Countermeasures in Response to Alleged Coup Threats In light of recent intelligence and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's parliamentary briefing, the Ethiopian government has heightened its alert status due to suspected coup threats.

Proactive measures are being adopted to mitigate potential risks, which include orchestrating social media campaigns to manage public perception and enhancing security protocols in strategic locations, especially in Addis Ababa. Reliable sources indicate ongoing dialogues between various international political factions and the U.S. diplomatic community, involving key figures such as the current U.S. Ambassador to Ethiopia. Prominent former politicians like Gedu Andargachew@GeduAndargachew, Yilikal Getinet, and Dawit Woldegiorgis@dawit_giorgis ,along with influential personalities including Jawar Mohammed@Jawar_Mohammed , Bekele Gerba@BekeleGerbaOFC, and Tamrat Layne@tamratlayne are reportedly part of these discussions.

Additionally, Amhara activists associated with the "Amhara Association of America" (AAA)@AAA_Amhara notably Meaza Mohammed@mohammed_meaza have also been engaged in these conversations. These governmental actions arise amidst escalating concerns over security threats both domestically and abroad. The strategic deployment of social media campaigns aims to counteract misinformation and potential propaganda inciting unrest. Concurrently, bolstering security in vital sectors seeks to thwart any coup attempts. The active participation of various political entities and individuals in these discussions underscores a concerted effort to address the perceived security threats and uphold national stability. Nevertheless, the government's measures have sparked apprehension regarding potential suppression of political dissent and freedom of expression. As developments proceed, the efficacy of the government's interventions in addressing the alleged coup threats remains to be seen. One undeniable fact is the seriousness with which the Ethiopian government is approaching the situation, demonstrating a commitment to national security. Cc:-



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