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There is not much to celebrate, but this decision  , does it resolve Somali chronic political problems or does it make it worse?

Somalia is extremely failed state, I can only  compare maybe Haiti, in terms of lawlessness and social fractures.

This decision is wise if one group takes over whole country by force, similar to Maxakiim style, and outside intervention does not happen, one group wins, if this is the case, this may work.

If segregation and division continue, we are back to 1991, and missed opportunity, this serves well SL.

There is a third likelihood, HSM changes tune and builds organic miraculous team, that unites the nation, very unlikely 

I am concerned it will be back to 1993 when international community abandoned Somalis


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There isnt one group strong enough to take over   , well if Amisom  leaves for what ever reason then shabaab takes over and the bunker will crumble dissolve and be run over with in a few hours. But shabaab to isnt to strong to take on amisom and defeat them.  The only way for one groupt to take over if the outside forces leave and  let Somalis fight it off and the strongest win but they dont want that , i some times think there is a conspiracy theory to keep somalia down  i mean what is the point of the bunker when it has no legitimacy outside of Xalane. I mean maxa faiida ah  every where they go they will be defied. Waad arkayseen how Puntand treated them with the whole constitution thing. The only legtimacy it has is what our beesha lixaad have given them. but Somalida  waxay u haystana just dowlada taagta daran eeh  deeqaha caalaamka loo soo mariyo eeh thats it. wax kale uma arkaan.


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20 hours ago, Arafaat said:

For Galbeedi all politics is a zero sum game based on very, very narrow clan thinking and interest.

Mr. Carafaat, it is easy to figure out who is separatist and who is unionist in Mogadishu. It doesn't take much. There used to be real unionist before this new crop of politicians from Hargeisa. Jaamac Kaluun, Ismaaciil Buuba, Oomaar and Ina Carab Ciise. These people went to Carta and took part in the revival of Somalia.

The current crop is even openly separatists thanks to HSM and the paranoid HAG leadership. During the Laascaanood conflict both Maareeye and Saalax openly sided with Biixi despite the importance of Khaatumo project to the union. Khadar Guuleed is a unionist so does few others, but the rest are representatives of the project in Mogadishu. You know we th Awdalites are the least clanish people in Somalia unlike the Habro whose main faith is Qabiil. Why would anyone give land to foreign powers with deadly consequences other than to preserve a clan project?

Somalis were too soft for the Somalidiidka for a long time. Gardaro garab og. Woqoyi Galbeed and Togdheer has the same population like Shabeelaha Hoose nothing special. Hundreds of millions have been poured to coffers of Hargeisa with zero institutions working.

If we get a real Somali leadership, this project could end  in less than few years




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