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Somali Youth Summit

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Somali Youth Summit July 5th & 6th, 2008. Columbus, Ohio.


Pretty interesting lineup:


Amiin Amir Artist Montreal, Canada,

Dr. Dooli "Lawyer" Toronto Canada,

Mohamed Sh. Hassan (Publisher/Scansom Publishing)

Mohamed Diini "Islamic Scholar",

Abdisalam Aato "Director/Writer/Producer",

Yasmin Hamud "Somali Community in San Diego",

Abdi fataax Layar Toronto Canada,

Najax "Qoraa/Abwaan" Minneapolis Minnesota

C/kariin "Dhabo-dhilif" Laqanyo "Ambassador of Somalia to South Africa,

Abdukadir Shakib Sh. Ali "Activist"

Saleban Said "Author" Chicago Illinois

Saida VIP "Qoraa/ Suxufiyad" Belgium,

Ahmed Aadan "Arday GTTC N.Carolina"

Malik Abdalla "Political/Social Commentator OSU"

Ayanle Daad "Blogger", Yasmin "Arday UNC North Carolina",

Sahro Siyaad "Fanaanad Minneapolis"

C/casis F. Wisconsin, Muno A. Virginia, Farhio Jordan "Actress"

Comedians: Happy Khalif & Baariyoow


Hosted by Sacdiyo Abdukadir Dhaqane



Anybody going ?

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^^the only way to find out is a book a seat next to Kashafa :D barasho wanagsaan icon_razz.gif



ps. I don't this Mohame Dini is an "Islamic Scholar"?

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Originally posted by Kashafa:

Pretty interesting lineup:

C/kariin "
Dhabo-dhilif" Laqanyo "Ambassador of Somalia to South Africa,


How come up he is in your list of pretty interesting line-up then ?



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^^Laqanyo is prolly the most interesting speaker who's gonna be there. An actual TFG dhabo-dhilif official in the flesh ! Funny thing is tho, he's been spurned and fired by the TFG, and he's now tryna pull a Caydiid "waa towbadkeenay" joint.


Barafasoor, tartiib ninyahow, Naxar haka cabsiinin. Btw, Mohamed Dini is an Scholar, maybe not from Umm-ul Quraa and Madeenah U, but I've seen his lectures, the brother knows the Deen.


Naxar, the summit is kinda like a networking meet-up for young Somalis all over N.America. Beyond that, you can call the contact # on the ad for more info.

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