Military Agreement between Turkey - Ethiopia

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so how will this work will turkey work towards a confederation between ethiopia and somalia like the soviets suggested in 1976. Turkey military alliance with ethiopia and also military alliance with Somalia. in the mean time ethiopian troops are also inside somalia , what a weird situation

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Some details..more details to follow.

The Framework Agreement for Defense and Economic Cooperation” concluded with Somalia is valid for 10 years: •Introducing marine resources into the Somali economy.

•Planning and executing joint air, land and sea operations, in case defense is needed in relation to the use of these resources.

•Construction of ships, establishment and operation of ports and facilities, making the necessary legal arrangements, and unifying maritime navigation laws between the two countries.

•Take unilateral and joint measures to combat all types of threats in sovereign maritime areas, such as “terrorism”, piracy, looting, illegal fishing and smuggling. •Construction of unilateral and joint facilities and establishment of security zones.

•Providing training, technical and equipment support to the Somali army. •Establishing and managing coastal security facilities.

•Development and modernization of the naval force. •Preventing marine pollution Companies that will operate in all these areas will receive approval from Turkey, and Somali airspace and security zones will be fully opened to Ankara. Following the framework agreement, the details will be clarified through sub-protocols.



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